With the evolution of technology, today, it is mainly possible to do things that were impossible about a decade ago like to track a cell phone location. Thanks to this innovation, tracking a cell phone location without installing the software is a mere possibility. It is no more a complicated task, as no longer do you need software to track the cell phone. Instead, you can do it without software inbuilt. 

You may not need to track a cell phone location in order to catch a cheating spouse or get information about a missing person. If you just want your lost or stolen mobile device back, you can use an online service to track its location. You don’t even need to install special tracking software on the target device.

If you are looking for ways to track the cell phone location and catch a Facebook cheater without installing software, keep reading. 

Google Maps

Google Maps tracking

Tracking the location of a cell phone gets easier with the help of Google Maps. It is the ultimate option available to assist you. You need to incorporate the login details of the individual you wish to target, and you will be soon able to track the location. 

For doing so, you need to open the maps from any device. Login with the details and click on the timeline to find the location! Additionally, there is also an option known as ‘visited places’ to find out the places that are most visited. It is mandatory to have an internet connection to track this. 

Cell Phone Tracking Applications

The cell phone tracking applications come as a miracle idea for tech-savvy individuals. It helps you to safeguard the protection while spying on your partner. However, before downloading the applications, it is essential to ensure that they have remote monitoring capacity. 

GPS Location Tracker Phone

Moreover, the service must be available at any point of the day. Do not forget to test the battery drainage capacity of the application. 

Google Timelines 

This is another significant way of how to catch a cheating wife. This procedure works best with the help of a Google Account. This is where the device needs to be connected to the internet, along with enabling the location. You also need to have the credentials of Google. 

Google Timelines

In order to functionalize this, you need to open Google maps, login to the Google account, select the menu, followed by clicking on your timeline. This is one of the best ways to show the timeline of the device. 

Spying on iPhone

Being aware of the Apple credentials of the target device makes this process a lot easier. You can easily know the location, read the messages while monitoring the activities on the phone. Here is how you can spy on an iPhone. 

Spying on iPhone is a common practice nowadays

You can make use of the inbuilt spy app, ideal for iPhone users. This allows the users to locate the phone when it has been stolen or misplaced. This can also be beneficial while spying on the target device as it will offer you direct access to the location. 

Android Device Manager

Do not worry if you do not want to install software; there are android device managers, a built-in software allowing android device users to essentially track the phone. It can be used to track the location well. 


Thus, get your spying game now that you know the essential ways to track the cell phone location without installing software. 

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