CHEATING On Social Media

What is WhatsApp Used for Cheating

Having doubts about your partner can significantly influence your relationship. If your suspicions come true, you get out of misery. But if not, you are in for some serious trouble for confronting your loyal partner. WhatsApp can be an effortless way of having an affair without causing doubts. Hence, grab some tips to collect evidence not off the wall, if any.

No matter how much you trust your partner, if you have doubts, always look for the first signs.

Is WhatsApp Used for Cheating?

whatsapp for cheating

With the advent of technology, cheaters all over the world can conveniently use messengers to cheat on their partners. WhatsApp messages are not a big hassle and are very common nowadays, but still, it is not difficult to find out what is WhatsApp is used for cheating and what your cheating spouse is doing in real-time. All you need to do is keep an eye out for the way they behave around you with their phone.

How Common Is WhatsApp Infidelity?

WhatsApp is actively used for fraud because it is widespread, it is easy to download and install on your phone, and it keeps its user’s information completely private. One can use passwords, hide chats, and not let a phone slip out of their hands – long story short, do everything to prevent exposing their messages.
It is common for cheaters to use this app and keep their secrets safe. As every lie comes to light, with many spy apps available at a nominal cost, catching hold of a disloyal partner is not that difficult.

Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating on You Using WhatsApp

What are the signs of cheating on WhatsApp

To recognize WhatsApp cheating tricks, all you need to do is look for subtle signs that your partner is giving away unintentionally. Social media can no longer keep secrets away from someone well-versed with all app features and options. It takes a smart mind to hide secrets and a smarter mind to dig them out. Look for these signs if you doubt your spouse.

They Make Discreet WhatsApp Voice Notes

Have you caught them making voice notes secretly in the room? Do they get up from the dinner table and walk out of the house to listen to a voice note? If yes, then they are trying to send secret voice notes to someone and keep it from you. If this behavior continues for a long time, then their WhatsApp cheating status is positive.

Not Picking Up WhatsApp Calls in Front of You

Another sign is that they avoid taking WhatsApp calls in front of you or when you are out together. Even on trips, you would see them walking to the hotel lobby or poolside often to take calls. They would tell you it is an irrelevant call and would be back in a jiffy. But the calls take a long time to end. This confirms that they use the app for cheating. You will also notice their contact list with names you aren’t aware of. It could be code names or a colleague of the same gender calling repeatedly.

They Change the Password to Their Smartphone

Changing their passwords often is another sign that gives away a cheater. As soon as they think you know the password of their phone, they tend to change it. As a husband/wife, you expect to know how to unlock their smartphone, but the cheating partner keeps you away from it.

Your Partner Spends Too Much Time on WhatsApp

Unusual patterns of screentime are another indication that something is not right. Your girlfriend or boyfriend may not have been too involved with this social media app before, but their recent behavior suggests they spend too much time on WhatsApp when left alone. This behavior is enough to make you suspicious of cheating.

Deleted WhatsApp Chats or Call Logs

Some cheating partners are pros at keeping their cheating a secret. Often they let their partner access their phone even in their absence. They delete their chats and keep their call logs clean. Have you noticed that their phone was continuously busy while you were trying to reach them on call? But on inspecting their call logs, you do not see a call during that time. It is a clear indication that they are hiding something from you.

Unusual Changes on WhatsApp

You may also notice sudden and strange changes on their WhatsApp. Do they change their display pictures with solo photos instead of photos with you? Does their status look like the one before you started dating? All of these are fishy signs that you cannot just ignore.

View All Multimedia Files

You can also take a look at their phone’s gallery to confirm your doubts. There is a very high chance that at least one picture might be sitting on their phone that has escaped their notice. You just need to go through every single file on their smartphone. It could be a screenshot, a picture of the person they are cheating with, or a picture of them together. Strange good morning and good night messages can also be your cue to confront them.

The Last Seen Status in WhatsApp Is Disabled

WhatsApp cheaters often disable their last seen status and read receipts on their phones. This is to ensure their late-night conversations are not a point of discussion at the dinner table. Along with this, if you notice that their WhatsApp messages are disabled on the lock screen, it means they don’t want you poking your nose into their business.  

One or all these signs are indications of WhatsApp cheating, and if you find yourself in such a situation, you have no option but to find the truth.

How to Find Out If Your Husband or Boyfriend Is Cheating on WhatsApp

How To Find Out If Your Husband Or Boyfriend Is Cheating On WhatsApp

How to catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp and make him stop. It can be tough to see your husband or boyfriend no longer interested in you. If you notice their attitude towards you changing beyond normal, then you just need to follow the trail of cues lying in front of you. A cheating husband or boyfriend can be cautious enough not to let their affair come between your normal relationship, but their secretiveness or late-night workdays can give it all out.

