Up to the present time, getting an Android spy app is a primary step for solving multiple issues. Because modern times let people make the most out of technical progress, why ignore these marvellous possibilities? Here and there, relying on programs and artificial intelligence becomes more efficient than doing anything with your bare hands. The most obvious cases where spyware is necessary are:

  • When looking for a lost smartphone or laptop;
  • When controlling employee activity;
  • When monitoring kids;
  • When checking partner’s loyalty.

Indeed, all of the issues are important to a certain extent. In particular, the final illustration about infidelity turns out to be quite a common reason for considering spy apps. Did you know that fifty-five per cent of all divorces are the outcome of side affairs? Imagine the prevalence of people who refuse to be loyal and keep deceiving their other halves.

Certainly, all cases of cheating require a discovery, even through technology. Remember that during the exploitation of spy apps for Android, convenience is vital. Consequently, an analysis like the one in this article is beneficial for choosing the right spyware.

The Concept Of a Mobile Spy App

Whenever anyone mentions the words “spy” and “technology” in one sentence, the flow of mind goes in a bizarre direction. The only association you can think of are million-dollar detective gadgets for catching international criminals or eavesdropping on governmental secrets. What does all of these have to do with grabbing cheaters by their wrist or finding a lost device?

Guy chooses a spy app on his phone

To clarify, spy apps are hardly the technologies that cost a fortune and require years of extensive training. Think of any regular phone program that you use daily, like a fitness tracker or game. In fact, tracing tools are the same, except for their functionality. Other instruments count your calories, and spy apps for Android count the texts that your boyfriend sends to other girls behind your back.

What To Consider When Picking a Top-Notch And Free Cell Phone Spy For Android?

As long as you know how to distinguish the perfect one among many spy apps for Android, you win the game. Regrettably, many new users experience confusion over too many options at once. Do creators allure you with inviting advertisements and witty logos, but are they always close to the truth? You could quickly get lost in this colourful swirl, just like in a candy shop.

Yet, deciding without getting prepared is similar to playing Russian roulette. In the aftermath, you lose time and money. First of all, answer the following questions about the wanted spy apps:

  • Does a preferred tool have a trial period, and what is the price?
  • Do you need a couple of functions or a whole set?
  • How long are you going to use the spyware?

Once you outline the objectives, you are more likely to find a program that fits like a glove. This article suggests choosing from a list of exemplary mobile trackers to make everything even easier for you.

uMobix Review

uMobix rightfully gets on top of the list of good spy apps for Android. If you hear about it for the first time, you might ponder what makes the program so unique. Let’s get it straight. Founders promote uMobix as a truly universal instrument. For instance, it assists parents who have reasons to believe that their child undergoes cyberbullying. How exactly does uMobix find everything out?

The answer is in its functions. Basically, this software sees every action that the person does with the picked phone, like messaging, calling, Internet surfing, taking photos. Besides, you even know if somebody changes their SIM card. The software groups information into categories that you view on the user board.

By the way, there is one more characteristic that makes uMobix undoubtedly unique. By far, this software is the only one that gives you complete control over Instagram and Facebook profiles of other people.

Unlike many other spy apps, uMobix works well with Apple devices. It gives a perfect performance on Android as well. Everyone who owns an email address can register on their website uMobix.com to get a profile. Luckily, the interface looks intuitive and straightforward!

create account umobix

This step leads to the next stage, where you decide on the plan that fits you. Choose the one out of four that differ by price, time and functionality. Also, uMobix has a chargeless period to dispel your doubts! The one and the only tricky part is completing the setup on the person’s Android gadget. However, uMobix cares about its clients, so installation is easy and fast.

subscription plan umobix

SpyBubble Phone Spy App

Another marvellous representation of spy apps for Android is SpyBubble. It carries a sensational bundle of capabilities and can do anything you desire. Sure, it sounds like a dream, but the wonder is real. Wrap your head around the fact that SpyBubble offers more than forty various features!

With this thing on the designated device, you see web and social media activity, just like regular calls and SMS. Besides, SpyBubble allows its clients to choose the contacts they want to block. Disable messages or phone calls in one click!

In regards to setup, SpyBubble is similar to other spy apps on the market. For Android owners, the first necessary thing is signing up on the online page. All you need is a valid email!

