In the last couple of years, infidelity has become very common. Social media has played an essential role in helping would-be cheaters hide their infidelity and allowing them to be more discreet in who they’re talking to. The difference between cheating on Facebook and more traditional forms of infidelity is that it is wholly possible to remain undetected when flirting on Facebook for years. 

Chatting and engaging with friends and family is what Facebook was designed for. Still, naturally, cheaters will use the anonymity, secrecy, and abundance of potential romantic interests on the platform to do things behind your back. 

Although not all of these online relationships will amount to a physical meeting, the emotional heartache and upset caused when you find out your spouse is Facebook cheating or has the capacity to cheat on you is enough for you to want out of a relationship. Here are some signs of a Facebook cheating spouse

He’s Always On Facebook

If your partner was never usually one to bother with social media, but now he’s suddenly on Facebook, this could be an early warning sign of Facebook cheating, especially if he seems primarily interested in a particular user. This could be a one-way interaction, but it is likely that the other person is also interested in him.

your husband is constantly online on Facebook

If he was not always a Facebook user but suddenly he’s showing a particular interest in the app, then there could be something going on. Suppose he has no valid explanation as to why he’s on the app so much, such as it is work-related. In that case, it could be that he’s more interested in the validation and attention he gets on Facebook than what he gets from being adequately invested in your relationship, and this isn’t a good sign. 

He Feels Insecure When You Check His Phone

Experts say that going through your partner’s phone indicates a high level of distrust within the relationship because you are essentially admitting that you don’t trust their word. You might want to avoid looking through his phone before having a direct talk with him, as although snooping through his phone might seem like a good idea at the time, it just creates more distrust issues in the long-term. That being said, if every time you glance towards his phone or laptop, he instantly blocks your view of the device, you have the right to start asking him questions. 

He’s Posting Flirty Photos

he posts flirtatious pictures on facebook

One of the most obvious signs that someone is cheating on Facebook is that your spouse is continuously uploading images of themself without any sign of you. This is highlighted when they are posted with a flirty caption to go along with the post. Seeing pictures of your partner in the arms of another person online could be indicative of a deeper relationship. Always read the comments and check for likes to see if the connection is hiding any signs. 

Husband Has Multiple Facebook Accounts

If you get light that your partner has a Facebook account that was an old unused account, or perhaps one that you had never even heard of, it could tell that they are up to something. Facebook gives the ability to run all personal and business requirements from one personal account, so there never really is a good reason for your significant other to have more than one account. If you are unsure if your spouse has a second account, you can monitor their online activities until you are sure he is not a Facebook cheater.

Hidden Facebook Friends List

Husband has a Hidden Facebook Friends List

If your partner has set his privacy settings on Facebook that only husband can see who he is friends with, it can be in an attempt to cover up who they’re really friends with. What would you have to hide from your spouse? Would you hide your friends’ list? Applying the tips you’ve read here on how to catch someone cheating on Facebook can help you decide if your partner is conspicuous online. Hiding Facebook friends is one of the most straightforward steps your spouse can take in order to conceal his activity from you.

He Is Getting Defensive About His Facebook Use

If whenever you mention the extended usage of his phone, he starts to divert the conversation to something else or brush off your comments in a comedic manner, — then something smells fishy. Every time you bring up the fact that husband is always on his phone, he may either get aggressive with you or accuse you of using your phone more than he do, even if there’s no truth in it. This is a classic deflection technique and a strong indicator that your husband touches a guilty conscience.

He’s Blocked You On Facebook

This might seem quite obvious, but it’s a good idea to double-check. If your husband has blocked you on Facebook or any other social site, this should give you a clear indication that he is up to something he doesn’t want you to know about. If you’ve been friends with your spouse on Facebook before and suddenly you can’t send them a message or view their profile, you’ve likely been blocked. This won’t be obvious at first unless you look for it, so it’s an easy first step to take when trying to catch a cheating partner on Facebook.

What Should I Do?

The wife hugs her husband

You may have heard the phrase “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” But while some people repeatedly cheat – even after being caught – others do not. Working through the reasons why infidelity happens can sometimes make a relationship stronger. Being honest about what you can and cannot commit to in your relationship and keeping open and honest communication is essential. Make sure you have evidence of him cheating before you throw accusations at him, as if you don’t provide proof of his actions, he will likely just decline them, and you’ll both walk away hurt. 

FAQs About Cheating on Facebook Messages

I Want to Spy on My Cheater Boyfriend’s Facebook Account. Is There a Free Spy App?

There are many apps designed for spying on your partner’s social media accounts. You will find out a lot of information about your spouse that you may or may not be able to handle. It may be best to talk to them about your concerns before going down that route. It is also essential to check the legality of such apps and never tell them under any circumstance what you used to reveal their infidelities.

How Can I Know That My Partner Is Cheating on Me?

Suppose you think your husband is using his Facebook and Messenger accounts to have hidden conversations with others. In that case, you should start trying to become more aware of the signs that point to him cheating, such as the tips pointed out in this article, along with your own judgment and understanding of your partner’s behaviors.
Using Facebook cheating apps is a good way to tell if your spouse is cheating on you, although it is a big statement within your relationship if you turn to the use of an app to spy on your partner’s online activities. However, sometimes this type of action is the only approach you can take to put your mind at ease.

 Is It True That Men Cheat More Than Women?

When most people hear the word “cheater”, a man is pictured in their heads, but statistics show that women and men are both more than capable of having an affair. With that being said, the long-accepted stereotype of men cheating more than women does add up, according to the infidelity statistics in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy.
As you can see, although the percentages of infidelity between men and women are very similar, men are cheating more than women, or at least admitting to cheating more than women. 

How Can I Stop My Partner Cheating on Facebook in the Future?

You need to have a conversation and ensure you’re both wholeheartedly committed to your relationship going forward. He may finally come to his senses and realize they’ve made a huge mistake. Going forward, both parties need to promise that they will disclose everything to each other and be ready to forgive them in the future but never forget about their actions.

How Can I Block Facebook Messages?

If you are on your partner’s Facebook account and want to block messages from a certain individual on his account you don’t trust, you can find out how here.

How Do I Read Secret Conversations on Facebook?

Secret conversations are encrypted conversations that only appear on a certain device and will not carry over to a new device. For example, if you have a secret conversation on an iPhone and log in to the same Facebook account on the desktop, the conversation will not appear. If you want to know more about secret conversations, read the link here.

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