To understand what female narcissists want, we need to know what makes them feel good and excited. Female covert narcissists like to be praised, noticed, powerful, in charge, rich, and popular. They may like people who are like them and who make them feel special and important. They also like to play games in relationships, where they switch between loving and hating someone, to feel more powerful and in control.

Navigating the Challenges of Dealing with a Female Narcissist

By exploring these factors that turn on female narcissists, we can gain a deeper understanding of their complex psyche and navigate relationships with them more effectively. Let’s delve into the allure of admiration, the power of charm, and the magnetism of success that captivate female narcissists.

Key Takeaways:

  • Female narcissists are turned on by admiration, attention, power, control, material possessions, and social status.
  • They are attracted to individuals who exhibit similar traits and enjoy the idealization and devaluation cycle in relationships.
  • Factors that turn on narcissist women include admiration, charm, mystery, intellectual stimulation, and confidence.
  • Manipulation tactics, such as regular flatterymaintaining control, and public displays, are also triggers for female narcissists.
  • Understanding and addressing the desires of female covert narcissists can help navigate relationships with them more effectively.

Factors that Turn on a Female Narcissist

Understanding the Dynamics of a Female Narcissist in Relationships

Female narcissists are driven by a variety of factors that ignite their interest and attraction. Understanding these factors can provide insights into their psychology and offer a glimpse into what captivates them. From the allure of admiration to the power of charm, let’s explore the intriguing elements that turn on a female narcissist.

The Allure of Admiration

Admiration holds a significant sway over female narcissists. Expressing genuine admiration and showering them with compliments can be an effective way to catch their attention. By acknowledging their accomplishments and highlighting their unique qualities, you can ignite their interest and captivate their narcissistic desires.

The Power of Charm

Charm is a magnet for narcissist women. They are drawn to individuals who possess an air of charisma and confidence. The ability to charm and intrigue them can unlock the gateway to their attraction. However, it is crucial to navigate this path with caution, as charm can be a double-edged sword when dealing with narcissistic personalities.

Playing Hard to Get

The classic dating strategy of playing hard to get can be remarkably effective in capturing the attention of a female covert narcissist. The chase and pursuit can fuel their desire for control and power, making them more interested in pursuing the elusive partner who resists their advances.

Intellectual Stimulation

Intellectual stimulation acts as a potent trigger for female narcissists. Engaging them in intellectually stimulating conversations and activities can captivate their minds and intensify their attraction. Discussing thought-provoking topics and showcasing your intellectual prowess can ignite their interest and keep them engaged.

The Magnetism of Success

Success has a magnetic pull on narcissist women. They are inherently drawn to individuals who have achieved significant accomplishments and possess a strong drive for success. Showcasing your achievements and ambitions can charm them and amplify their desire to be in your presence.

Unveiling Mystery

The mystery holds a profound appeal for women narcissist. They are enticed by the unknown and desire to uncover the depths of an enigmatic personality. Embracing an aura of mystery can heighten their curiosity and fascination, making them more eager to unravel the concealed aspects of your character.

Confidence as a Catalyst

Confidence acts as a catalyst for attracting female narcissists. They are attracted to individuals who exude self-assurance and assertiveness. Displaying confidence in your interactions and decisions can amplify their desire for your companionship.

Extravagant Gestures

Female narcissists have a penchant for extravagant gestures. Lavish displays of affection, grand gestures, and ostentatious expressions of love can significantly appeal to their desire for attention and validation. However, it is crucial to beware of falling into the trap of becoming a mere source of entertainment or status for them.

Emotional Unavailability

Paradoxically, emotional unavailability can heighten a female narcissist’s attraction. The challenge of capturing the attention and emotions of someone who appears emotionally distant and unavailable can intensify their desire for connection. However, it is essential to maintain boundaries and not compromise your emotional well-being in the process.

Social Status Matters

Narcissist women place immense importance on social status. They are often attracted to individuals who hold positions of influence or possess prestigious affiliations. Highlighting your social status and connecting with them through shared social circles can pique their interest and fuel their attraction.

You can learn more about female narcissists by understanding what they like. But you should be careful when you are in a relationship with them. Keep a balanced view and don’t let them push you around. Be aware of what they do to get what they want and how they make you feel. Set clear boundaries and take care of yourself. This will help you stay healthy and happy.

FactorsWhat Turns on a Female Narcissist
Allure of AdmirationExpressing admiration and showering them with compliments
Power of CharmPossessing an air of charisma and confidence
Playing Hard to GetResisting their advances and creating a chase
Intellectual StimulationEngaging in intellectually stimulating conversations and activities
Magnetism of SuccessAchieving significant accomplishments and having ambition
Unveiling MysteryPossessing an aura of mystery and enigma
Confidence as a CatalystDisplaying self-assurance and assertiveness
Extravagant GesturesLavish displays of affection and grand gestures
Emotional UnavailabilityAppearing emotionally distant and unavailable
Social Status MattersHolding positions of influence and prestigious affiliations

Manipulative Tactics of Female Narcissists

Female narcissists manipulate their partners in many ways. They use different tactics to control and hurt them. 

