Is Cheating a Sin?

What Does the Bible Say About Cheating

Biblical consequences of cheating.

He who commits adultery lacks sense; he who does it destroys himself.

Proverbs 6:32 ESV

The topic of cheating is painful and sensitive, but in order for the person who was betrayed to know what to do next, they need to figure out – is cheating a sin and should it be forgiven?

What Does God Say About Cheating?

What the scriptures say about adultery and what God thinks about it

Whether you are a devoted Christian or not, you have probably heard about the ten commandments left by the Lord to people – according to them, adultery is one of the greatest sins. Modern people, however, easily forget what a severe punishment those who dare to violate the ordinance of God will have to bear and thus invite even more troubles upon themselves.

About Cheating in Marriage

Marriage is a sacred union that is made in heaven. More specifically, our Lord expects people who have tied the knot to treat their spouse with respect and put them second to Him. Speaking about the attitude of God and cheating, wrath will fall on those who easily and completely shut down from a partner without effort to improve the situation and quickly move on to another person. Moreover, entering into an extramarital relationship with those who have also been removed from the marriage is considered especially inauspicious.

Consequences of Adultery

In the Old Testament, Leviticus 20:10, Scripture commands married people caught in adultery to be punished by public execution. According to the New Testament, Jesus Christ does not encourage the involvement of other people in lynching, but cheating sin will be severely punished by God, and the punishment will be worse than death itself (Rev. 20:12-15). By following sexually polygamous behavior and inflicting intense emotional and physical torment on their loved ones, adulterous sinners will not inherit the Kingdom of God. That is, is there a chance of cheating husband or cheating wife to save their sinful soul?

Does God Forgive Adultery?

If you want to know if God can forgive wrongdoings, then you must know that there is hope for forgiveness. God promises to forgive all sinners who sincerely repent of their sins, but of course, this does not mean that a sinner can earn forgiveness after numerous betrayals and repentance at a convenient time for them. Then why does God allow cheating? It is a way for Him to determine who is deserving of eternal bliss and who gets their little pleasure on the earth and is not deserving of eternal peace.

What Does the Bible Say About Infidelity?

bible about infidelity

Many are wondering what’s the Bible’s word on infidelity. Well, cheating in the Bible has a pretty rigid wording: But I can guarantee that whoever looks with lust at a woman has already committed adultery in his heart (Matthew 5:28).” One can also read many other maxims in the Holy Book regarding the harm from cheating both for one’s spiritual purity and happiness in worldly life. In addition, it illustrates God’s attitude towards adultery, and one can learn a lesson from what happened to the wicked in the biblical stories.

Scripture Facts About Cheating in a Relationship

The passage “Jesus and the woman taken in adultery” from the New Testament is a very famous and eloquent fragment. In short, the Pharisees brought a woman allegedly caught with a man other than her husband and began asking Christ to punish her. However, the Son of God first calmly listened to the crowd and then said that anyone who considers himself clean before God can throw a stone at a woman. No one dared to do this, and Jesus let the woman go after seeing her sincere repentance. Thus, we can conclude that even though cheating is a sin, those who repent with all their hearts can pave the road to salvation.

Bible Verses About Infidelity and Forgiveness

Despite the stance of the Bible on infidelity, it leaves room for forgiveness. Jesus himself set such an example with his meekness and kindness – just as he granted forgiveness to remorseful sinners, we humans should try our best to forgive our offenders.

In particular, in verse 2 Samuel 11 NIV, the story of King David is told, who begs for forgiveness for the betrayal and murder of his beloved’s husband. Sincerely repenting, he receives forgiveness, and after the death of one child, he receives a blessing for more children.

If you want to know what else the Bible verses say about bodily betrayal and farther forgiveness, you can check out:

  • Hosea 3 NIRV – Hosea Brings His Wife Back to Himself
  • Luke 16:18
  • Mark 10:11-12
  • Proverbs 6 (verses 23-24, 25-29)
  • Proverbs 6:32, Corinthians 6:18 and Hebrews 13:4

Is Cheating on Your Spouse a Sin

Hebrews 13:4 says: Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral. This means that both the cheating wife and the cheating husband will be judged sooner or later – it’s up to God to decide when that happens. Unfortunately, frivolous moods reign in modern society, and the level of morality and responsibility is critically low. Therefore, it is important to remind ourselves from time to time of the biblical consequences of cheating and remember that our life here is very short, so we should refrain from sinful actions.

The Most Famous Biblical Quotes About Cheating

Biblical Quotes About Cheating and Infidelity

The Bible is full of wisdom for unfaithful people and those who have strayed from the path of truth. Cheating on your spouse is just one of the types of cheating that is condemned by God – this can also include acting wrongfully, knowing what you are doing is evil, hiding the truth, or deceiving. Here are some quotes about cheating (and quotes from famous people about cheating) in the Bible:

  • Mark 4:22 Everything that is hidden will be made clear. Every secret thing will be made known.
  • Proverbs 28:18 The one who lives with integrity will be helped, but one who distorts right and wrong will suddenly fall.
  • Mark 11:25 And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.

How Do I Keep My Spouse from Cheating and Sinning?

Before you start blaming your husband or wife and thinking about divorce, you need to get the clear facts of cheating and catch a cheater by tracking their phone with a proven monitoring software, for example. If, unfortunately, all your suspicions turn out to be true, you should try to save your sinking ship with all your might and not give up. Here’s what you can do:

  • give vent to your emotions to feel relief
  • get support from family counseling professionals and turn to God and the church for Christian advice
  • talk to a cheating girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse to fix the problem together (for instance, eliminate their communication with a third person)

Your spouse may have difficulty sticking to their word, which is why many revert to spying their phone with online tools to avoid being fooled and heartbroken again. Hopefully, one day, you can make sure that your monitoring their phone is not needed and learn to trust them.

Start Your Journey of Faithfulness and Love Now!

Cheating sin can destroy family well-being like corrosion if no action is taken. It is important to understand whether your soul mate repents and whether they are ready to take the Christian way and give up their sinful activities. If so, then remember that God taught us to forgive and try not to let malice into our hearts and be tempted by sinfulness. Show your husband or wife all the support they need and learn to enjoy each other’s company without hurting each other.


How to deal with a cheating husband biblically?

Remember what Luke 6:28 says “Pray for those who mistreat you.” Forgiveness is also an important part of your journey, but before that, it is important to discuss with your husband the reasons for such behavior and the willingness to work to save the family.

Is cheating on your girlfriend a sin?

Violation of human morals is already considered a sin in itself. Even if you are not married to your cheating boyfriend, this does not mean their mistreatment of you will remain outside God’s attention.

How to deal with a cheating wife biblically?

You can instruct yourself about dealing with an unfaithful wife in scripture about cheating, such as Hosea 3:1-3. The Bible encourages us to keep the sacred marriage union if there is repentance, to forgive, and pray together.

Does God forgive adultery and accept the new relationship?

If a person does not treat cheating as something normal and sincerely repents after their deed, they should be forgiven because God is merciful. Of course, living in permanent adultery is a bad thing meaning there’s no remorse in your heart.