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Is Sexting Cheating?

It is one of the main questions of this topic. Many people ask Is Sexting Cheating?

What is Sexting?

So, maybe you are thinking of what is sexting? The word sexting refers to sex and texting. In simple words, while chatting with someone, sending or receiving pics, videos, or a text message which contains sexual content is called sexting.

What is considered Sexting?

Another question is what is considered sexting? The answer to this is any chat message that contains any sexual or nude content is considered sexting. The sender and the receiver both are considered as doing sexting.

Is Sexting Cheating If You Are In A Relationship Or Married?

8% of those in a relationship have had sexting with someone else

6% of those who sexting have met a partner in real life

It is another most commonly asked question while discussing sexting. People often ask if is Sexting cheating if you are in a relationship. So, the answer is that if you are married or in a relationship with someone but still sending sexual messages to someone else, then like adultery, you are cheating your partner.

On the other hand, if you are sexting with your partner or someone who is in your relationship then it may not be considered as cheating on your partner. However, it may be considered as your cheating on yourself. This is because we all know that there are numerous disadvantages of sexting. So, the simple answer to the question is sexting cheating if you are married, is yes it is. Are you guys thinking that is sexting worse than cheating? Yes, you’re right it is worse than cheating.

Does Sexting Lead To Affairs?

Most people think that sexting is a way to affairs. However, is it true? We are going to discuss it here. As we know that sexting is not a good thing at all. However, due to this, we can’t say that it doesn’t lead to affairs. Yes, sexting may lead to affairs between you and the one you are sexting with.

sexting affair

Why Do Guys Do Sexting When They Already Have A Girlfriend?

The answer to this one is that like most guys who spent more time free may need something to entertain their sexual urges. Hence, they start sexting with girls to entertain their selves devoid of this that they already have a girlfriend. Because of such guys, sexting and cheating are two distinct things. In simple words, they don’t consider sexting as a part of cheating.

How Common Is Sexting Among Adults?

Another major question and answer is Sexting is too common in Adults. However, it is common in teenagers too but the ratio of adult who is doing sexting is very high. Due to this, we can surely say that sexting is very common in adults.

An Example of Sexting Messages:

Here are a few examples of messages that can be considered sexting:

Saying Good Night:

Hey, I wanna show you once more what I am wearing tonight, wait do I tell you that I sleep naked, Good Night Handsome!

Saying Good Morning:

Hey, Good Morning! I am just going to take shower, want to join me?

The Problems Sexting Causes:

Sexting has become an increasingly serious problem as time moves forward.

Empty Fantasies:

One of the main disadvantages of sexting is that it can cause empty fantasies. Empty fantasies usually refer to having no more fantasies or sexual urges. In such cases, due to having no fantasy the affected person can also become unable to do sex normally. So, this can lead to many other issues also.

Causes Attachment and Even Addiction:

It can be considered as one of the worst problems related to Sexting. If you do sexting, then it is possible that sexting becomes your routine. Means you are attached to or addicted to it and don’t feel well if you don’t do it. Once you become addicted to sexting. It is very difficult to get out of this condition.

Can Ruin Your Relationship:

If you are in a relationship with someone and doing sexting and doing internet flirtation then you are surely doing something like sexting cheating relationship and this can cause severe problems for your relationship as if your partner finds out that you are doing something like this he/she may not feel good.

You May Become An Advocate Of Cheating In Marriage:

It is also a big problem associated with sexting. As discussed before, if you are doing virtual adultery while chatting online on social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, or WhatsApp then you are the one who is cheating your partner who has trust in you. Like a woman, if you are cheating on your husband then it can cause tragic effects on your relationship.

Sexting and Social Media

So, here is the next one. Sexting and social media. It is a well-known fact that social media is one of the main sources of sexting. Many people use WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media platforms to do sexting. We have to use such useful applications for beneficial purposes but a few of us start using them for things like sexting.

Is Sexting A Crime In The Legal Sense?

If we discuss sexting under the law then it is a crime like pornography is. It means that if anyone is found while doing sexting then the security forces can take any legal action against him. You have to pay heavy fines or even worst things. This is another major problem of sexting. So, while doing sexting keep in mind that you are not doing a legal thing.

However, some people also ask that if sexting cheating is legal? The answer to this one depends upon the circumstances like is sexting cheating on a spouse. In such conditions, it may not be considered cheating in law. However, if you are not sexting when married or you are married to someone and sexting to others then it may be cheating in law.

Final Opinion, Is Sexting Considered Cheating?

does sexting lead to cheating

So, as we have discussed above and the answer to the main topic is sexting considered cheating is that Yes, it is. If you are in a relationship with someone and have a sexting affair with others, then you are cheating on your partner. However, if you aren’t in a relationship and doing sexting, in such a case you are also cheating yourself. This is because we all have now know the severe problems caused by sexting. So, maybe you are not cheating others but you are cheating yourself.

Can You Forgive Someone For Sexting?

It is one of the most common and difficult questions related to sexting. So, if you are cheated by someone in terms of sexting, you may feel very bad reading or viewing those silly messages. But we are all humans and we make mistakes out of ignorance. Maybe your partner does not know that sexting is cheating. As many people question does sexting lead to cheating. Yes, it can lead you to cheat. So, in such a scenario, I may give him chance and help him to avoid sexting then see the results to make a further decision. However, It doesn’t mean you’ll also have to forgive someone who cheated you. It depends upon you but keeps in mind not to take any decision in anger.


So, it’s time to discuss a few most commonly asked questions about sexting. Here are a few questions that are most commonly roaming in people’s minds about sexting.

How to Respond To Sexting?

Many people are confused that how to respond to sexting. So, if you want to stop the other person from sexting you have to be polite and change the topic to other things. It means in the case of the above good morning example you can write Oh! Sorry, but I can’t be with you as I have to go for a morning walk. You should also do a morning walk to make your mind fresh! Good Morning!

On the other hand, if someone wants to do sexting he may reply to the above goodnight example as WOW! That’s too hot, I am available to give you company in your bed. So, that we both have a Good Night!

What Is Phone Sexting?

Phone sexting usually refers to do sexting using a mobile. In such a type of sexting, a mobile phone is the mean of sexual communication between two persons. Phone sexting is one of the most common types of sexting. Most adults and teenagers use a mobile phone to do sexting.

Why Is Sexting Bad?

Sexting is bad in many ways like videos or images of your sexual body parts can go online. On the other hand, sexting has a very negative effect on your mind as you can become attached or addicted to it. Moreover, if you are kept by any security official while doing sexting you can be in danger also. In such ways, sexting is bad.

What Makes Sexting Cheating?

This is also one of the most important questions of this article. The answer to this is that if you are in a relationship or married and doing sexting then you are breaking the trust of your partner. He/She may not even think about this. In such a way, you are cheating them and yourself. However, if you are not married or in a relationship or you are doing sexting with your spouse, in such a case you are cheating yourself too. As you know about how bad is sexting and doing it.

Is Sexting With Other During A Relationship Cheating?

Yes, it is because you already have your partner and you are doing sexting with others. You are ignoring your partner and just for your sexual urges, you are cheating him/her. This is surely not a good thing as you are doing it and they don’t even know about it. In such cases, you are losing your value in your partner’s eyes and getting far away from him/her. So, yes, if you are in a relationship and doing sexting with others then you are cheating on your partner.