The Red Flags of Female Narcissism

By understanding these tactics, one can better navigate relationships with narcissist women and protect their emotional well-being. Some of the common manipulation tactics employed by female narcissists include:

1. Regular Flattery

Female narcissists thrive on admiration and compliments. They are turned on by partners who constantly express their admiration and shower them with flattering words. Regular flattery serves as fuel for their ego, bolstering their sense of superiority and control.

2. Discussing Herself

A key manipulation tactic used by female narcissists is steering conversations towards themselves. They monopolize discussions, constantly seeking attention and validation. By directing the conversation towards their own achievements, interests, and desires, they maintain control over the narrative and ensure their needs are prioritized.

3. Maintaining Control

Female covert narcissists have an insatiable desire for power and control. They employ various strategies to assert dominance, such as manipulation through guilt, emotional blackmail, and undermining the self-esteem of their partners. By maintaining control, they ensure that their partner remains dependent and submissive to their desires.

4. High Status Attraction

Female narcissists are often drawn to partners with high social status. They view such individuals as valuable assets that can enhance their own image and provide access to exclusive networks. Being associated with someone of high status satisfies their desire for validation and reaffirms their own perceived importance.

5. Public Displays of Affection

Public displays of affection serve multiple purposes for female narcissists. They use these displays as a way to showcase their relationship and assert their dominance over their partner. It also provides them with a platform for garnering attention and admiration from others.

Female narcissists employ various manipulation tactics to control and exploit their partners. Regular flatterydiscussing herselfmaintaining controlhigh status attraction, and public displays of affection are all key strategies they utilize. By being aware of these tactics, one can protect themselves from falling victim to their manipulative behaviors and maintain a healthier relationship dynamic.

The Manipulative Tactics of Female Narcissists [Table]

Manipulation TacticDescription
Regular FlatteryConstantly showering the narcissist with admiration and compliments
Discussing HerselfMonopolizing conversations and making them all about her
Maintaining ControlUsing guilt, emotional blackmail, and undermining self-esteem to stay in control
High Status AttractionSeeking partners with high social status for validation and image enhancement
Public Displays of AffectionUsing public displays to assert dominance and garner attention


Explore these frequently asked questions to fully understand the article topic::

What are the factors that turn on a female narcissist?

Female narcissists like to get admiration, attention, power, control, money, and fame. They might also like people who have these things. They can make their partners feel very special and then very bad. This can make them feel powerful and in control.

How can I attract a female narcissist?

To attract a female covert narcissist, it can be effective to express admiration, shower them with compliments, and play hard to get. Intellectual stimulation, success, and an aura of mystery are also triggers for their attraction. Confidence, extravagant gestures, and emotional unavailability may also pique their interest. Additionally, displaying high social status can be appealing to female narcissists.

What are some manipulation tactics used by female narcissists?

Female narcissists employ manipulation tactics such as love bombing, gaslighting, and spreading ruthless gossip. They are also turned on by consistent flattery, discussing themselves, and maintaining control over their partners. Furthermore, they are attracted to partners with high social status and enjoy public displays of affection.

Why is it important to understand the desires of female narcissists?

Understanding the desires of female narcissists provides deeper insight into their complex psyche. This knowledge allows individuals to navigate relationships with them more effectively. By setting boundaries and being aware of their manipulative tendencies, it is possible to safeguard personal well-being.

What are the signs of female narcissism?

Signs of female narcissism include a lack of empathy and sensitivity, constant need for attention and validation, dismissive and critical behavior, and a belief in one’s own superiority.

How do female narcissists behave in relationships?

Female narcissists in relationships seek control and manipulate their partners. They may dominate conversations, dismiss their partner’s feelings, and exhibit exploitative tendencies. They lack empathy and struggle to validate others’ emotions.

What are the red flags of a narcissist woman in a relationship?

If you are in a relationship with a female covert narcissist, you might notice some red flags. For example, she might act very selfish and not care about your feelings or needs. She might blame you for everything that goes wrong and never admit her mistakes. She might expect you to treat her like a queen and give her special favors and attention. She might also try to control you and make you doubt yourself by lying, twisting the truth, or playing with your emotions. These are some signs of manipulative and abusive behavior that you should not tolerate.

How can I deal with a female narcissist in my life?

Dealing with a narcissist woman can be challenging. It is important to set boundaries, seek support from a therapist or support network, disengage from conversations dominated by the narcissist, and prioritize your own emotional well-being.

Final Thought

final words narcissism

Understanding the psychology of female narcissists is key to navigating relationships with them. Female covert narcissists want admiration, attention, power, and control. These desires make them complex and hard to understand. You can learn more about them by recognizing their desires. But you also need to protect yourself from their manipulation. They might try to trick you, guilt you, or make you feel bad. You can do this by setting clear boundaries and being aware of their tricks. This will help you take care of your well-being.

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