We all know that cheating is wrong – unless, of course, you compromise with a partner and both parties are happy with everything. So what is micro cheating definition, and how is it different than “average” cheating? How severe is the infidelity in this case, and how to understand that you are possibly committing adultery if it is not your intention?

What Is Micro Cheating?

The dating landscape has changed dramatically compared to the last century, and it seems even more drastic changes are underway. Many gender boundaries have been blurred, and there are more opportunities to meet new people with the click, or rather swipe, of a finger. New horizons have brought more confusion about what is acceptable in a relationship as a couple.

boyfriend and girlfriend involved in micro cheating

The modern buzzword, micro cheating, describes certain inappropriate conduct of a person, often performed subconsciously, in relation to another person who is not their partner. Although not crossing the line and not physically cheating on a loved one, a person still shows a certain level of disloyalty. This topic is very complicated, and it is difficult for many to determine whether micro-cheating is okay or a negative thing.

What Types of Behaviors Count as Micro-Cheating

You must be a little confused if this topic is unexplored terrain for you. Where does it all start? If the idea that my new colleague is cute crossed my mind, is this one of the micro cheating examples? Let’s break it all down.

If you take a moment of free time and be honest with yourself, you will immediately understand whether you have entered the micro cheating zone or are just being friendly with other people. Pay attention to the red flags such as your reactions and emotional states – increased secrecy, a tendency to lie to your partner, and a shift in focus to the other person. According to Robert Weiss, author and Ph.D., micro cheaters:

  • act flirtatious
  • try to impress with the appearance
  • have a lot of conversations with the object of interest
  • feed interest in each other with the help of compliments, comments, etc., including on social networks
  • create accounts in dating apps

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, but you get the idea. Now, if you consider yourself a victim, you need to learn to recognize micro-cheating signs.

Signs Your Partner/Spouse Might Be Micro-Cheating on You

A partner can be a micro-cheating to you

It’s entirely possible that your cheating spouse may increasingly come up with different excuses in a sticky situation, for instance, forgetting to wear a ring from time to time or hiding the status of a relationship. But you’re not easily fooled – read on for the most common signs of being involved with someone else.

They Have Someone Saved in Their Phone Under the Wrong Name

To save themselves from unnecessary questions about a locked phone, your beloved can get out of the situation by saving the phone number under a fictitious name. Well, there is no smoke without fire, and one lie will most likely lead to a bunch of innuendos and deceptions. You most likely know the names of the people they do often communicate with – but frequent messages and calls from some Jane should make you suspicious.

They Actively Use Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Even OnlyFans

There is nothing wrong with your partner having accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, or other platforms. However, your suspicion may stem from the fact that they tend to act online as if you don’t exist. Also, the presence of sweet reactions from strangers that they prefer not to talk about or that you notice writing here and there too often can be one of the micro cheating signs.

They Appeared on Dating Sites, Although They Deleted Their Old Profiles a Long Time Ago

If you caught your partner red-handed using dating sites (Tinder Profile) or any other online platform for hidden communication and explicit content exchange, it could mean that they:

  • try to be distracted and have fun by getting their ego boost
  • have not discussed with you how fluid your relationship is and whether you require absolute commitment
  • want to keep their options open, just in case

It may be time to communicate your relationship expectations to your partner – it’s entirely possible that things will be humming along from now on. If repeated, consider more serious reasons for such an attitude towards you.

Their Phone Has Become Untouchable and Under Seven Locks for You

While you never, or occasionally, pick up their phone, there’s simply no reason for them to be so secretive all of a sudden. Perhaps it’s all about their controversial chats and calls that they’re afraid they’ll forget to delete. This is when micro cheating texting examples occur, so try to convey to them that exclusivity is important to you and then act according to the situation.

How to Stop Micro Cheating?

Stop your partner from micro-cheating on you with your phone

The most important piece of advice that can be given here is not to rush into dramatic jealousy scenes. Instead, use the following tips to make things work.

