Do you know how we all are the same? Because we all want love. Love is the only thing that unites us as human beings. We want only one person, just that one person to love us enormously and selflessly. Everyone in search of love wants a relationship with honesty, trust, and loyalty. And then life happens, it is impossible to foresee the person’s intentions as we can’t tell the future, can we? Only if we could, that would save us some amount of mental energy and emotional distress relationships are causing.

What is cheating in a relationship? It means your spouse is having an affair with someone else while committed to you.

If you knew that you are going to be cheated on, you’d never have initiated it in the first place, right? So, if you are starting a new relationship or already in one, this article will help you understand the obvious signs of cheating.

If you are going to get involved with someone, it definitely means you will be putting a lot of input into the relationship. And if you sense something fishy that means he may be cheating, that’s where this article will come to the rescue. Because your gut can’t lie, trust me in this. Psychologically, our mind refuses to accept such things that we don’t want to occur. But that would not work in the long run.

People know about their friends and family, so if you have any concerns, friends, family and even coworkers can help you out.

Now, how to tell if someone is cheating in a relationship. Research says that we can, mostly. There’s always something to pick up, be it their behavioral characteristics or their perspective, how they observe things around them. Here we are going to discuss some cheating signs and how to easily spot a cheater.

Common Signs of Cheaters At First Sight

Before everything rushes, you’ll have to do a background check. That is the safe way to go, always. All the aspects of his life are to be observed with the utmost consideration. A cheater may be hard to spot at first, but with these signs, you can easily tell if someone has the potentials to cheat.

First Impression

The first impression is the last impression, they say, and could be true to some extent. According to research by Eastern Connecticut State University, a woman can identify if her partner is cheating or not, just by observing his face. If he has more attractive features, he is more likely to be unfaithful according to the scientific data. And if he has, it is true that if a woman observes a man’s facial expressions and his masculinity, she can detect if he has cheated in the past or not. The cheater is always a repeater, i.e. a serial cheater. You should dig his past relationships to know how he is with people at work or with his friends if you suspect anything.

Body Language

Body language is one of the very non-verbal clues that you can go after. For example, their body language could assist if not confirm your reservations if you have any doubt. For example, if you are suspicious of where they are going and ask them, they will look away while making up the statements in their heads. He will feel guilty and might try to make it up to you because a normal person when he makes a mistake he or she fears getting caught unless he is a psychopath. A person who lies and cheats will give you all the fabricated details he has made in his head. However, a person who is telling the truth will tell only the outline of whatever he’s going to do.

Narcissistic and Immoral

They’ll have selfish and immoral personalities. Whatever they tell you after you encounter them about whatever reservations you have, they will make themselves look as they are saints. They will get offended at your inquiries (even if you ask them politely) and will be defensive towards them, that would be another sign of a cheater They will always fight about the smallest and stupidest things and blame it on you. Cheating in a relationship is pretty immoral in itself, but the things they’ll do to cover it would surprise anyone with a sound consciousness. Lies and dishonesty aside, blaming everything on you or accusing you of cheating is nothing unexpected from a cheater.

Jealous And Insecure

Cheaters have a tendency to think that everyone around is the same, that would be their excuse when they get caught. They would act like it doesn’t matter because everyone he knows does these kinds of things. The cheater will be jealous and insecure of you if you are talking to someone else pleasantly, but he will be all over the place if he finds someone. Anything you do will not please him; there will always be something wrong you did or said. He will always be a needy person who will try to change you to fit according to his needs.

Choice Of Words

Another way to spot a cheater is by their words, they often use flirty words and phrases to gain your attention and win your heart and tend to admire people, especially of the opposite sex. The words he chooses when confronted and accused are important, and the tone is even more important. If he is calm and composed and answers your questions with dignity and honesty, maybe there is nothing to worry about. 

Time They Spend On Social Media

The time they spend on social media is a sign of cheating. They regularly like and comment on people’s posts. Most of their activities revolve around social media. Most cheaters are very possessive and overprotective of their mobile phones.

According to a study of 581 Twitterati, aged 18 to 67, discovered that overuse of Twitter and Facebook has negative effects on romantic relationships. Twitter users are more prone to experience Twitter-related conflict among partners that might lead to infidelity, breaking up, and then divorce. It may seem to be not true, but there is a concern for those who are addicted to social media.  

Change in phone habits can be a significant indicator; sudden attachment with the phone and taking their phone everywhere with them might be a concern. One thing they could do is to change their phone settings so you cannot see what they don’t want you to see. It is a real red flag if he is texting someone repeatedly and is secretive about it. This change must not be ignored.

So, How To Detect A Cheater?

What Are Some Behaviors That Can Indicate A Cheating Partner

We, human beings, are given the sense of perception for a reason and picking up someone’s doubtful changes in behavior is a blessing. I may presume that we agree that cheating is just not acceptable at all, ask the person who’s been deceived by someone they loved, and they’ll tell you how terrible it feels to be taken for granted enough for him to go behind your back and cheat on you. And you may feel the urge to make it work, but this could make you on the spot to be taken advantage of. Although you are sure that it’s their fault and not yours as they push every blame on you, you know deep down your confidence is shattered and it would be hard to be able to put yourselves out there again to find love that was the whole purpose all along.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you are suspicious about your partner, one of the best things you can do is to ask around about your partner.

How can I know that someone is a cheater before I start dating?

There will be some red flags to observe closely, and people are not always what they appear to be. They’re absorbed in their selves and spend most of the time praising themselves. They might use the money to impress you. They will always accuse others of their own mistakes and then making you believe them, all of that comes under, cheating emotionally.

Can I detect a cheater at first sight?

There are some studies done that prove that cheaters look like “cheaters” and women have the instincts to detect them if they do not get too intimated by how they look( because they are also human beings and can be good-looking). A cheater always knows how to intimidate someone to take benefit of them, so watch out ladies for such predators that are out there.

How do I catch a cheater?

If you have enough proof to confront him, do go ahead and encounter him. That way, you would get to know the real side of him, and you could have closure. Here is another guide on how to catch a cheater. Also, there are a ton of spy apps like uMobix that could be used to spy, monitor, and track your partner’s phone.


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