Check his recent calls on WhatsApp. Does he have any recent calls to numbers you don’t recognize? If so, it could be a sign that he’s been talking to a particular female. If you still have your suspicions, you can also check to see if he’s using any other hidden apps, like Snapchat or TikTok.

It is important to pay attention to new contacts that appear on his list. It’s also important to pay attention to any new group chats that appear on his WhatsApp. If you notice new groups, it could be a sign that he is participating in “free relationship groups”.
If you’ve taken all of these steps and still don’t get answers, it may be time to talk to your boyfriend and tell him about your suspicions. It’s important to be honest and open with him so he can explain his side of the story. If he is cheating on you, it is important to get help and figure out what to do next.

How to Catch a Cheating Wife or Girlfriend on WhatsApp

A wife or girlfriend who is cheating will exhibit completely different behavior than a man. They will no longer be interested in you or your time. Spending time outside for shopping or sleepovers with friends is the first sign. You will notice them smiling while looking at their WhatsApp messages.

How To Catch a Cheating Wife Or Girlfriend On WhatsApp

Your woman may be very careful to hide traces of her relationship with another man, so the only way to find out anything is to install a tracking app on her phone.

Catch a WhatsApp Cheater Using Spy Apps

using whatsapp spy apps

The easiest way to catch a WhatsApp cheater is by using the spy apps available on PlayStore and Apple Store or downloading them directly from the app website. These monitoring apps will let you clone your partner’s phone and look at each and every movement closely. They deliver messages instantly on your phone, and a few of them also let your record other activities.

How to Spy on Whatsapp Messages Without Target Phone

Many spy products are available with demo versions that do not require installation on the target phone. If the demo version suits your needs, then go ahead and buy the complete version to track messages on your partner’s phone. Although WhatsApp is a secured platform, spyware found several loopholes that give users an advantage. Software like Spy24 does not require installation on the target phone, and all you need is their iOS credentials to gain access to their phone.

Can WhatsApp Messages Be Traced After Deleted?

While WhatsApp messages cannot be traced officially, there are two tricks to successfully recover the deleted chats. One way is to uninstall the app on the phone and then install it again. While reinstalling, you need to make sure that you select the option to restore previous chats using backup. The other option is to use third-party apps available for Android phones that record the notifications in a log. These notifications can then be recovered to look at the deleted WhatsApp messages.

Can Someone See If I Am Looking at Their WhatsApp?

The good thing about spy software is that the person you spy on will never find it out. It maintains complete anonymity and doesn’t let the cheater have a suspicion. This gives you the advantage of monitoring your partners’ activity even while sitting next to them. The installed software also works in a hidden mode, so they do not notice anything unusual on their phones too.

Best Apps to Catch a Cheating Partner on WhatsApp

There are too many apps available in the market that can help you catch your cheating partner. However, it depends upon how much you are willing to spend on the software. Some renowned ones are mSpy, uMobix, Spy24, and eyeZy. There are a few more that you can try as well, like MobiStealth, Spyera, Xnspy, Spyzie, Hoverwatch, and Cocospy.

What to Do After You Reveal WhatsApp Cheating?

consequences of adultery

Once you have confirmed that your partner is cheating, all you need to do is muster up the courage to accept the truth. For many, it is difficult to come to terms with this fact. Some give time to the cheating partners to return, while others want to quit the relationship. In any scenario, it is important to reveal that you know about their cheating status and make them realize their mistake.


Confronting your cheating spouse can be tricky and bring a lot of stress. You might have to face a lot of backlash from them. They may start blaming you for everything and deny any of the accusations you put in front of them. You have to maintain calm and put forth your proof.

Talk to Your Partner

Talk to your partner in a tone that doesn’t put you in a bad position. Once you know that you are right in all aspects, all you have to do is maintain your dignity. Sometimes talking can help you diagnose the root cause of this behavior. Often seeking therapy or counseling can reveal problems that none of you have ever thought of. Cheating doesn’t necessarily mean that your partner wants to do it – it could also be due to the lack of missing emotions between you two.

End Your Relationship

If you feel that there is no future for your relationship after taking all the right steps to understand your partner, then it is time to end it. Few people tend to revive a relationship, no matter how much you give and sacrifice. If your partner is amongst those people, then definitely move ahead without them.

What Should You Do If Your Partner Hasn’t Cheated?

Sometimes you can be too judgmental, and your partner may just hide their friendships to make you feel secure in a relationship. In the end, if you find out that your partner is faithful and hasn’t cheated, then apologize to them. Change your attitude and understand what caused you to doubt your relationship. Counseling may also help you evaluate your emotions and expectations and convey the same to your partner.