Questions about cheating

Is Kissing Cheating?

It is all about the intent

Not all types of kissing when you are in a relationship are cheating.

It depends on the intention and the level of the relationship.

If you kiss anyone except your partner then yes, it is absolute cheating.

All Situations are different

Does kissing count as cheating when a man or woman is in relation? There may be certain facts about this topic.

All kissing situations are different

Is kissing someone else while in a relationship cheating?

Kissing someone else while in a relationship is considered cheating. A relationship stands on the bridge of trust and kissing someone else intentionally breaks all the barriers and diminishes that trust. Having an intense feeling for someone else other than your man, woman, spouse or partner is cheating and is unargumentative. It can lead you to an awkward situation that’s irreversible. If you or your partner are drunk. However, it is again an individual to decide how to consider their relationship. 

Is kissing cheating when married?

Kissing is cheating when married for sure. It is simply breaking a belief that’s the backbone of any marriage. What would be a marriage without an element of faith and transparency? If you kiss your friend and married at the same time then this is a serious issue. Emotional distress might sometime make you take wrong decisions and you should think practically before taking such a wrong step. 

Rick Clemons

Rich Clemons, a life coach believes one should see “What values are out of alignment for me in this relationship?” and it will change so much for you.

Is a kiss on the cheek cheating?

A kiss on the cheek is a symbol of care and love. Kissing a friend on the cheek shows that you care and stand for them. It is not considered a sensual kiss or something intimate.  It gets trickier as sometimes it might strike as being too close. A handshake would rather be more transparent with thoughts than kissing on the cheeks. Again, it is situational-based and can go in any direction. 

Is drunk kissing considered cheating?

Kissing while drunk will be considered cheating if it’s not with your partner, spouse or you are not a couple. Getting drunk and kissing can initiate sexual intimacy which might have long-term consequences if you are married or have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Also, making the things clear is very important and an emotional kiss might not do any harm if it is not intended to do anything further. 

When is kissing 100% considered cheating?

100% kissing is cheating

We must analyze if a kiss counts as cheating. Kissing is 100% cheating when it is not with someone you love or in a relationship. A man would most likely cheat on a girlfriend in case he gets intimate with someone else. A kiss strikes physical intimacy. A woman on the other hand might sometimes get emotional and kiss a friend in situations that are unpredictable. She may feel guilt and disclose the thing to her loved one later. 

What do public polls and surveys Say?

There are mixed reactions to this poll. 31.5% of active participants consider kissing as absolute cheating. While 44.1% say that it depends on the situation and the intimacy of kissing. Surprisingly 24.3% of people consider kissing fine. These polls show us how diverse opinions are in our society. Life is about making small moments beautiful as taught to us. 

Why making out with another man/ girl bad?

Rachel Sussman

Rachel Sussman, a relationship expert, licensed psychotherapist, and author of The Breakup Bible said she usually hears couples saying “I wasn’t getting my needs met in the marriage”. But does this give you enough reason to cheat? No, it does not!

It could lead to something bigger

It is absolutely a Big No to kiss and found cheating. It is like breaking the reliance and bursting all the emotions that were called love. 

It will bring out problems in your couple 

Love will take a backseat in case you ever make with anyone except your partner or spouse. This leads to drastic changes in life. It brings out problems in a relationship. 

It could lead to physical and mental illness

If you make out with someone else, it can have negative effects on your health. The guilt may break you down and also lead to physical illness. It may cause violence or assault. 

What would you do if you kiss someone else?

you kiss someone else

You should discuss this with your partner and apologize if a kiss to them is regarded as cheating. A conversation with an apology is the best way to sort it out. There may be some furious days and everything settles if your love is deep. Amica Graber, a relationship expert with TruthFinder, once said, “Give yourself time to simmer down, and then re-approach your partner when you’re calm“.


Would you be upset if your partner kiss someone else?

Yes, everyone will be upset as this is a serious concern and shall end with the end of the relationship. 

Is it normal to fall out of love after a kiss?

Well, this is an individual perspective and a common opinion cannot be made on assumptions.

Should you tell your partner if you kissed somebody else?

You definitely should tell your partner if you kiss somebody else. An apology will include love and trust with your spouse. It is important to be transparent about everything.