When choosing a subscription, think of the features you need. Keep in mind that the Full plan is more extensive than the Basic one.

price SpyBubble phone spy app

Hoverwatch Review

Could you ever think that searching for dubious info is a walk on a beach? With Hoverwatch, such an opportunity is attainable for everybody! In fact, the most remarkable thing about this spyware is its ability to view more than one apparatus at once. Many agree that few spy apps are capable of doing tricks like this.

Markedly, Hoverwatch receives criticism regarding only one flaw, which is the impossibility of working on iPhones. Still, the program suits Apple computers and Windows PC. Buyers also enjoy Hoverwatch capacities on Android. Assuming that you desire to become one of twelve million happy users, complete the signup using your e-mail.

Hoverwatch spy app

Upon that step, sort out the primary motivation that led you to spy apps for Android. In other words, the best plan for a client depends on their reasoning.

Hoverwatch price

mSpy Phone Spy App

At the present time, mSpy remains one of the unique programs among many spy apps out there. Similarly to its counterparts, mSpy offers excellent services to parents and spouses who seem to stay at a dead end. In order to begin the work, a client has to make the account first. You are going to communicate with mSpy through your email address, so type it in.

mspy app

As for the prices, remember one simple principle. In short, the longer you utilise mSpy, the cheaper it is!

mspy price

In addition, the mSpy instrument board has a comfortable layout. A person sees the statistics in the form of graphs and tables. Besides, the program shows you the contacts somebody talks to most frequently.


Without a doubt, Clevguard is one of those spy apps that are efficient and trustworthy. If you suffer from sleepless nights and think about the safety of your close people, meet Clevguard! The software may analyse more than thirty applications at once. It works against potential dangers by showing you smartphone activities on the control panel.

Here, a buyer sees general device info like battery charge and type of Internet connection. In addition, you get a top-list of contact names who reach out to the person most often.

The pricing strategy is convenient since you are able to cancel the subscription whenever you want. What is more, with longer plans you pay less for each separate month!



By all means, the developers of FlexiSPY understand the vulnerabilities that come with using modern devices. If you feel helpless when trying to protect people you love from online dangers, this software is a marvellous solution.

Luckily, the intuitive control board lets you know about the latest locations, phone calls, etc.


Like many popular spy apps for Android, FlexiSPY covers the primary features like recording communication through the device and viewing media files. Then, a logical question arises. Why are FlexiSPY services way more expensive than those from similar competitors? The advanced plan is rather pricey.

FlexiSPY price

Keep in mind that you receive high quality in exchange for a high price. In detail, the most costly subscription offers up to seventy beneficial functions. Indeed, they are worth splurging!

Spyera Phone Spy App

Undeniably, the list of must-have spy apps is barely complete without the instrument named Spyera. Mind that particular abilities are available only upon rooting, yet there are enough open functions without additional troubles. Assuming that you stress out over the possible lies somebody tells you, Spyera saves the day! For instance, it works like a bug that listens to surrounding sounds and sends you videotapes.

The algorithm of installation is pretty straightforward. The online page says which details exactly you must enter to finish the payment.


Spyera has different prices for personal computers, phones and tablets. Additionally, they offer a combination that suits all gadgets.

Spyera price list


To point out, iKeyMonitor takes a special place in the hearts of numerous excited fans. Even though it gets a promotion as software for parents, you may enjoy it regardless of the reasons. What is one of the essential characteristics of any spyware? If you say stealthiness, you are absolutely right! iKeyMonitor for certain acts discreetly, so only you know the secret.

To hack Android, register a profile first. Come up with an intricate password to stay on the safe side.


Luck is on your side because iKeyMonitor has a free plan. Take the chosen Android gadget covertly and download the spyware.

iKeyMonitor price

XNSPY Android Spy App

The following neat Android tracing instrument is XNSPY. Today, the Internet world equals real life by the level of danger. The feeling of safety behind the screen is only an illusion, while cybercriminals are creeping up from the most unexpected places. XNSPY is like your second set of eyes and ears for preventing unpleasant cases at the early stages.

With such excellent spyware, controlling social media or browsers becomes a piece of cake. To buy XNSPY, fill in the required info.

XNSPY review

If few functions are enough for you, settle down with the Basic subscription. Otherwise, think over purchasing Premium.

