Most unfaithful partners prefer to keep their secrets brushed under the carpet. So what apps do cheaters communicate with? Catching them using these should look alarming to you.

What Features Do Cheaters Value in Apps?

Modern dating apps, although intended for and mainly appealing to singles worldwide looking for new experiences and relationships, may also be the place where your spouse hangs out. Although this sounds somewhat bold, statistics, in turn, is an absolutely impartial thing, although it certainly reveals only the tip of the iceberg.

app features like cheaters

Also, don’t assume that your girlfriend or boyfriend will act blatantly – among the top cheating apps, self-evident choices like dating sites are rare. It is mobile apps that are becoming the first choice for people looking for fun on the side. First, of course, they are free. Secondly, the features inherent in both the gadgets themselves and most instant messengers allow cheaters to get away with things:

  • cheaters can delete chats with any person or move them to the archive, removing them from your immediate view
  • cheaters can hide the icon of an app used for cheating, for example, by removing it to a folder or using a third-party solution
  • it’s a no-brainer to put a chat on silent mode in an app like Telegram and visit it when the situation allows. Thus, unwanted notifications won’t appear on the screen and put the cheating husband or wife in distress
  • some, not wanting to bother with constant messages, calls, or browsing history erasure, simply put a password on their smartphone and other gadgets, citing security reasons

Don’t be surprised if your partner goes to great lengths to fall off your radar; however, you also have some aces up your sleeve.

How to Catch Cheaters by Tracking Their Apps

You may have already learned from experience that causing drama and throwing tantrums is not the best way to discover the truth. Whatever the circumstances, you need to have several options to find a cheater app on their device. To do your level best and expose a liar, leaving no room for doubt, you can benefit from spyware apps like SpyBubble. This is a paid solution that can be more useful than certain free and feature-limited alternatives like location tracking via Find My, etc. 

spy app for instant monitoring

Using this kind of catch a cheater apps, you can not only read their SMS and monitor incoming and outgoing calls but also see a lot of other information from screenshots, including deleted data from their device by the time it falls into your hands.

What Hidden Apps Do Cheaters Use to Communicate: 31 Apps

apps that people use to cheat

Now that you know you have a way to get to the bottom of the truth if you need to, it’s time to go through the most commonly used cheating apps and sites for contacting lovers. Let’s check them out!

1. Ashley Madison

Having been around for over twenty years, this online dating mastodon continues to deliver to those interested in discreet connections. While the paid messaging system for men drives many away, others are attracted to this platform because here, you can meet exactly the person you are interested in, relying on the filter system when searching.

This service is presented both as an application for Android and iOS and can be accessed through a web browser. Of course, if you find cheating apps like this on your partner’s phone or laptop, it’s hard to tell what other red flag you need to see.

2. Bumble

Those who have ever found themselves on dating sites are probably familiar with the problem when they either send messages and do not receive a response or their direct is littered with messages from completely uninteresting people. This affair app solves this problem by allowing women to take the first step by liking a profile and unlocking the ability for a man to drop her a message afterward. Bumble is compatible with various platforms, including iOS, Android, and desktop.

3. CoverMe

CoverMe is a cheaters dating site packed with features and has privacy as its forte. At the user’s discretion, no one will get access to their interactions in the app, thanks to the possibility of instilling touch or Face ID. After registering, you get a virtual number that is not displayed anywhere and allows you to communicate with users on the platform. Also, the option of auto-deleting messages after reading by the recipient or after a certain time is available.

4. Cyber Dust

At first glance, Cyber Dust is no different from other messengers, but that’s only until you open it. Firstly, the only thing you can do here is chat – calls, both with and without video, are not provided here, as well as preserving the chat history for more than 100 seconds after reading. This makes Dust one of the most secure secret messaging apps for cheaters, as it’s impossible even to save content or take a screenshot without the person’s consent.

5. Date Mate

A person interested in a matchmaking experience may find the Date Mate online portal useful, which provides dating agency services. There are several platforms with profiles for dating women to choose from – but, truth be told, the whole setting looks a bit suspicious.

6. Facebook Messenger

Facebook is one of the platforms where the professional, platonic, and romantic paths of users intersect. Having the opportunity to see photos, live updates, and a person’s social circle allows you to build a certain relationship and connection with them. Not surprisingly, it often becomes an app for married cheating, with the ability to provide additional account security by enabling two-factor verification.

7. Google Chat

Initially conceived as an environment for business communication and file sharing, this service has gained certain popularity for casual communication with the possibility of audio and video calls and instant messaging. Logging into a Google account is a great way to have all the communication services you need at your fingertips, both with colleagues and with love interests.

8. iMessage

iMessages brings people who own iPhones together…and, ahem, not just because of that. While you can scour their iOS device up and down for hidden apps on iPhone for cheating, the devil may be in these basic SMS services that seem to become less and less popular with users nowadays. Also, some important purchase receipts or notifications from services they just forgot to delete can be stored here.

9. Instagram Direct

Bet it’s difficult to name any other social network that is so popular among progressive, modern folks. Hot trends, juicy photos, and captivating reels are all seething minds of people seeking to escape from the routine of their daily and love lives, being able to find interesting people by geolocation tags nearby. “Sliding into DMs” isn’t just a buzz phrase – Instagram has also become an app people use to cheat.

10. Kik

While many know Kik as a messaging app, only a few use it for other purposes. Is Kik used for affairs? Indeed, it is! In fact, it has integrated add-ons such as Flirt!, Match & Chat, and Friend Finder, allowing you to mingle with strangers when bored. Compatibility with all modern platforms allows a person to do their dark deeds when a partner is not around – many aren’t even aware that more than 20% of infidelity survey respondents call Kik their go-to app!

