Marriage is a big commitment, and it requires a lot of love and loyalty to stay with one person till death do you apart. But it’s no secret that keeping loyal and faithful to your partner isn’t an easy thing to do. All right, let’s say it’s an easy thing to do. Just not everybody is capable of it.

Women cheat for a myriad of reasons, starting from emotional dissatisfaction to psychological disorders. The one thing that is true is that a woman has to reach a certain level of emptiness before she allows herself to turn to someone else. The signs that the wife is having an emotional affair with a co-worker are often not as clear as those of a sexual affair. The signs are more subtle and for this reason, it is important to pay close attention to your spouse’s behavior.

signs wife is cheating at work

Affairs at work happen more often than you may think. According to the survey, conducted by Vault, 58% of employees had romantic relationships with a colleague. If you think something may tie your wife to her work beside her direct responsibilities, take a look at these 7 signs that indicate she can be having an affair with a co-worker.

How To Tell If A Wife Is Cheating With A Co-worker

First of all, working affairs don’t happen out of blue. Of course, if you’re undergoing a certain crisis in your relationships, and there is no other place for your wife to go and confide in, she may spark up some warm relationships with her colleague. At first, it can be purely friendly, but if nothing changes at home, it may turn into something more than just friendship.

Don’t treat it as something fatal: if she is searching for a shoulder to cry on, or if someone truly comforts her, and you’re not capable of giving her what she desperately craves, it can happen naturally. Before blaming others, ask yourself, where did go wrong? and which part you’re responsible for?

Before jumping to conclusions, go through these 7 Signs Wife is Cheating with a Co-worker that combined together make a 90% guarantee that she may be seeing someone at work.

1. Working Hours Are Being Changed

If there’s one trait about people that we know is that we are creatures of habit. We tend to keep a tight schedule, especially when it comes to our work and businesses. Over time these work schedules and patterns become rigid, and we start to follow the same routine every day.

Your wife's working hours have drastically changed

If you notice that there are sudden changes to these already established patterns in your wife’s workplace, it means something has changed, which is one of the signs of cheating wife guilt. These changes could be in the form of extra time at work and unusual meetings after regular work hours.

2. She’s More Involved With Her Work

Wife More Involved With Her Work

If you feel your wife is cheating, this is another aspect you need to watch out for. Pay attention to “any out of place” or too familiar overture between your wife and any of her colleagues. This isn’t a sure way of knowing since it’s not unnatural for colleagues to be close, but you should still keep an eye out just in case. Maybe she likes attending concerts with her male colleague, or hitting the gym? Or maybe they’re doing some extra work together, and it has gone up to the point where she’s spending more time with him than with you, her family?

3. Wife Has Started To Travel A Lot For Business Trips

One common getaway for people that cheat is business trips. It’s a sure way to meet up without fear of getting caught. So frequent travels in the name of work could mean your spouse is cheating on you.

a sign of an adulterous wife if she goes on vacation with her coworkers

This point still comes down to some habits and also the attitude of your pattern about the trips. If the nature of your spouse’s job requires them to travel often, then you may not have anything to worry about. But if it’s not usual for them to go on trips, and then they start going on multiple trips, that’s a telltale red flag.

Now, if during the trip it feels like your partner isn’t trying to keep in touch with you, like avoiding your calls, or being secretive about their location and hotel reservations, it’s time to think about it. 

4. She Always Talks About Her Colleagues

When we are attracted to somebody, we tend to think about the person a lot and also talk about him/her very often. So if your partner starts talking about a particular colleague more frequently than normal or with more emotions than is normal for a regular work colleague, you may have a cheating wife.

A sign of adultery if your wife keeps talking about her coworkers

If you don’t get my point, try to remember when you first got into a relationship with your spouse, how you couldn’t stop talking about her with your friends, how you always thought about her. If you notice your wife is talking about a colleague more often than usual, it’s one of the surefire signs your wife has fallen for someone.

