We know that relationships aren’t always sugar, spice, and everything excellent, and every relationship goes through rough patches. If you’re lucky, you and your partner can overcome this rough patch with a little bit of communication. But if you aren’t, there is a chance that your relationship is on the rocks and might become difficult to salvage. Once the trust and connection are broken, moving on and getting things back to normal becomes tough.

 According to infidelity statistics by Hermon, 40% of unmarried relationships and 25% of marriages see at least one incident of infidelity, some of whom might catch a cheater using spy apps. Similarly, in another survey conducted by comparecamp, an online survey website, 54.5% of relationships ended after one partner cheated, while only 15.5 stayed together long-term. 

infidelity statistics

It is not easy to continue being in a relationship after you know you’ve been cheated on. It takes a lot of strength, communication, effort, and forgiveness to move on completely. But, no matter how you found out about your partner’s infidelity – it doesn’t matter if you catch a cheater using spy apps or have a cheater confess to you; the hurt is still the same. 

According to Secure Forensics, it was also found that if someone had cheated before, there was a 350% chance of them cheating again compared to those who haven’t been cheated

Though we can’t control whether someone cheats on us or not, what we can control is how we react to it. You can either choose to forgive them and move on, or you can choose to break up with them and start fresh. Whatever path you may choose, we mustn’t get hurt or at least minimize the pain. 

Cheating boyfriend is texting someone on the phone

One way of doing this is to study your partner’s behavior patterns to help you spare your feelings. There are many ways to do this: you can catch a cheater using spy apps or even following their social media behavior. 

In this article, we will be explaining how you can find out whether your partner will cheat again through our ten signs to be watchful of. 

1. He Becomes More Secretive

If he continues to lie about unimportant things, it could be a hint of adultery. It’s difficult to trust him again when he doesn’t keep you informed and makes excuses. One of the reasons cheaters cheat again and again is because they can get away with lying. If it gets too much for you to bear, you can always catch a cheater using spy apps.

2. They Do Not Show Remorse

Suppose your partner has a tendency of not showing sympathy for what you’ve been through and instead focuses on your flaws and reaction to their blunder. In that case, they’re most likely attempting to avoid taking responsibility and making the necessary changes.

3. Being Overprotective Of Their Devices

Everyone has the right to privacy, but if your partner continues to be too protective of their technology and refuses to share their whereabouts with you, it could signify they have something they’re not telling you about.

4. They Won’t Let Go Of Their Past Relationships

Suppose he keeps in touch with them for any reason (perhaps because they are coworkers or have other obligatory relationships). In that case, it shows a lack of sensitivity and empathy on their part. When it comes to the will he cheat again test, that alone is a major sign of failure? You can catch a cheater using spy apps and find out if the person they had an affair with is still in their life.

Will He Cheat Again Test/Quiz?

*More “Yes” answers make it more likely that he will cheat again.*

5. He Has A Problematic Past

If you and your partner seem to be repeating the same behaviors that lead to infidelity the first time around, you should pay attention it usually exposes other bad facets of his personality.

6. He Does Not Realize His Mistakes

If your partner refuses to take personal responsibility for past betrayals, this does not bode well for your relationship’s current healing and growth and is a major red flag. 

7. Weird Behavior From His Friends

If you had a previously good relationship with your partner’s friends, which was seemingly disrupted after your partner cheated, and they can’t seem to give you sympathy, call out their friend or even look you in the eye, it is a big sign that your partner might be having another affair.

8. He Dismisses and Invalidates Your Feelings

Suppose your partner dismisses your concerns by labeling you paranoid and responds to your questions with passionate conviction and indignation. In that case, this indicates that they are avoiding personal responsibility and are likely to cheat again.

9. How They Talk About Past Relationships

If your partner bad mouth’s their ex for no reason or is known a ‘player’ or someone who moves in between relationships often, this can indicate that the trend is about to repeat itself.

10. He Does Not Change His Behavior

A person with a history of lying and deception in relationships is much more likely to cheat again than someone who has expressed regret and is willing to put in the effort to rebuild trust. 

It’s unfortunate, but there are lots of men who cheat on their wives, girlfriends and even their partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cheating is something that many of us have been affected by. It’s a difficult experience to go through, and it can be even more difficult to move through and find closure. It’s not easy to just forget about the guy who cheated on us, especially if you were in a relationship for a while.

Is it worth staying with a man who cheats? 

It’s difficult to stay with a man who has betrayed your trust, but if he expresses genuine regret, has no history of cheating, is prepared to put forth the effort to re-establish trust, and is determined not to abandon you, you should give him another chance.

Why do people cheat? Is it my fault?

Cheating usually reflects something negative about the cheater. Always. And it’s not your fault at all. People cheat for a variety of reasons. It could be incompatibility, attraction to someone else, dissatisfaction with the current relationship, or it could be due to the person’s habit of lying and cheating.

How do I find out if he’s cheating without any hard evidence? 

There are various ways you can find out if your partner is cheating. For example, you can always catch a cheater with spy apps, talk to his friends about his plans, surprise him at his place of work, or even snoop around his schedule.

How do I move on from the cheating?

It’s difficult to deal with dishonesty. First, you must decide whether to leave the relationship or offer your spouse a second chance, considering various issues such as his penchant for hurting you and the risk that he will cheat again. Forgiveness is important.

Should I try  Counselling with my partner after they cheated?

Counseling is required and recommended. Cheating can indicate that he’s going through an emotional breakdown; therefore, now is a good time to get him into counseling. Counseling can help you move on, and have healthy future relationships, even if your partnership is irreversibly shattered.

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