It is easy to fall in love with someone and grow a relationship. However, the toughest thing in our life is to make that relationship long-lasting. In most cases, everything is positive in the early years of conjugal life. But, in due course, the bond between couples becomes weaker.

A survey has revealed that the break-up rate of same-sex married couples is about 8%. Similarly, statistics show that in the case of heterosexual couples, the rate is about 3%. But, why do the relationships fail? Although some of us like to stay single throughout life, human beings have the nature of developing an intimate relationship. Still, what factors result in the failed relationship?

What leads to a Failed Relationship?

the main signs that lead to failing relationships

The old saying goes: “the relationship is a partnership, not a contract”. This logic was meant to be beautiful, because it suggests that human beings are fundamentally good and that they should be able to solve problems together. It was also meant to be true – but in practice it rarely is. Partners, and even spouses, find it difficult to maintain a good relationship over time. So what are the signs of a failed relationship?

1. Selfishness, Narcissism, and Unbalanced Ties

A good and strong relationship is something where both the spouses have to care for each other. When one of them does not think about the other spouse, the issue of selfishness turns up. In some cases, couples like to make decisions independently, and it can reduce their intimacy. 

However, the personality disorder, like narcissism, is another cause of the failed relationship. Narcissists do not have a sense of good partnership. When your partner is a narcissist, he/she will not consider your needs. Moreover, unbalanced relationships do not make the knot strong, and that’s why they can result in failed relationships.

2. Infidelity

It is an age of technology, and it is easy to cheat the spouse by engaging in an extramarital affair. Infidelity is an unforgivable offence. Statistics of failed marriages show that more than 40% of relationships break up because of infidelity. However, there may be several reasons behind this infidelity. Some of them are intimacy disorder, addiction, childhood trauma, and cheating in past relationships.

Infidelity can lead to a failed marriage and make your life devastating. From physical involvements to emotional affairs, infidelity can be of any type. As it destroys trust, it is one of the signs of a failed relationship.

3. Fear of Commitments

A good married relationship is all about commitments. With long-term commitments, you can convince your partner to rely on you. However, when you cannot stay committed, there is a failure in your relationship. 

In some love relationships, couples feel that these commitments can affect their freedom. The truth is love is an emotion. Still, pains are always associated with it. That is why some of us feel scared while starting a relationship. Try to overcome your fear and avoid the risk of a failed relationship.

4. Lack Of Trust

One of the most common reasons for relationship failures is the lack of trust. You may feel that your spouse has a physical relationship with another person. But, you are not sure about it. This situation can cause you to lose trust in your partner. Some other things related to the trust issues are emotional dependability and financial choices. You cannot openly talk about the underlying issue. Thus, the problem remains unsolved and causes the relationship breakdown. 

How To Avoid Having A Failed Relationship

Avoid failed relationships

The rate of the failed marriage is getting higher in the present age. Still, there are some ways to save your relationship with your life partner.

List down everything you feel is wrong and try to fix it

Take a notepad and a pen when you feel that your relationship is getting weaker. Start thinking of the factors affecting your married life. For instance, some of these factors are:

  • Anger
  • Lack of time 
  • Compatibility issues
  • Absence of physical care

You can now find it easy to solve the problems. It is better to engage your partner in this step. When both of you try to find your own flaws, you may restore your relationship.

Invest your time to make it work

Your task is not over after noting down the relationship issues. You need to take steps to achieve your goal. Minor violations can result in discontent. In due course, they make the relationship complicated. Thus, both you and your spouse have to be patient and try to amend your behaviours. 

Clear communication

Communication is the best option to deal with relationship problems. The communication pattern of your spouse may be different from that of yours. Both of you have to listen to each other’s problems. In most cases, lack of communication causes misunderstanding, and it finally causes a failed relationship. While communicating with your partner, you can convey your true feelings. 

Good sex life

Put in your effort and time to maintain a good sex life with your partner. Physical intimacy also increases attraction and love for each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve had a bad breakup with someone, you understand how hard it is to stop thinking about failed relationships. These frequently asked questions will let you know why your marriage or relationship failed:

Who do you blame when your relationship fails?

Blame is the biggest issue separating you from your commitments and values. Thus, you must not claim that your partner is solely responsible for the failed marriage. In most cases, both spouses have some faults that result in the relationship issues. It is better to keep away from blaming others for your problem.

How to know if your relationship is failing?

There may be more than one reason behind the failed relationship. Still, some of them are lack of trust, communication problems, eccentricity, anger, apathy, lack of personal responsibility, and low self-esteem. All couples have different problems in their marital life. Thus, you need to analyze your issues from your own perspective.

Can infidelity cause my relationship to fail?

Yes, infidelity can cause divorce and other complications. Due to infidelity, you lose trust, and you feel that your partner has become unfaithful. Moreover, you will feel rejected, as your spouse can cheat you. Thus, try to be faithful to each other and maintain the relationship.

How can I avoid having a failed relationship?

You can frankly communicate with your partner to disclose the problems. Without the cooperation of each other, you cannot retain your relationship. You must also control your anger and keep away from ego and other factors affecting your marital life.

What are the signs of a failed relationship or marriage?

The signs of a failed relationship are many and varied, but the most common one is a person who is unable to admit they are wrong or that they have made a mistake (and often worse, incapable of taking responsibility for their actions).

How to tell if your relationship is failing?

The warning signs that Your Relationship is Failing include:
– Does the relationship feel like it’s not worth it?
– Does the relationship feel like all communication is misdirected and no one wants to talk?
– Is the relationship making you unhappy?
– Has your time in that relationship been more stressful than enjoyable?
If you have seen any of these signs in a good relationship, go back and find out why it’s failing. Once you know what’s going wrong, you can start fixing the problem.


fixing a failed relationship

Maintaining a relationship is difficult. However, with little effort, you can save your relationship. It is essential to reassess your thoughts and problems. Both you and your partner play a role in keeping up a healthy relationship.

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