You are laughing with your best friend when you see her boyfriend enter the restaurant. She blushes with surprise; as he explains that he managed to get off work early so they can have a weekend getaway. They apologize to you as they rush to leave, but it seems nothing less than a movie scene. Do such things happen in real life? How is it that my boyfriend of 5 years has never planned such a thing? Do you wonder if truly your boyfriend loves you? Doubt is a slippery road; once you lose your footing, it is difficult to recover.

Every human being is different and expresses their feelings in different forms. We spend our lives in competition, always comparing with others hence never being satisfied. We have compiled a comprehensive list of 15 signs that your boyfriend loves you. They will clear any doubts you are having about your boyfriend.

1. Boyfriend Always Protects You

Your boyfriend always protects you, whether from the rain or from evil people

The role of cavemen was to provide and protect their mates and families. Centuries have passed, but this primal instinct still prevails in men. This phenomenon is termed as ‘hero instinct’ by James Bauler in his book ‘His Secret Obsession.’ Does your boyfriend wait for your message that you reached home safely? If he defends you in situations that can hurt you emotionally or physically, he is definitely in love with you.

2. You Are His Top Priority

To say yes to your priority, you have to be willing to say No to something else.

Everyone is busy; most people are working, studying, and developing a side hustle. Taking care of their personal needs and spending some time out with friends and family. He will arrange his schedule to make plans that suit you. He will be patient when you are busy and probably come up with creative ways to spend quality time with you. All these actions translate to the fact that you are his priority and, indeed, your boyfriend loves you.

3. He Does Not Cheat On You

Real men stay faithful… They do not have time to look for other women because they are too busy looking for new ways to love their own.

He doesn't even think about cheating on you.

How can your boyfriend love you if he is cheating on you with others? Trust is the foundation of all relationships. Faithfulness has evolved from physical cheating to digital cheating as well. You can check our list of habits that are considered social media cheating. A man who cares for his partner will never behave in a way that will hurt them.

4. He Makes Future Plans With You

Plans are a form of commitment. Commitment can only result when your boyfriend loves you. He makes a conscious decision to be with you.

Randi Gunther, Psychologist and Marriage counselor explains

As Randi Gunther, Psychologist and Marriage counselor explains, “‘We’is a state of mind and heart. Wherever one partner is, the other is present in their thoughts.

Surprisingly, a future together does not mean married with kids, located in suburbs as most women believe. It means planning a vacation, attending your work party together, or even going on a weekly trip to the farmers market.

5. Boyfriend Compliments You

Your boyfriend compliments you every time he meets you

Ladies, do not hold it against him if he neglects to praise your new eyeliner style or that your hair is a few inches shorter. Men are unaware of such small differences, but he admires how beautiful you are when boyfriend compliments you before a date night. Most compliments tend to be very subtle since men are poor at expressing their feelings. When he enjoys eating your food and goes for seconds and thirds, this is him complimenting your cooking! 

6. He Wants To Please You

Another key sign that shows your boyfriend loves you is that he wants you to be happy.

In her book Love Crisis: Hit and Run Lovers, Carol Botwin notes that men believe giving women pleasure will result in scoring her appreciation.

Love Crisis: Hit and Run Lovers

Sitting in the dressing room while you show him 5 dress options, helping you assemble a DIY photo album, or watching your favorite rom-com movie for the tenth time may not be his preferred choice of activities, but he chooses them to show you how much he cares.

7. He Displays Little Signs Of Affection

The boy is firmly attached to you.

Actions speak louder than words. Look for those small gestures and actions. Terri Orbuch, a Ph.D. author, clarifies in his book 5 Simple Steps To Take Your Marriage From Good To Great that signs of love are much more subtle in real life. The way he puts his arm around your shoulder when you are upset, how he smiles when he sees you, holds your hand while driving, those random kisses, and occasional breakfast in bed. All these actions show you are on his mind, and your boyfriend loves you with all his heart.

8. Boyfriend Listens To You

Listening is an art that requires attention over talent, spirit over ego, others over self.

Listening with an open mind is a gift. It is well-known men are not good listeners. Women do not need men to fix their problems or fight their battles but need someone to share their thoughts. Despite being tired and overworked at the end of the day, he listens to how your day went and how you are feeling. Then, offer feedback without being judgmental. He is a keeper, as this is a clear sign of love!