XNSPY app price

Cerberus Phone Security Program

The tracker named Cerberus rightfully obtained its name. Notably, this instrument has a reputation as the one suitable for anti-theft operations. To put it differently, if somebody snatches your beloved smartphone, Cerberus sets off an alarm to inform its holder about the course of events. Also, the program gathers data about the surrounding world via taking photos. Thus, you get a selfie of a thief!

Additionally, the geofencing feature helps in visualising the whereabouts of a gadget. These are just several demonstrations of Cerberus capabilities. In order to unlock all of them, sign up on the web page.

Cerberus Phone Security program

The costs for Cerberus services depend on the number of gadgets you control. Naturally, the lowest price goes for one device, and vice versa.

Cerberus Phone Security program price

Comparison Table of the Leading Android Spyware

Spyware brand:Compatible with:Price for one month:
uMobixAndroid, IOS$29.99
SpyBubbleAndroid, IOS$25.49
HoverwatchAndroid, Windows, macOS€24.95
mSpyAndroid, IOS$48.99
ClevguardAndroid, IOS, Windows$29.95
FlexiSPYAndroid, IOS$29.95
SpyeraAndroid, IOS, Windows, macOS$89
iKeyMonitorAndroid, IOS$9.9
XNSPYAndroid, IOS$29.99
CerberusAndroidNo price for one month (€5 per year)
Table of the Leading Android Spyware Apps

Less Well-Known Specimen Of Spy Apps For Android

In general, people tend to gravitate towards products that have big names in their industry. The same rule applies to the spyware field, where blue-chip companies gather crowds around them. However, being less popular hardly equals offering worse services. Therefore, if you failed to find a suitable tracker among the leading ones, study the less widespread options.

Thewispy Program from SOLUTION SURFACE LTD

Provided that your heart hurts for the close ones you desire to shield from online dangers, Thewispy comes to help this instant! Also, it suits perfectly busy managers who find it hard to monitor unreliable workers. The program fits all devices with the tenth and eleventh Android operating systems.

To meet your objectives with Thewispy, sign up on their site and install it on the designated device underhandedly! Moderate prices are competitive advantage of this tracker.

EvaSpy Android Spy App

Another unstoppable force on your way to the truth becomes EvaSpy. Unlike some of its rivals, this spyware lets buyers finish downloading without rooting, even for advanced capacities. Therefore, you save time grabbing the gadget of somebody who needs your control.

Markedly, the more expensive subscription opens up all imaginable social media programs for you. An account in EvaSpy makes you the second holder of the designated phone.

NexSpy Review

On the condition that your mind revolves only around the thought of hacking somebody’s mobile device, think over NexSpy. To clarify, most of its primary functions are open without the necessity to root. Yet, this step is unavoidable for viewing the search queries and specific messenger programs.

In regards to payment policy, NexSpy goes for the same rule as other spyware. Therefore, with a more extended subscription period, purchasers save up to half of the cost! Upon paying, you receive a link with a license for set-up on the target apparatus.


Another less known Android tracking tool is Aispyer. Even though fewer people know about it, the software is still excellent! Indeed, it has all the characteristics that make a mobile product magnetic for lots and many customers. The founders mention that downloading Aispyer is possible without rooting, which is a significant plus.

Next, even newbies may easily interact with a simple interface. Every step is intuitively understandable. Finally, the icon of Aispyer is invisible on the designated screen, which results in zero suspicions about a hack.

Downloading requires registering an account on Aispyer official page. First, it demands an actual email for communication with you. Secondly, think of a safe password and enter it. Finally, repeat this step to confirm it!

The List Of Pseudo Spy Apps To Stay Away From

As a matter of fact, countless fake mobile trackers exist along with regular ones. Their emergence is barely a surprise since unscrupulous people frequently want to gain profit from famous names. In general, the most apparent signs of scams are:

  • Similar name to a popular spyware brand;
  • Identical program name, but on the different website;
  • Unusual details in the payment form.

Of course, every case is different. That is why falling victim to fraudsters is so easy. To avoid the popular tricks, learn about them first. The valuable knowledge about popular schemes can protect you from losing time and money!


