With the advent of the Internet and related technologies, the line between the public and the private has gradually blurred – although it’s still difficult to find out if someone is cheating. Now, the way one treats the privacy of their partner is a matter of their morality and psychological attitudes – but you cannot overlook situations when you feel you’ve been in the dark for too long and let things take their course.

Understanding the Psychological Drivers of Snooping

the psychology of spying on couples

Although it was not supposed to be one of its manifestations, the mobile phone became a conduit for jealousy, suspicion, and other insecurities. Research reveals surprising numbers: a lot of people find it OK to snoop through a phone, with about 75% of respondents admitting to viewing the content of their partners’ gadgets. What drives people to do this? Let’s find out.

The Curiosity Factor

We all understand that what a person prefers to show when communicating with us can only be the tip of the iceberg compared to what they keep under the key in the chest. This, combined with people’s natural inclination towards curiosity, translates into the fact that at least once in a while, we end up snooping through partner’s phone using the GPS tracker to see where they are really heading or simply watching their actions and reactions. Of course, acquiring this into a habit can no longer be called a cute plaything, but from time to time, we all do it.

The Need for Control

The person’s inside world is suffocating in a relationship with an overly controlling partner, just like a caged animal – hence their irritability and frustration. Needless to say, in this way, a too-possessive partner does not allow the relationship to progress; they literally kill mutual trust, respect, and ultimately love with their desire to think and decide for two.

So maybe the next time you have that overwhelming urge, “Should I go through his phone or her open chat on the laptop?” just respect their privacy – they expect that attitude from you.

The Dark Side of Insecurity

The feeling of insecurity is an insidious state of a person that distorts reality for them, which they sometimes don’t realize. You may feel an irresistible desire to see what your partner is doing on their phone so as not to miss something concerning you, without hesitating to do it even in their absence and with their complete trust in you.

And this does not mean at all that your partner really gave you good reasons for such an impulse to occur – it is quite possible that you are driven by the trauma of a failed previous relationship after you read cheating spouse text messages, as well as lies and betrayal. But what you need to contemplate is whether or not you are shifting your own fears and shortcomings onto your dear person.

The Need to Expose Infidelity

Finally, life cases should be addressed when phone snooping is used not out of simple curiosity or whims of a person but as evidence of a partner’s infidelity. But it should be noted that you need to be careful walking this slippery tightrope, as finding evidence in chats, emails, calls, etc., is likely to be illegal in court if such access was not authorized by the owner of the phone.

However, more often than not, people just want to get information “just to know what’s up” in their relationship and with their partner, and the main question here is what to look for when snooping through a phone so it is fruitful for you.

Finding the Truth: What to Look for When Snooping Through a Phone

what to check on his/her phone

You might want to consider going over the following directories and sections of your partner’s phone when you have such an opportunity – remember to play it safe because your relationship integrity is at stake.

Suspicious Call Logs or Text Messages with Unknown Numbers

By looking at the calls made while you were away and paying attention to the date and time, you can add two plus two and get a better feel for the true activities of your partner behind your back. Many missed calls from the same number when you are together, or brief messages written using some kind of encrypted language can also arouse suspicion.

Deleted Call Logs, Text Messages, or Photos

What you might find interesting when you snoop on text messages from your partner is the presence of many deleted messages in chats – sometimes, we can accidentally share something in the wrong chat, but the tendency to delete raises questions. In addition, a person can delete photos from public or go-to folders, such as chats or galleries, by transferring them to a cloud backup or Google disk. Therefore, do not forget to pay a visit to such secluded places.

Secret Social Media Accounts or Dating Apps

Sometimes your loved one can be certain that you will not suspect something is wrong, having planted tons of applications on their gadget – what if among the armfuls of these, there are one or two dating apps installed? In addition, the more vigilant ones, for example, expecting you checking phone after cheating, can use services that hide the icons of such applications. 

Flirty or Inappropriate Messages with Other People

Having a kink to flirt with can be a good thing, but unfortunately, these people rarely stop at complimenting one person. At times, the person being flirted with may also reciprocate – and the rest is their history, which you can find out about going through your partner’s phone.

Secret Photos or Videos of Your Partner with Someone Else

Well, seeing photos that you have not seen with people you do not know does not mean that these are all potential flings of your partner. Remember that everyone deserves to have some privacy and little secrets, even in a relationship with you. You need to evaluate the surroundings in the photo, the general atmosphere, the presence of other people, and so on. Perhaps you can casually mention this meeting and look at the reaction of your partner.

