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Where to seek help when you see your relationship slowly crumbling, and you feel powerless about it? Cheating Buster explores the field of professional help for couples so that you know whom to address for expert advice.

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What Is an Expert on Cheating in a Relationship?

According to Somatica Institute, a relationships counselor does not necessarily have expertise in cheating since their primary goals are “teaching couples about intimacy, empathy, and the power of consensual interactions” – and cheating can negate the effects of all these factors.

Thus, when looking for a relationship therapist to help you save your intimate ties, you must pay attention to whether they actually specialize in infidelity issues. Choose among those who explicitly offer help with handling post-cheating emotional states, restoring self-esteem, and building your trust.

Cheating & Infidelity

The Definition of Cheating in a Relationship According to Experts:

Psychologist Jennifer Rhodes describes cheating in diplomatic terms, naming it a ‘broken agreement where each side set their own terms’, stressing the absolute importance of preventive rather than reactive measures.

How close your relationship is and how far from infidelity
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Dr. Josh Klapow, a teacher and a psychotherapist, insists that infidelity is all about ‘breaking the promise that you have been allowed to break’, hinting that the cheated aren’t merely innocent victims.

Our goal is to help you find the best possible solution to your relationship issues.

Apparently, even among famous relationship experts, there is no consensus on what cheating is, and trusting your relationship to someone with an opposite view on infidelity is risky. How your counselor defines cheating will shape the therapy and influence its outcome.

Gregory Kushnick, a marriage and family therapist, goes even further by saying that ‘cheating is the loss of emotional focus, and is a part of any relationship – the cheated decides where the red line goes’. This empowers his clients to shape their own definition of cheating in a relationship, and allows Dr. Kushnick to personalize his approach.

Top Relationship Experts:

The ideas and experience of the following relationship experts have helped us build the Cheating Buster project into the authoritative source on infidelity that it is today. Each coach and therapist on the list has undisputed reputation attested by peers and clients and made significant contributions to the field of relationship counseling.

Samantha Jayne, Relationship Expert and Dating Coach

Samantha Jayne is one of the most renowned experts based in Australia. Her main forte is instilling confidence in those who are afraid of starting a relationship, and she offers help to people traumatized by cheating as well.

Leia Gamache, Certified Personal Coach

Canadian coach Leia Gamache has been lauded for getting her clients back on track after losing their direction in life or struggling to find one. Throughout her 18-year career, she enabled many to carry on after having been betrayed in a relationship.

Dr. Joshua Klapow, Clinical Psychologist

If you want relationship expert cheating advice based on a scientific know-how approach, Dr. Josh Klapow, a clinical psychologist and a behaviorist, is the perfect candidate. His methods rest on both extensive couple experience and the latest academic findings in relationship therapy.

Melanie Shapiro, Licensed Psychotherapist

Dealing with stress and traumatic disorders in relationships is what Melanie Shapiro, a Washington-based clinician, does best. Her clients highlight Melanie’s technique of analyzing your past, present, and future in order to build a coherent picture centered on your happy self.

Nicole Richardson, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Nicole Richardson represents the Texan behaviorist school and offers therapy for relationship rooted in the principles of cognitive therapy. She helps her clients shift their attitude towards how they see themselves in a relationship, thus eliminating the cause and not the consequences of infidelity issues.

Jeffrey Rubin, Psychologist

The psychoanalysis method employed by Dr. Jeffrey Rubin has helped save hundreds of families and individuals across several decades of his work. By addressing Dr. Rubin for help, you will become able to discover concealed inner motives that govern your relationship.

Jaime Bronstein, LCSW, Relationship Expert

Jaime Bronstein follows the principles of recognizing one’s value and never settling for a compromise. She aids her clients in the meaningful search for the relationship they deserve, not simply end up in. Jaime’s approach to cheating healed many victims of infidelity and protected them from new toxic relationships.

Dr. Morgan Anderson, Clinical Psychotherapist and a Relationship Coach

By determining your individual style of attachment, Dr. Morgan Anderson will help you accurately predict the outcomes of an ongoing or a future romance. With her ESL (Empowered-Secured-Loved) know-how, you can start decoding your relationship by taking an online test prior to contacting Dr. Morgan.

Gregory Kushnick, Psychologist

The Manhattan Psychologist, as he calls himself, Dr. Kushnick offers the widest range of couple therapies on this list. Instead of digging through your past, which can sometimes sharpen the pain, Gregory works with your current self and your feelings at the moment.

Angela N. Holton, International Dating & Relationship Expert

Handling disappointment in the initial stages of a relationship can be disheartening, and this is where Angela Holton comes in. She offers individual counseling, as well as her practical course on learning the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of building a healthy relationship.

Christina Roberson, Relationship and Dating Expert

Christina Roberson is the driving force behind Discover a Better You school. Her expertise in the emotional component of relationships proved of great help to couples that struggled with communication and understanding, which is the universal #1 reason for cheating.

Dr. Jennifer B. Rhodes, Licensed Psychologist

Jennifer Rhodes is another professional on our list who specializes in restoring the balance of your mental health after it has been toppled by cheating. Having recovered from several unhappy love stories herself, Jennifer now actively aids others in battling insecurity and trauma.

Dr. Gary Brown, Dating and Relationship Therapist

California-based relationship psychologist Gary Brown has an unmatched experience in all aspects of family counseling, from marriage to parenting. Using his unique surveying technique, Gary determines the most problematic parts of your relationship and offers proven solutions.

Harry Uddoh, Relationship and Dating Coach

Harry Uddoh believes in the equal importance of spiritual and carnal aspects of relationships and centers his couple therapy around locating the gaps between these two. He may be your best pick if you believe the infidelity problem stems from sexual issues rather than anything else.

Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, Certified Imago Relationship Therapist

Year after year, Rabbi Slatkin undertakes the daunting task of mending relationships broken beyond belief – and succeeds. His novelty Imago method works best for couples who have been together for a while and seek a way to rekindle the fire.

How We Apply Expert Knowledge to the Cheating Buster Project

We strive to be the ultimate hub focused on cheating and ways to get rid of it in your life. Our methodology has been built by combining numerous tips from relationship experts, and we update it each time we find new promising means. The materials found on our website have either been written by competent experts on cheating or reviewed by them to ensure quality.