First of all, let’s study XySpy. Provided that you are new to the field, their online page would seem pretty regular to you. Everything looks neat, without any oddities. However, the exciting part begins once the user presses the blue button in order to download XySpy. Unexpectedly, you see TheTruthSpy, which is another spyware. This trick is unpleasant but relatively harmless.

XySpy review


The following scam we are going to analyse connects to XPSpy. Again, the web page looks normal, with all the necessary descriptions of the spyware. A client believes that these programs might help them in solving specific issues. Yet, after clicking the download button, you jump on the Freespy site.

XPSpy free spy app

The link for a free version of this tool contains a virus. That is why this scam is so dangerous!

XPSpy download


Another imitation spying tool on this list is Blurspy. Its creators made sure that their website looked welcoming enough to deceive naive clients. Similarly to the market leaders, Blurspy has a promotional text where you read about its features. What if you attempt to select a pricing plan?

Blurspy app review

Unfortunately, this button leads you to nowhere. You see a message about an unknown error. That was a lie!

Blurspy 404


One of many tricks that flood the digital market is the one regarding Myfonemate. In case you read about it and feel deja-vu, this is explainable. In reality, Myfonemate is just a sattelite of mSpy. You see the evidence upon trying to install it and getting onto the mSpy page.


In addition, the phoney situation emerged in connection with Freephonespy. Their Internet page is rather inviting, and it looks high-quality for a scam. The reason is that the program was perfectly fine before 2018. Nonetheless, it failed to get any updates since then, including info about legal matters. For instance, anybody may download the tool with a fake email address.



The subsequent representation of a scam is Fonemonitor. The first thing to remember is that such spyware was indeed a real instrument just a while ago.


Because its page is currently under maintenance, some quick charlatans decided to profit off the popular brand name. There is a minor difference in web addresses, and the fake site looks like the real one.

Fonemonitor review


Now it is time to learn about satellite programs. Cocospy is one of them, but what does it mean? Briefly speaking, the Cocospy website copies the official page of the famous Spyic in everything but the name. If anybody tries to buy the first one, they get Spyic anyway.

Cocospy review

The second satellite site looks just the same. It performs only a promotional function, without any practical use.

Cocospy website


Have you heard of the Clickfree application? If so, you could have noticed some weird things when reading the information on the page. In fact, the site contains no data on Clickfree. Instead, it advertises Spyier.

Clickfree spy app

Markedly, such an intricate strategy aims to make a new spyware name more visible to SEO. Yes, hustles like this exist as well!

Clickfree spyier


One more widespread fraud in the spyware world is Spyzie. This tracing tool is well-known and trusted, so what is the issue? Regrettably, the only actual Spyzie website currently gets maintenance.

Spyzie review

Consequently, any other ones that claim to be Spyzie are blatantly lying to inexperienced clients. In particular, they exploit the popularity of the former industry leader.

Spyzie website url

Which Criteria Were The Basis For Ranking These Spy Apps For Android?

Overall, the detailed analysis of the spyware market became possible due to the efforts of our remarkable team! They studied and tested every application that you have read about in this article. Every feature, advantage and disadvantage became an object of examination. Now, any future user can easily select the best tool for their needs!

FAQ On The Best Spy Apps For Android Phones

Apps have become an integral part of our lives, and Android phones are the most popular globally. More than 90% of all mobile devices run on Android. With so many people owning Android phones — and smartphones becoming more affordable — you can’t afford to ignore their potential in your marketing efforts. This list of questions will help answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the best spy apps for Android phones.

How to track an Android gadget from any distance?

Luckily, modern Android trackers can get transmit the data for you from a distance. Make sure that your version of OS suits the chosen instrument before purchasing it!

Which Android gadgets work with all of the mentioned tracker programs?

Pretty much any gadget with Android OS fits for working with spyware. Usually, developers list suitable devices on their web pages.

How to read WhatsApp texts from somebody’s Android device?

Android trackers catch all types of texts, including the ones from instant messengers like WhatsApp. Ordinarily, the correspondence reflects on your instrument panel.

What are the smartphone brands that are compatible with Android mobile trackers?

If you want to utilise Android spyware, any gadget with Android OS is perfect. Either Nokia or Samsung, or any other brand support such programs.

Is there monitoring software for the Android tablets?

Yes, tracing tools are generally compatible with Android tablets, as well as with laptops or smartphones.

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