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Our Research Process

At Cheating Buster, we try our best to provide our readers with the most up-to-date, correct, and helpful information available on the subject of cheating. We have a team of dedicated experts that write, fact-check, and publish the content on our website.

That being said, our writing experts consider it their utmost duty to explore the most current trends in relationship psychology. Whether this involves reading the newest scientific books on the subject or interviewing some experts in the field – we strive to provide the readers with the best content. We research and analyze various strands of relationship psychology, including why people cheat, how they go about it, how they try to change their tracks, etc.

Our authors and editors attend online conferences of the top relationship coaches. It helps them learn and expand their knowledge on the topic they write about and offer extensive reviews of ways to identify cheating in a relationship. We also do in-depth research on the main ways to catch cheaters in books and scientific papers. This includes hours upon hours of dedication in scouring the latest and most up-to-date, accurate resources that we can get our hands on, both online and offline. 

The information that we get in this way helps us provide our readers with the best possible information, products, and services on the subject of cheating in relationships.

We are checking the best apps to find cheaters. This includes reading what other people say about the apps, as well as using the apps ourselves and then writing our honest, unbiased opinion. This enables you to get the best information about whether to use certain spyware and how probable it will be that you’ll catch the cheater with its help.

The most common features we look at include:

  • App compatibility – whether you can use it on Android, iOS, Windows devices, etc.
  • The service effectiveness. The nature of the problem determines that no app will be 100% successful in catching the cheater. But the higher the success percentage is, the better will be the results.
  • The app’s features. Software of such kind tracks GPS location and can spy on text messages, including social media site usage, etc.

Cheating Support Groups

Overall, we give it our all to help our readers find the truth and make the right choices in the process of discovering the problem. Also, we try to help our readers after potentially realizing that they may have been cheated on by their partners.