Are you wondering — am I just being paranoid or is my girlfriend cheating on me? It’s said that if something feels true to you, it probably is. Take our ‘is she cheating or am I paranoid’ quiz to find out the signs of cheating and, for all, if your partner is having an affair:

#1. Does She Hide Her Phone When You’re Around?

#2. Does She Avoid Questions When You Confront Her?

#3. Has She Previously Been Caught Lying?

#4. Is She Now Spending a Lot of Time with Others Than She Is with You?

#5. Is She Getting Texts from Mysterious Phone Numbers?

#6. Is She Distant or Preoccupied When She’s with You?

#7. Does She Leave Without Letting You Know Where She Is Going?

#8. Is Your Girlfriend Spending a Lot of Time Online Lately?

#9. Has She Just Updated Her Lingerie Collection?

#10. Does She Pick Up Fights for No Reason?



You’re probably not paranoid and your girlfriend is really cheating on you!

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Sounds like you’re being paranoid, she’s loyal to you!

Try Catch a Cheater App to check it out.

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