Talk and Force a Confession of a Micro Cheating Partner

To build a healthy relationship, it is vital to create a welcoming atmosphere for sincere discussions. Otherwise, the more your partner feels cooped up, the more they will try to break free, even if it’s through flirting or sexting. Don’t let it slide – try to work on your relationship and eliminate the reason that encourages them to seek pleasure in micro cheating.

Make a Clear Example of Micro Treason on Your Part and Show Your Partner

Heed this advice with a caveat. You can’t go too far – reverting to micro flirting with pretty acquaintances in front of your partner will suffice. If they are smart and cherish you, they will learn a valuable lesson and will not want to hurt you anymore.

Use the Spy App to Catch the Cheater

In an attempt to convict a cheating partner, it is very important not to torture yourself mentally and physically if there is no opportunity to catch them guilty. In this case, a mobile spying app will come to your aid to monitor their activities online, including calls, socials, and much more. Modern technology has gone far ahead and allows you to operate silently, without them suspecting something.

Micro Cheating Examples

examples of micro cheating

Try to keep a positive attitude without having a good reason to think otherwise because not everyone will jump at the opportunity to micro cheat that is thrown their way. But if you come across ambiguous chatting or social media reactions of your significant other, try to reflect on it.

Which Emojis Are Micro Cheating?

examples of micro cheating emoji

Being active users of social networks, probably each of us has learned to follow a certain etiquette in social networks, even subconsciously. Therefore, seeing aubergine in a secret chat on your girlfriend’s phone will most likely be a sign of girlfriend micro cheating, at least. Of course, context is crucial, but people generally don’t throw around flirtatious suggestive emojis like a wink emoji, love eyes, or a kissing face.

Which Messages Are Micro Cheating?

examples of micro cheating message

In written messages, we can give ourselves some freedom, especially if we interact on dedicated dating platforms and continue to communicate with a person on the Internet. By drawing a thick line for live meetings with sexual intercourse, people feel entitled to freely exchange flirty posts on social networks and share vulgar jokes, memes, quotes, or anything else. If they go all the way, you can catch them discussing your intimate life with total strangers. Frequent cases of micro cheating in marriage or long-term relationships are sexting and nudes exchange to feel the passion again.

What Are the Risks of Micro Cheating for Your Relationship?

The problem with micro-cheating is not cheating itself but the fact that the reasons why it happens are often hushed up. If this goes on for too long, it can take its psychological toll on a couple. Micro cheating meaning should not be underestimated because what many regard as innocent mischief that will benefit the relationship can actually lead to a mutually unexpected outcome. In a relationship, boundaries should be stipulated, and each side should understand when they cannot be crossed.


What is micro-cheating on social media?

The private messages that are rife with excessive flirting make it clear that social media communications have become a bit too spicy. If you catch your partner running a second account under a fake name, that’s another tip-off.

How to deal with micro-cheating?

Try to understand your partner’s psychology and have a heart-to-heart talk with them. Do not distance yourself but rather help them fight such habits. Clearly define what you consider acceptable for yourself and share it with your partner.

What are the ways your girlfriend is micro-cheating?

Beware if she’s dressed to kill because that means she’s seeking some extra attention. Her flirtatiousness with others in everyday life or on social networks cannot go unnoticed. Emotional cheating is also very common among women who need to feel close to their partners.

What is micro-cheating in a relationship?

Sex and relationship therapist Tammy Nelson perhaps best explains micro-cheating: “Micro-cheating happens when you create small opportunities for affectionate behaviors that fall outside your relationship.”

How common is cheating?

The statistics very vaguely cover the issue of infidelity among people. Some of the latest data suggest that in 30-60% of married couples, at least one of the partners is ready to cheat in one way or another.

Is text messaging cheating?

Generally speaking, not until you decide to take action. However, text messages can also be considered part of emotional cheating. And there is more to it – it all depends on what activity the couple agreed to be adultery.

Why is micro-cheating on the rise?

Social media offer an excellent springboard for any kind of communication, including romantic ones. Often people do not notice how they cross the boundaries of what is permitted, indulging in secret correspondence filled with flirting or dirty jokes.

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