11. Line

Line is a VoIP platform, quite popular in Asia, which, however, is somewhat inferior to WhatsApp in terms of security. Why is it installed on your partner’s gadget? Perhaps because Line often emerges as one of the cheating apps for Android, providing the ability to make calls even outside the app and providing access to many groups where you can find like-minded people and possibly a new love.

12. LinkedIn Messaging

While people tend to keep their messaging professional on this platform, the fact remains – LinkedIn users can correspond with their contacts as in a regular messenger. However, it’s not enough to just enter the user’s phone number here – they should accept your request and become one of your (hopefully professional) “connections.”

13. OnlyFans

The topic of online cheating in modern relationships has been hotly discussed among researchers and ordinary users for several years now. You can’t help but agree that even though there is no actual physical contact, detecting your partner viewing and subscribing to another man’s or woman’s explicit content might be a problem for you. No wonder the perpetrators go out of their way to keep OnlyFans as one of the secret cheating apps.

14. Private Message Box

Private Message Box is the name for third-party apps designed to perform their direct functions of actual hidden cheating apps for Android and iPhone. Users of these tools don’t have to worry about someone reading their messages, thanks to the ability to secure them with a PIN. But discovering such an app installed on the spouse’s device can cause serious concerns…

15. Private SMS & Call

Presented as an apk file that can be downloaded directly from Google and installed on Android devices only, this solution allows you to create a private space for your communications. What makes it difficult to detect and the best app for cheating is the ability to make the app icon invisible.

16. Signal

Touted as one of the most private and safeguarded apps with end-to-end encryption, Signal also allows you to use the passcode lock feature, which is perhaps more relevant for those who do not want another pair of eyes to run through their chats and calls within the app.

17. Skype

While Generation Z uses instant messengers and Zoom for work communications, Skype has not ceased to exist and is still somewhat popular with millennials and the older generation. This cross-platform application allows voice and video calls, sending direct messages and files.

18. Slack

It’s hard to see how Slack can be turned into a dating and flirting app, but since flirting and adultery is not uncommon in the workplace, this app should also grab your attention. General chats are likely to be a safe zone, while private chats can store many interesting things.

19. Snapchat

Being a haven for common forms of online infidelity, Snapchat enables sharing of hot photos and videos with other users that are deleted after viewing. It is also a popular platform for sexting.

20. StealthChat

StealthChat operates like other chats, aka cheating apps for iPhone and Android, with data encryption that minimizes the possibility of data leakage even if real techs get down to business.

21. Telegram

The number of applications offering this level of interactivity can probably be counted on the fingers of one hand. What’s more, Telegram is convenient with its silent mode for chats, archiving dialogs, disabling pop-ups, and so on. There is also an option to turn on geolocation and track people who are geographically close.

22. Threads

Threads, an Instagram’s text-based conversation app, was conceived by the developers as a Twitter-like way to share your thoughts and discuss trends. While this brand-new product is beginning to gain momentum, it’s difficult to determine its impact on cheating opportunities. With access via the web or apps on Android and iOS, it allows to share photos, videos, and messages and may be supposedly used for cheating the same way as other affair apps.

23. TikTok

Now, this is a real paradise for socialization, with no less tempting opportunities for cheating. People show their charisma right and left, which makes it hard to take your eyes off the screen. The app has direct messaging functionality, which makes it easy to stay in touch with pretty people and be tempted to initiate secret immoral relationships.

24. Tinder

There can be no other excuse for people landing on the Tinder app than looking for a soul(mate). While these online encounters don’t always end with an IRL date, the app’s addictive nature can make it hard to stop swiping left/right and flirtatious chatting.

25. Twitter

Above, we already mentioned the direct competitor to Twitter, so speaking of the OG app, it must be emphasized that the platform is more designed for collective discussions of socially important issues (in its majority) while allowing text messages to be exchanged privately. The chances of catching a partner here red-handed are small, but still…

26. Vaulty Stocks

Vaulty Stocks can hardly be called a new cheating app since the peak of its popularity has long passed. A decade ago, it allowed you to keep the photo and video content hidden under lock. Now this online tool is available on the App Store and the Play Store under the name Vaulty.

27. Viber

Viber is another social media on your partner’s gadget that can be fully checked only after gaining direct access to the device. This messenger also allows you to hide chats, set communications to silent, and open secret chats.

28. WeChat

Having gathered a billion audience worldwide (mostly in the Asian region), WeChat allows you to make text and voice messaging, video calls, and conference calls. It’s called an app for everything, so it’s no surprise that it also serves as an affair app thanks to its Search Nearby feature.

29. WhatsApp

What can cause doubts in WhatsApp? At a minimum, this is a program that everyone in your environment probably has installed, and thanks to end-to-end encryption, many use it as a hookup app for secret conversations. Whether romantic conversations slip through is another matter, which you may delve into by using secret tracking apps such as SpyBubble.

30. Wickr Me

By visiting the app’s page on popular marketplaces, you can find out that the admission of new users has already been stopped, and the app itself will cease operations by the end of 2023. All in all, this is another fully-encrypted product that will probably evolve into something more modern in the future.

31. Zoom

Let’s finish this review with an application you can often see open on the computers of today’s workers. However, it is most likely not an app used for cheating by your boyfriend, husband, or wife since its functionality is intended for video conferencing – the host needs to insert links and send out invitations.

How Do You Confront a Cheater?

Confront a Cheater

Posing the cheating question point-blank may not be the smartest way to find out about your partner’s infidelity, so apps like come to the rescue to help find evidence and establish the truth once and for all. Besides, why not have a simple human dialogue in which you can share your doubts; it is quite possible that your significant other, who has nothing to hide, will provide you with access to their chats so that you find peace of mind. However, if you notice that they don’t care about your emotional well-being and don’t make advances, see the beginning of the paragraph.

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