If you are unsure about what your boyfriend does in your absence and want to check his loyalty, then tracking his phone number can be good.

Top apps to help secretly track your boyfriend’s phone:

Instances of cheating are very common in the celebrity world as well. For example, Tristan Thompson’s infidelity to Khloe Kardashian was a huge scandal in the Hollywood industry. If you have the slightest doubt that your boyfriend may be cheating on you with someone else, the best way to prove your point and fathom your doubt is by spying on his gadget. Let us explore how you can get an answer to your question, “How can I track my boyfriend by phone number?”

How to Track My Boyfriend’s Phone Location for Free

find where my boyfriend is on the phone right now

One of the common paths that you can follow to check his loyally is to track his phone. Thus, you will stay updated with where he is and cross-check to confirm whether he is lying to you or not. Many research articles say that it is common for partners to deceive their partners by lying to them again and again. Here are some of the most common ways you may adopt to track your boyfriend’s location for free:

👻 Stealth Mode with Free Tracking Apps

With the help of tracking apps, you can check your boyfriend’s phone location for free. These apps work in stealth mode so that the target device owner never knows about the tracking process. Monitoring apps (especially the paid versions) are an excellent way if you are looking for an answer to how to track your boyfriend by phone number.

👀 Find My iPhone

You can also use Find My iPhone, a service offered by an Apple company to track iPhones. Link your boyfriend’s device to iCloud and always stay updated about their phone’s location. Just make a few modifications to the settings, and you are good to go.

🌍 Google Maps

You can take the help of the “Google Find My Device” feature if you are in the dilemma of how to track your boyfriend’s location for free. It will keep you updated about their phone’s whereabouts and help you identify the real location through Google monitoring. They would not be able to lie to you when you send them a screenshot of their location from Google maps.

🗺️ GPS Phone Trackers

Want to know, “Where is my boyfriend right now?” GPS phone trackers can help you to track your gadget’s real-time location for free 24*7. You can use it to quickly trace where your boyfriend is: ask him and confirm his words with the GPS tracker. Also, establish whether he is at his ex-girlfriend’s house. This way, he would never be able to lie to you again.

🔎 Use Google Account Details

If you are intrigued, “How can I find my boyfriend’s location?” your Google account can greatly help. In a few simple steps, you will find out the location of any device using Google account details. Usually, people use this feature when they lose their smartphones or tablets. But you can always use it to trace his phone. All you have to ensure is that the device has the Google account, both the location and Find My Device turned on. So keep an eye on your boyfriend’s activities.

How Do Phone Tracking Apps Work?

How tracking apps work on his phone

Phone tracking applications are software that determines the location and other details of a gadget on which it is installed. There are usually two entities in this process: the target device (in this case, your boyfriend’s phone) and the other device that will track the target. With the help of location identification, these apps can provide you with a real-time location of the target device.

Tracking Calls and Texts on a Guy’s Phone

With the help of mobile spyware, one can track calls and texts on a guy’s phone. These spy products work amazingly well, especially if you avail of the paid versions. Now check your boyfriend’s loyalty and always keep a virtual eye on him.

Social Media and Messenger Monitoring Apps

Social media is one of the major pathways for cheating in recent days. People make friendships online and end up cheating on their partners. With the help of spy apps, you will be able to know about their social media activity, including the comments they put on others’ posts, whose stories they love to react on, and the messages they send through social media messaging apps like Facebook messenger.  

Track Your Boyfriend’s Location via GPS

We have already talked about how one can use various ways to find the actual location of their boyfriend’s phone. Track him with the spy application that you install on his gadget. The software will keep on updating you about your boyfriend’s location all the time.

Monitoring Apps on Your Boyfriend’s Phone

By installing a spy app on his phone right now, you will be able to track the apps he uses, like Snapchat, Tinder, and others. With that tracking tool, you’ll know what he is up to.

Screenshot Functions

All Android and iPhones have the feature of taking screenshots. You can take a remote screenshot of your boyfriend’s mobile screen anytime. This will not only expose him if he is cheating on you, but you may also present it later as evidence of infidelity.

How to Track Your Boyfriend Without Him Knowing

Statistically, how do boyfriends use their phones?
Statistically, how do boyfriends use their phones?

With the advent of digitization, it has become easier for people to cheat on their partners and create diversions in their relationships. For example, your boyfriend can now easily connect with someone else and cheat on you. Three out of four women spy on their partner’s phone. Hence you must use some ways to track your BF’s activity and track his device without him knowing. Let us see how it can be done.

Quickly Find Your Boyfriend’s Location with uMobix

tracking app umobix

The cell phone locator feature of uMobix.com helps track the real-time location of any target device. It has innovative monitoring features with the help of which you can spot your boyfriend’s cell phone location and verify whether he is lying to you or not.

In the uMobix app, you can see who your boyfriend is communicating with on social media

Tracking Boyfriend’s iPhone with Cocospy

cocospy tracking boyfriend's location

Cocospy has an unbeatable performance when it comes to cell phone tracking. The software helps track Android and iOS devices and works in stealth mode. Thus, your boyfriend will never know if you decide to check his loyalty by tracking his device through the Cocospy app.

Track Your Man Phone with Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch tracking app

It is an invisible spy app that efficiently tracks the boyfriend’s location. Therefore, you need to create your free online account on the Hoverwatch platform by signing in after downloading and installing the app. While staying invisible, you can now trace your boyfriend’s moves and activities.

AppBest featurePriceRating
uMobixLargest coverage of social media and messenger tracking features.12 Months FULL PACK $ 12.49 /month★★★★★
CocospyCamera snapshot, Video/Audio stream3 Months FULL PACK $ 29.99 /month★★★★
HoverwatchThe best feature set for tracking Android devices.1 Month FULL PACK $ 49.99 /month★★★★
XNSpyInternet History & Wi-Fi Monitoring$ 35.99/month★★★
Top apps for tracking your boyfriend’s phone

FAQs About Tracking Boyfriend’s Phone Location

How do I check my boyfriend’s phone? 🧑

The best way is to use a spy app that he won’t know about and check out all the details of his phone.

How do I put a GPS on my boyfriend’s phone? 🗺️

You can use the help of exclusive spy apps to trace your boyfriend’s mobile phone. Moreover, you can use the Google Account information to track the device. In the case of Apple devices, the Find My iPhone cloud network can also help.

Why is my boyfriend’s location not available? 📍

It could be that your boyfriend has turned off the location of his phone. In this case, you can use certain special features of the paid spy apps such as Cocospy or Hoverwatch and access his location.

What is a good app to track your boyfriend’s phone? 🔆

There are plenty of boyfriend checker apps to track your boyfriend’s phone. Three of the best-performing ones are Hoverwatch, Cocospy, and uMobix.

Is the tracking software detectable? 🔎

No, it’s not. Spy apps using tracking software are built so that the target device can never detect their presence, operating in stealth mode. So you get a perfect solution to your problem. 

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  1. Are you having problems with your boyfriend, too? I can’t think of a way to denounce my boyfriend for lying, but I wouldn’t want to violate his personal boundaries…
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  2. The idea of keeping track of my boyfriend’s phone numbers came about after I read a Facebook post from one of my friends about how her boyfriend had accidentally been caught cheating and she couldn’t trust him anymore. So I decided to find the most effective way to monitor his phone and if anything changed in his behavior, to take the necessary action quickly.

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