Questions about cheating in a relationship

Is Texting Cheating?

Sending a work message to a colleague or texting with another woman is not always cheating. But when texting becomes more of flirting or if it turns out to be sexting, it could be considered cheating. In today’s digital world, text messaging is the most common way of communicating.

Text messages are so potent that they can break even the strongest relationships. Hence, texting someone else when you’re already in a relationship needs to be done carefully. And is it necessary at all?

Is Texting Considered Cheating in Relationships?

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Many people believe that texting someone is cheating. The texting pattern says a lot about your partner through the vibe, energy, and enthusiasm. So if your partner has been very busy texting someone apart from their professional domain, a little suspicion about text flirting may not be wrong. It is very important to set boundaries for a healthy relationship.

What It Means to Be Texting with Another Woman/Man

Texting a close friend and co-workers at times should be fine. However, the content of the text matters a lot in this case. If you suspect your husband is cheating with text messages, you need to check what messages they exchange. If their content is flirtatious, then it’s obvious that such communication is not purely platonic. In this case, texting can be considered cheating. Also, if your partner feels uncomfortable texting while you are around, then surely there is something fishy.

Susan J. Eliot

Susan J. Eliot, a renowned grief handling expert, says that “Relationship is a place to find peace. If there is a seed of suspicion, there cannot be happiness.”

Why Text Cheating Can Be Hard to Recognize

Texting with another person can be the first step to sidestepping, which is difficult to recognize due to technological advances. First, if your spouse deletes the text messages after sending or receiving them, you will never be able to find out their content unless you start tracking their phone. Also, most sane couples abstain from digging into each other’s phones because that is a clear mark of distrust. Hence text cheating is very easy to hide. Some people continue online flirting for super long periods without even being caught for once.

Can Texting Ruin a Relationship?

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Yes, it can. One of the most famous studies conducted by Brigham Young University says that the frequency and content of texting other people can drastically affect relationships and also ruin them at times. Sometimes the situation gets so bad that your long and sweet relationship gets smashed in one moment. This is what the relationship expert Julia Spira, who is also an online dating consultant, explains as a “Digital War Zone.”

What Is Considered Flirting in a Text?

Two things can turn a simple text into a flirty one. The first is the overuse of adjectives usually aimed at impressing the person. Second is, of course, the use of emojis and other graphics to represent their emotions for the other person. Generally, when a person is deliberately flirting, they will send messages consistently day and night. The tireless effort to please the other person is a clear and true sign of flirting. Fran Greene, the author of the book “The Secret Rules of Flirting,” acknowledges the fact that the use of emojis can make a conversation flirtatious.

The Problem of Coveting in Secret

Coveting is a strong desire and attraction to another human being. Things often get so passionate that it becomes difficult to hide, especially from your loved one. Coveting can turn into lustful desires at times and pave the way for sexual immorality. However, before blaming someone for the sin of lust, it is important to dig into the situation.

Is It Possible to Influence a Cheating Spouse Through Text Messages?

You can catch a spouse cheating by reading text messages they send and, of course, through the recipient of the message. You can send messages of disapproval and warning to their new love interest. Let them know that you are aware of the situation and do not approve of it.

How to Tell If Wife or Husband Is Cheating Over Texts, Top Signs:

Determine if a husband or wife is cheating by texting

A survey conducted in 2012 says that over 90 percent of divorce evidence these days is text messages that prove the infidelity of a person towards their partners. It can be painful to constantly suspect your partner and wonder whether texting is cheating. Hence, if you are suspicious of them, instead of making vague assumptions, look out for red flags. Here are the top signs that help to catch a cheating spouse texting:

  • Your partner is constantly typing, even when they are spending quality time with you.
  • They never put their phones far away. This is precisely because they are afraid of you finding any clues to prove their infidelity.
  • They always hide the phone screen. Probably, to ensure that you can never see any notifications.
  • They use strong passwords for their phones, and the code is unknown to you.
  • You might feel the absence of good vibes and energy in their texts, and at times they don’t read your messages even if they are online.

How to Catch Someone Cheating Through Text

Usually, when a person cheats over text, they know very well that they are doing wrong. So they will always try to hide things from their partners and keep on following their sweethearts infinitely. Here are some of the most trusted and efficient ways to catch a cheating partner.

Ways to catch anyone cheating on a text message

Recall All the Signs of a Cheating Spouse and Analyze Them

We have already discussed the signs of a deceiving spouse, and it is time for you to analyze them. Watch out for the red flags and do not ignore them. Observe your spouse for some time and see whether they are hiding something or you are being overly suspicious.

Check Cheating Spouse Text Messages

Check the content of the text messages your loved one usually sends. It can be a simple work-related message, and it can also be a flirtatious message. Before judging your partner and labeling them with infidelity, read the cheating spouse’s text messages and keep some proof.

Texting App to Catch a Cheating Spouse

There are various texting apps to catch a cheating spouse. You can purchase a subscription for any of them and then have a closer look at the messages. These applications are highly functional and will give access to not only the text chats but also the call and browser history.

Spy on Cheating Spouse Social Media

Social media is usually the gateway to cheating. If you suspect your partner of lying to you, then spy on their social media. Explore their friend list, messages, and comments to have a better look at the situation. Also, check spouse’s text messages on messaging platforms.

What Should You Do If You Find Out Your Partner Is Cheating Via Text Messages?

It can be emotionally devastating after you find out that your better half is cheating via text messages. Here are some things you can do:

  • Look for evidence. Do not let suspicion drive you crazy. It would be inappropriate to blame someone without having access to some substantial facts. If possible, keep them documented.
  • Communicate with your partner to analyze the problem. They may have things to confess. Instead of making a scene, give them a chance to speak for themselves.
  • Check for cheating through text signs and confirm that the person is more than a friend. It would be wrong to accuse your partner of deceiving you before knowing the truth.


Is texting cheating in marriage?

Texting someone does not necessarily mean cheating. You need to check the content of the messages and the texting patterns. Writing someone too often and informally other than their official partner can be a sign of emotional infidelity.

Deleting messages is cheating?

If your partner deletes messages all the time, it could mean they are hiding their extramarital affair from you.

Is text flirting considered cheating?

Yes. Text flirting is considered cheating. Sending inappropriate messages to people other than your partner is a form of emotional cheating.

Is texting an ex cheating?

It may not always be cheating. Sometimes people maintain healthy and friendly relationships with their exes. However, if they are exchanging love texts, it is, of course, cheating through emotional affairs.

Why is my wife texting at night after work?

Maybe that message is related to her work. Or maybe she is involved with someone else whom she secretly texts after work. Maybe she has an affair and writes that person to have some conversation while she is free after work hours at night.