Truth can be a hard pill to swallow: yesterday, you were the happiest girl in the world, and today you feel like you came down to earth after catching a glimpse of a flirting message on his phone. If turning a blind eye to such signals is not in your plans, find out the answer to your question, “How to read my boyfriend’s text messages without touching his phone?” in this review article.

How Can I See Who My Boyfriend Is Texting Without His Phone?

See Who My Boyfriend Is Texting

You may not realize it now, but you are already on a winning spree – very soon, you will dispel your doubts or catch a cheater on iPhone or Android. If you have a keen sense of him lying, but there’s no way to grab his phone whenever you please to comb through his messages, here’s how you can tackle it.

Tracking His Text Messages Using Android Spy Apps

You see, it doesn’t particularly matter if you and your boo use different phone models – or operating systems. It’s more about what requirements a particular application has that will allow one to hack boyfriend’s text messages. After analyzing the market and testing different products and their approaches, we came to the conclusion that, in fact, the only and most effective way to monitor Android devices is by installing the software on a target device. Yes, this is not exactly fish in a barrel, but as a result, you get:

  • extensive insight spanning their app activity and communication channels around the clock
  • once you install the app, you will no longer need physical access to their gadget
  • compare what your boyfriend says with what he writes on his smartphone/tablet
  • see his hidden cheating apps for Android and all visits in incognito history on Android

It’s not universal, but top spy apps offer a stealth gadget tracking option. Breathe a sigh of relief – he will not know about the monitoring since the application icon will not be visible, and all notifications will come exclusively to you in your profile.

Tracking His Texts Using iPhone Spy Apps

If your boyfriend does not know limits and allows himself to casually flirt with the fair sex, you can only imagine how passions run high in chats on his smartphone. If you need a pair of eyes on boyfriend cheating text messages iPhone, a tracking app can do the trick. What is required of a user is knowledge of his iCloud access data and typing them in the field to launch the tracking service on the iPhone.

Here are the most common signals that you were led by the nose:

  • when your cheating boyfriend sets a password and doesn’t tell you and/or shows clean chat histories
  • has no reasonable explanation for sudden late calls
  • often late from work lately

Girls who are tired of looking at the world in rose-colored glasses can scour their boyfriend’s Apple smartphone or tablet, even reading messages that he deleted and seeing calls that he removed from the call log. How? SpyBubble has a solution.

See Any Messages Your Boyfriend Gets on His Phone:

Sometimes you may not need a truckload of features to expose the unfaithful guy – it’d be enough to see who he’s texting. But to be 100% sure, it is still better to stock up on a variety of tools if you are dealing with a cautious type.

See Any Messages Your Boyfriend

Get Full Access to His Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok

Often conflicts arise in couples when it turns out that one partner has more serious and far-sighted plans for a joint future than the other. If you don’t want to waste precious time and need to know for sure if he’s serious about you or just dabbling around – you’ll find the answers on his social media (Instagram Activity, Facebook Location). More precisely, in the part that he probably hides from you by engaging in micro-cheating.

You might wonder, “Is sexting cheating?” We’d say it’s a red flag that your soulmate is about to cheat, and SpyBubble will show you things as they really are. We’re not just talking about random peeping here and there, it’s about full access to his accounts on the most popular social platforms with the hottest photos and candid conversations. See all the media content that he received or sent to other girls behind your back. Moreover, you will find out if he is just flirting online or if there were meetings with other Mademoiselles in real life.

See Everything He Types and Taps

It sounds unrealistic, but this feature really works. Any keystroke he types on his gadget will be available to you within minutes – yes, you no longer need to wonder, “how do I check my boyfriend’s text messages online?” Any web page that he visits and all his actions on it, such as buying an expensive present or delivering flowers, will be provided to you in the reports feed.

View His Contacts by Text Message

Having subscribed to an app like SpyBubble, see your boyfriend’s incoming and outgoing calls and SMS, as well as his contact book on the device. But if your goal is to see who’s texting my boyfriend most often, easily do it by analyzing which name pops up most and looking at the time the message was delivered or sent. Yes, it is undoubtedly strange that the “Courier” periodically writes or calls your beau and wishes him good night.

Track Any of His Messengers: WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype

One of the most common methods to make sure that your significant other does not cheat on you is to check boyfriend’s Facebook messages or any other instant messenger simply by looking at the pop-up notification on the screen during his absence from the room. Be especially vigilant if he turns off the sound on the phone when he comes home so that notifications in instant messengers do not attract your attention. 

It seems like you are running out of options as he protects his smartphone with all guns blazing. He can even delete messages only from his side, making his secret lady think that everything is all right. But you can’t be fooled – you have an option to spy on boyfriend text messages as discreetly as he (probably) communicates with his side chicks. The social network of his choice doesn’t matter – SpyBubble has you covered on all fronts.