5. Wife Doesn’t Let You Come Near Her Phone

The world has become smaller and more accessible with the introduction of smartphones. Your smartphone is one of the most personal things you have, and it contains a lot of our secrets. If there is something your wife doesn’t want you to see, it will be on her phone.

Wife keeps hiding phone from her husband

So if you’ve noticed your wife is cagey with her phone, that’s a clear indication that there’s something she doesn’t want you to know. If you’ve noticed that her password has changed from the one you knew, or she doesn’t leave her phone with you no matter where you are in the house, or she tries not to use her phone when you’re close to her, and many sneaky moves like that; they all point to an affair.

6. She’s All Dressed Up For Work

We mentioned habits earlier or work patterns. You might be thinking time and manner of operation are all there is to work pattern, but that’s not all. The way your spouse dresses to the office, with time, takes on a particular routine that you’ll have observed. If you start seeing changes in this pattern without any provocation; like a special event or an important meeting, you have good reason to be suspicious and it could be one of the physical signs your wife is cheating.

a sign of adultery can be if the wife wears sexy dresses to work

This change in the pattern could include applying extra makeup, wearing revealing clothes, more attention to manicure, more hours in the gym. If she has never worn dresses to the office, and now starts putting on her best outfits, it points to her desire to impress someone.

7. Wife Has Started to Hang Out More With Her Colleagues

One of the major proof signs a wife is cheating is that they try to spend more time away from you and more time with the person they’re cheating with or maybe just their other co-workers.

wife has become too involved with her coworkers

There are two reasons why this can happen. It could be because they’re fed up and don’t want to see you for as long as possible, or they want to spend more time with their lover. So, if you notice your spouse spending more time away from you and more time with her colleagues, it’s a big sign of trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cheating on Your Wife at Work

A lot of people have asked themselves this question. The answer is not always as straightforward as it seems. There are many signs that show a wife may be cheating on their spouse, but there are also some signs that one may misinterpret as cheating.

How to find out if my wife is cheating on me?

The first step to confirm if your wife is cheating is to observe her behavior. There’re plenty of signs she’s cheating, some of them we’ve outlined above. To do this you need to clear your head and look at the signs with a cold mind. We know this could be hard with your frame of mind, but sometimes our intuition may be wrong.

Is it possible to trust my wife after she has cheated on me once?

A healthy relationship should be built on first and foremost trust. Cheating, on the other hand, is one of the ways to break your partner’s trust. If your wife has cheated on you, it’s not wrong to have a difficult time trusting her again. In fact, it’s perfectly normal and expected. You can decide to give her a second chance if you have the mental strength, but it will take time for the trust to be regained.

Why do women Cheat?

There’s no precise science as to why women cheat, but there are some basic and common reasons that we’ve noticed. Some of those reasons include; feeling neglected and lonely, unsatisfactory sex life, unconscious mistakes, personality traits, childhood traumas, lack of communication.

Does my wife have to leave her work because she might be cheating?

It’s not our place to tell you how to treat your wife, but it’s also not a good idea to ask her to stop working because you suspect she’s cheating. If you’re going to call your wife out on cheating, you need to have undeniable evidence.

Is it possible to catch a cheating wife?

Yes, it’s possible to catch your wife if she’s cheating. One of the sure ways to catch her is on her phone. You can access her chats, gallery, and social platforms where she communicates with her lover, if she sent her nudes to somebody that’s not you or her besties, you may have a case.

Should I use a spy app to track my wife’s phone?

Yes, we highly recommend you use a spy app because it’s way cheaper than hiring a private detective. With a spy app, you’ll be able to discover your wife’s every move.

Is it legal to install a spy app without my wife knowing?

It’s actually illegal to do this but if you own her phone or pay for her phone bills, then there could be an exception here.

What’s the best app to use to spy on my wife?

The best undetectable phone surveillance app is Spyz which works perfectly on all iOS and Android smartphones. Spyz not only allows you to track her phone calls, text messages, photo gallery, precise location, but gives access to her Instagram, Facebook (full access), and all popular messengers.

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