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Is OnlyFans Cheating?

Many people think that using OnlyFans is a reason strong enough to break up with their partner. However, things may not be as simple as they seem.

Let us know what OnlyFans are in reality, and is a subscription to OnlyFans can break your bond?

What is Onlyfans?

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Onlyfans is an online adult content-sharing platform. The content creators on this platform earn money when the viewers subscribe to their channels and watch their content. It has over 130 million users and over 2 million content creators. It was started in 2016 by Tim Stokely, and the current CEO is Amrapali Gan. The content uploaded on this platform is adult entertainment type. The platform is based in London and is owned by Felix International Limited.

Is Subscribing to Onlyfans Cheating?

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The creators of OnlyFans content are mostly young and attractive people, as well as representatives of the sex industry. They share various content on the platform – from their intimate pictures, nudes, and passionate videos. Sometimes, the fans ask for personal chats and sex from the creators, and the creators approve of that with extra added payments. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is a subscriber of Onlyfans – it could mean infidelity. Because Onlyfans is not just about viewing sexual content, it is also about creating relationships with the creators; this could be attributed to adultery.

Why do People in Relationships Watch Onlyfans?

Do you have the question in mind:  is Onlyfans considered cheating? The answer would be: It varies across cases. Some people do cheat on their partners through platforms such as Onlyfans, while others just indulge in other genres available on the platform that may not be strictly considered cheating.

Subscribing to Onlyfans

The subscribers of OnlyFans can directly interact with the content creator to whose page they have subscribed. Also, they can ask the creators to create some curated, customized videos for them. If your partner is a subscriber of OnlyFans, it may not specifically indicate cheating. Instead one should review the type of content their partner is watching on OnlyFans to conclude. 

Buying an Onlyfans Subscription can be a way to fantasize and get passionate desires fulfilled differently. The erotic expressions fulfilled through Onlyfans could indicate that the partnership in their real life is not satisfying. 

How to Find out Whether Someone Has an Onlyfans Account

Find out Whether Someone Has an Onlyfans Account

If you feel like your partner is giving in to Onlyfans cheating tendency, then you can try any of these methods to keep an eye on them:

Spy Apps

There are multiple spy apps such as that can be used to find out whether a person is using Onlyfans cheating account or not. These spy apps are quite efficient. Some of them are free, while the others are paid versions. You can research the apps and select the one that suits you the best.

Google Search

Open Google on the system. Now open up Onlyfabs.com. Next, type in the person’s name or the username (if you know). Once you press the enter key, the results will come up, and now you need to scrounge through the results to find out if someone has an Onlyfans account.

Social Catfish

You can create an account on social catfish and then use the social search membership to look up whether your partner has an account on Onlyfans or not. If they have an Onlyfans account, they cannot escape the social catfish search. Matrimonial lawyers say that more than 68 percent of divorces occur when the spouse betrays their partners with other people.

Reverse Image Search

First, open the “Google Reverse Image Search” and upload the person’s image you want to find out on Onlyfans. Now click on the search option. All the person’s online profiles, including profiles on social media, will be listed. So, if your partner has an Onlyfans account, it will also pop up in the list, and you will be able to know that they have an Onlyfans account.

What to Do If Your Partner Uses Onlyfans?

What to do with a partner who constantly sits on onlyfans

If you find out that your partner is using OnlyFans, instead of jumping to conclusions rapidly, follow a few steps. Remember that the bond between the both of you is special, and you must take care of the same: 

Start a Conversation

You can talk to your partner. Sometimes, a cavity in the intimacy between the two of you may be drawing them towards adult content and sites like Onlyfans. You can connect more with them through an open conversation and figure things out for the better.

Draw an Analogy with Real Cheating

Simply watching an erotic video is not cheating. However, if your partner is having regular sex chats and intimate discussions with the creators on Onlyfans, it can be ideally considered cheating.

If No Understanding is Reached, Reconsider Your Relationship

If you feel like betrayal is casting its shadow on your relationship, it is high time you reconsider your relationship. Talk to your partner and if there are no chances of improvement, rethink the relationship. If needed, then walk away.

Why It is 100 % Cheating if Your Boyfriend / Girlfriend Uses Onlyfans?

Many people have a dilemma:  is Onlyfans cheating? Well, not always. Many people believe that their spouse is having an Onlyfans cheating nature, whereas it may not be cheating and only some sexual fantasy.

Silva Neves

Sex therapist Silva Neves says, “for some people, their partners watching porn is cheating while it is not for others.

So, if your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse is an Onlyfans subscriber, they don’t need to be cheating.

Frequently Asked Questions on Onlyfans

What Do Girls Post on Onlyfans?

OnlyFans is a platform used mainly by sex workers or people in the adult industry. Girls post mostly adult content, including intimate videos. However, the platform is also used by many creators to share fitness regimes, food recipes, creative writing, and other art forms.

Is it Cheating if My Boyfriend Uses Onlyfans?

You need to observe your boyfriend’s activity on Onlyfans. If they are only interested in watching adult entertainment content, maybe it is an intimacy issue between you and your partner. If he chats with the creators and demands their customized videos, it can be well-considered cheating.

Is Having Onlyfans Okay?

If you are not in any committed relationship, having an Onlyfans account is not a problem. Also, people may connect with Onlyfans content creators for various other purposes like having fitness regimes and diet plans.

Is Buying an Onlyfans Subscription Cheating?

Many people ask the question Is having an Onlyfans cheating? To be honest, Onlyfans is just an online platform to share adult content. Subscribing to it cannot be strictly regarded as cheating Onlyfans. However, in some cases, partners do cheat using Onlyfans. You need to be careful anyways.