Secret Email Accounts or Email Drafts

Usually, people don’t even pay attention to abandoned drafts with hundreds of emails to read and respond to. It could be your backdoor way to their online romance or romantic texting with a colleague from work – few people would think to pay attention to this Gmail folder when planning what to check on his phone.

Browser History or Bookmarks with Suspicious Content

Relying on their frequent use of the search engine, your spouse may believe that their Instagram activity, visits to dating sites or other entertainment portals for online cheating will be lost among thousands of their search queries. However, you can search the history for some keywords and phrases – anything can be useful, even visiting articles on certain spicy topics. What else can be suspicious is your loved one’s excessive scrupulousness in deleting the entire search history.

Password-Protected Apps or Folders

As mentioned above, there are various application managers that allow you to hide an application or secure it with a password. Well, at least if you’re unfamiliar with the name of the app you see on the screen, you can google it – it might be the new Tinder.

Location Data That Does Not Match Up with What Your Partner Told You

Snooping through boyfriend’s phone, you might want to look not only into the Google Maps app or any other service that helps your partner with navigation but also pay attention to location tags when viewing photos. In addition, examining taxi applications where all trips are saved might be of utmost benefit.

Suspicious Charges or Subscription Fees

Information about these can also be found in messages – do not forget to take a deep look at SMS on their phone, as well as to separate folders with messages from businesses in Viber and other instant messengers. Trash bins of email clients should also be your must-see spot.

Notes and Events Calendar

It’s very unlikely that your partner will post sensitive information regarding another love interest on a calendar, but it’s best to double-check and rest assured. Knowing the special dates of life together, you should recognize the same ones in their calendar; and keeping in mind the days when your partner allegedly went on a business trip and was out of the access zone will allow you to cross-check that in the future.

How to Snoop Through a Phone Like a Pro: a Step-By-Step Guide

Snoop Through a Phone Like

As you can see, going through someone’s phone will take a lot of time to be called effective and worthwhile. Not everyone has the opportunity to regularly access a partner’s gadget in case of suspicion of treason or to know for sure that important messages, calls, or photos have not been permanently deleted by a person. This is where apps to catch a cheater come into play.

Step 1. Finding the Right Tools

Like it or not, but to win the battle with gadgets and technology, you need to use the same methods. Online device monitoring apps like uMobix work completely anonymously and allow you to see all of the above and more at any time convenient for you, and not just when the opportunity arises.

Step 2. Strategies for Gaining Physical Access to the Phone

Usually, using the phone tracker app without permission to track activities on gadgets remotely means gaining access to the Android device to install the client on it. This will take around 10 minutes, so calculate the time correctly. In addition to this, uMobix, for example, allows you to simply connect to the iCloud of the target iOS device via login and password without unnecessary fuss.

Step 3. Install and Set Up the Tracking App

In order to install the application (using uMobix as an example) and stop thinking about things to check on girlfriend’s phone in advance, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on the app’s website and choose a fixed-term subscription.
  2. Follow the instructions received by email (you may need to provide access to the target gadget, etc.) to set up the device.
  3. Optionally and depending on the purpose of monitoring, the user can hide the application icon after installation (for Android). iOS may require two-factor verification. 

Step 4. Start Snooping

After that, you may return to your account by logging in through a browser on a computer or smartphone and track location, social media, messengers, browsing history, deleted info, and much more. When choosing an app, make sure your user board is customized for both mobile and desktop versions – check out the uMobix demo for an example.

Step 5. How to Avoid Leaving Evidence of Your Snooping

The best way to avoid any evidence that you somehow had access to their device is by using online apps that are specifically designed to leave no trace. Remember that snooping on their gadget from time to time, in contrast to one-time access with the application, increases the risk of being caught.

Snooping Through a Phone: Keys to Your Partner’s Secrets

The psychology behind snooping into your partner’s phone implies that something is bothering you – either something in your current relationship or perhaps echoes from past ones. First, you need to figure out what is preventing you from building trusting relationships and perhaps look inside yourself first and not at your partner’s phone. If you feel like they are not interested in a long-term and trustful relationship, maybe you just don’t belong together.

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