9. He Takes Decisions With You

you make all decisions together

It is in men’s nature to take charge and be authoritative. When a guy asks for your opinion and involves you in his decision-making process, he values your input. Regardless of the kind of decision, he is making, whether to change his profession, buy a new car or plan your next vacation, he asks for your advice. This behavior shows that your boyfriend loves you and that your suggestions matter to him.

10. He Buys You Gifts

Dr. Richard Nicasto explains ‘giving is a way of letting go of oneself or psychological boundaries.’ Men are hesitant in displaying grand gestures, as shown in movies. But if your boyfriend loves you, he will spend his hard-earned money on something special to make you happy. It does not need to have a hefty price tag, something you mentioned you liked in a store, which he remembered to get for you.

11. He Supports Your Dreams

dreams about love

Being in a relationship should not hinder your progress towards achieving your personal and professional goals; instead, it should enable you. How to tell if your boyfriend loves you? Simple, he will be your biggest supporter, coming up with ideas for your problem, assisting you when you need help, sharing your responsibilities, and always cheering you on to reach your full potential.

12. Boyfriend Respects You

A real man chooses to honor, love and respect and adore and be faithful to one woman.

Even though frankness and openness are critical factors in a relationship, respect is just as important. You have your ideas and beliefs. Similarly, having a difference of opinion should not lead to pointless arguments. Your partner should respect your opinions and accept them without imposing his personal views on you. This quality is a significant sign that your boyfriend loves you.

13.  He Introduces You To His Friends And Family

Your boyfriend enjoys introducing you to his parents

Among other factors, this is an essential one. Most men will only introduce you to their family members and close friends if they consider you an important part of their lives. Bringing home his girlfriend to meet his parents says that he is looking towards a future with her; hence they should all be properly acquainted. It is a risky maneuver for him since his family knows him better, and his girlfriend might find out things she may not like. But he loves her enough to be vulnerable.

14.  He Always Check On You

Does your boyfriend love you? Well, if he takes the time to text about that big meeting you were nervous about or gave a call to ask about your health, as he saw you sneezing in the morning. Then, the answer to your question is yes, he loves and cares for you.

15.  He Does Not Give Up On You

A man who wants to make a relationship work will move mountains to keep the woman he loves.

Finally, a significant sign of love is that your boyfriend has faith in you and your relationship. All relationships go through turbulent times when life gets tough, but a willingness to fight for your relationship exists in few people. Such a level of commitment can only exist if he genuinely believes in you and your future together.

Conclusions About The Fact That The Boyfriend Really Loves You

If a guy loves you, you'll know it

Does your boyfriend really love you based on these signs? Remember, there are numerous qualities in a person that we fail to appreciate when we fixate on our preconceived notion of love. Instead of looking at other couples on social media or movies or novels, love your partner and work on your relationship. Healthy relationships are a product of continuous effort and commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Signs of Love

How do I know if my partner loves me?

If your partner does not proclaim their love to you, you can learn their feelings through their actions and behavior. Read through the above list of signs that your boyfriend loves you to see if they apply to your partner or not.

I cheated on my boyfriend, and he caught me. Will he still love me?

It depends on how you both work on your relationship after getting caught. It takes time, patience, and effort to rebuild trust. Indeed, you both can emerge from this experience with a more profound love for each other and a stronger relationship.

How can I show my partner that I love him?

Love is not a sprint but a marathon. You can show your love by declaring your feelings, participating in their life, caring for their needs, and through romantic gestures.

How do I test my partner’s love?

There is no simple method to test a person’s love. Observe how they treat you and if they check-off the correct signs from the list above, they are definitely in love with you.

What are the qualities that prove love?

General qualities in a person who loves you are caring, understanding, sympathetic, protective, trusting, supportive, and encouraging.

My partner is so caring, but he is a cheater? Should I quit the relationship?

If a person cares for someone, they will remain faithful to them. Cheating hurts their partner’s feelings, and no one should stay in a toxic relationship.

Do ladies love more than men?

Men and women have different ways of showing their love. Although women are more emotional and love more, most men love their partners deeply.

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