How to View My Boyfriend’s Text Messages? SpyBubble Installation

SpyBubble Pro app logo

Highlighting a quick-to-install app was important to us so you can sift through your boyfriend’s media, texts, and calls as soon as possible. SpyBubble will allow users to view boyfriend’s text messages within a couple of minutes after they go through the next short installation process (promise it will not take more than 5 minutes if all conditions are met).

Step 1. Register Your SpyBubble Account

Create Account spybubblepro.com_

Well, assume now you are looking at a solution and answer to many of your questions. First, you need to click on Try Now or Buy Now and register an account with your email and password. Nothing new here.

Step 2. Choose a Suitable Subscription Plan

Android or iPhone -

One, three, or twelve months – you are probably wondering why I should immediately try any option for more than one month of subscription to see who my boyfriend is texting. For instance, you may want to view boyfriend’s text messages when he is next to you now or goes on a business trip next month; or just save on a package in the long run (pay $42.49 for 1 month or pay 4x less per month if you acquire a yearly package).

Choose Your Subscription Plan

Step 3. Follow the Necessary Settings on Your Phone and Your Boyfriend’s Device

Settings on Your Phone and Your Boyfriend's Device

You will not be left uninformed at this stage. As mentioned earlier, you may need a boyfriend’s phone to install the application directly on it or, for example, disable some services or give access permission. After registering and purchasing a subscription, detailed instructions will be sent to your email.

Step 4. Get Full Access to Your Boyfriend’s Text Messages

Access to Your Boyfriend's Text Messages

No wonder you are wondering, “When am I going to see my boyfriend’s text messages without him knowing?” After the success window appears, take your gadget and enter your profile log-in data. You will see a panel divided into sections, each of which will be updated with new information as it becomes available. 

Why Did We Choose SpyBubble Pro for This Task?

Why SpyBubble Pro

You can be sure – modern technologies go so far ahead that we ordinary users can only be amazed. Even though the online search is literally littered with monitoring offers for every taste, what attracts attention about SpyBubble is the focus of its features precisely on those applications and directories on the target device that play a crucial role for suspicious partners. In addition, the application has the following advantages:

  • 24/7 live chat support
  • allows you to monitor socials and dating applications
  • provides the exact location of the person at the time of your connection
  • allows you to find out who he’s texting by tracking incoming, outgoing, and all deleted messages 
  • informs you about all your boyfriend’s browsing activity
  • supported on Android and iOS
  • access to the target device is not required

Cautions and Recommendations

Undoubtedly, the format of tracking your mister with the help of a tracking application is very convenient – try to name something that we do not do today without our smartphones! However, remember that this is a slippery slope, and it can bring more than just discomfort to your partner if you over-monitor; you also run the risk of losing his trust, love, and being left without a loved one if, having made sure of his innocence, you continue to abuse his ignorance of you tracking him.

If you think that flirtatious texting is cheating, tell your lover about it and try to concentrate on the good in him without resorting to third-party solutions until you two try to resolve the issue.


How can I forward my boyfriend’s text messages to my phone? 🎇

It is possible to combine several Apple devices into one ecosystem and receive messages on each of them using Text Message Forwarding. So if you get access to his Mac and can enter his Apple ID on your phone, just select your phone in Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding and find out who he’s texting.

What app can I use to see what my boyfriend is doing on his phone? 🎇

Use any app that won’t break your pocket and has good reviews online. Our top choice is SpyBubble because it allows you to see even permanently removed content and get full access to his social networks.

Can I see my boyfriend’s web browser incognito history? 🎇

Sure, this information will be displayed in the Browser History tab, or you can check the data in the Keylogger section. In addition, it is possible to see which pages he has bookmarked. With SpyBubble, nothing stays hidden on his device.

Can I spy on my boyfriend, knowing only his number? 🎇

Yes, it is possible if you are interested in data like his location right now. can also analyze his Internet connection and provide you with data about the WiFi and VPN networks he uses.

Can I spy on a smartphone without installing an app? 🎇

Of course, you will see who he’s texting if you’re using the iPhone version of the spying app. As a rule, it does not always require access to the target device – the user just needs to synchronize the target iCloud account with the monitoring application, as indicated in the instructions after purchasing the subscription.

How to see who my boyfriend is texting for free? 🎇

So far, there are not so many free tracking options to view boyfriend’s text messages. Try some products in the trial version and if everything suits you, continue using the same services for the usual fee. Such an option, for example, is offered by uMobix.

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  1. If you have concerns about your relationship or your partner’s behavior, it’s important to communicate openly and honestly with them rather than resorting to spying or snooping.

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