A recent report on married couples claimed that about 20% of men and 13% of women have cheated once during their conjugal life. However, the exact number varies as in a few cases the couples are not willing to admit that they cheated on their partner. Sometimes it requires a lot of guts and will power to confess the truth to your partner. Also, getting caught by your partner while cheating them requires a lot of tricks to play upon. 

Therefore, how will a person find out whether they are being cheated by their partner in their married life? How will you find out that you are being the victim of a cheated marriage? Hence, there are lots of questions one encounters when they find out something uncanny is happening in their conjugal life. Men or women often find out different ways to hide things from their partner. They choose dishonesty and unfaithfulness to hide what they are doing behind their partner’s back. They often look for sneaky ways to cheat on their partner. But how will you prove that your partner is cheating on you?

Now, let’s look at some of the sneaky things cheaters do to hide their affairs from their partners:

Gaslighting Is The Number One Ability For Cheaters

Gaslighting in relationship

Gaslighting is a common way to manipulate or convincing your partner mentally that they perceive the situation in the wrong way. Therefore, even if your partner is caught for cheating they will sneakily convince you emotionally that you are being crazy or completely out of mind for saying such an absurd thing. It will itself bring self-doubt in you that you might have said something wrong or hurtful to your partner. But this is one of the sneaky ways that your partner is hiding their affair to you. So, be alert to never get into the trap of believing that person. It’s a way of twisting or manipulating the situation from hiding the reality so that they are still able to cheat. They are highly cunning enough to prove their point by blaming other people. Therefore, Gaslighting leads to emotional abuse where they torment their partner by saying they are going mad. 

Pretending To Be Casual Friends But Aren’t All that Casual

Pretending To Be Casual Friends But Aren’t All that Casual

Another primary reason to prove to your partner that they are cheating upon you when they say ‘we are really good friends’. If your partner and their friend are being together most of the time leaving you behind then that could be the call for a red flag in your relationship. It could generate a major cause of alarm to ignore it. This ‘too casual friend’ could pop-up from anywhere- workstation, neighborhood, park, gym, or could be your friend. However, restricting your partner from not being with their friends will lead to suffocation or loss of space. Therefore, staying alert and monitoring if they are spending too much time with one person can be a smart move by you. 

The Cheater Often Fighting With You

Moving on with two relationships at the same time can take a toll upon the partner. As a result, your partner will often fight and quarrel with you as they will be irritable with your every movement. They will also lose their patience and interest in you as they are juggling two relationships. They might prioritize the other relationship more as they no longer have any interest in you. These are the basic or common signs when your partner is looking for sneaky ways to hide their affair from you. 

Showing Less Appearance On Social Media

the cheater stops using social media

This is one of the sneaky ways that your partner is hiding an affair from you. This is because their appearance and posts have been reduced than the normal time. They have stopped posting a lot on their social media account. They might have opened a new account that has been hidden from you so that you can’t see it anymore. 

Freaking Out Over Phone Calls & Texts

Is your partner is freaking out when they are asked over phone calls & text? This could be an alarming sign that your partner is cheating on you. They are afraid of phone calls & texts of getting caught unexpectedly. Therefore, they are paranoid and act weirdly when they are asked about a phone call or text from someone. 


How cheaters hide evidence from their lovers

Therefore, these are some of the alarming signs and gestures that your partner is up to something suspicious during their conjugal life. So, be aware and alert of recognizing the sneaky things they often do to hide their affair from you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When does cheating happen? 

There are several factors that play into cheating and other related activities. Right from losing interest in one’s partners to finding interest somewhere else, you should deduce the exact reason in detail.

  1. How do I prevent cheating?

If you wish to stay safe from such activities, you should look into the core reason of the problem. Know why anyone would cheat on you and what can be done as a response. 

  1. How do cheaters hide their affairs?

We have mentioned several things cheaters do to hide their affairs. You can look out for red flags to know the symptom and act upon the same accordingly. 

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