Infidelity Support Groups

Whether you ended up a victim of a cheating spouse or got engaged in adultery, you don’t have to harbor your pain and guilt inside. On this page of the Cheating Buster Project, we will look at resources that readily offer help to survivors of infidelity.

Marriage After Infidelity

When the truth about an affair surfaces, both partners have only so many ways of keeping things going, and none of them are too attractive.

The cheated spouses force themselves to swallow their pride – and often live on in fear of another betrayal for the rest of the relationship. The adulterers, if not completely bereft of conscience, carry on being gnawed by shame forever since they’ve crossed the line where their private life got split in two.

Needless to say, such an emotional concoction provides for very poor chemistry in the couple for however long the relationship lasts. But is there really no hope?

Why Do Spouses Need a Support Group After Cheating?

Thankfully, people have managed to cope with at least some of the consequences of cheating, and the most common form of aid comes from infidelity support groups. Surely, you may be skeptical about the efficiency of joining one – and it is true that some wounds are too deep to heal, even with the help of others.

Spouses Need a Support

Try to think of it this way – the situation you have on your hands is dire enough already, and being picky about the solutions is not the smartest strategy. Attending a help group will, at the very least, give you a different perspective on the problem you encountered.

Instead of passively digesting the toxic fallout of infidelity between yourself and the one you married or are dating, you can take active measures – and, for once, feel in control of what’s happening. Besides, being a part of a cheating support group has other proven benefits that we shall describe below.

They Help Establish a Connection Between Spouses

In almost any intimate conflict, sincere conversations are a good place to start looking for a way out and a viable point of return if your previous solution failed. In a betrayal trauma support group, your spouse may behave in a completely different way, thus providing you with a new dimension of their personality that you can build recovery upon.

It’s a Safe Space Where You Can Tell Everything

‘I wish there was someone near me who could alleviate the anguish’ – if this thought crossed your mind at least once, it means a part of you has already decided to resort to help. There is no shame in admitting you cannot deal with the problem on your own, and you will only feel relief upon meeting people who went through the same hell.
You can always opt for anonymous communication if the fear that your affair might go public is holding you back – yes, there are plenty of support groups for cheaters as well!

Your Relationship Repair Process Is Guided

Many people stay away from support groups simply because of insufficient knowledge. To them, such groups are a bunch of people sitting on chairs in a circle, having a chat and trying to convince each other about how their story hits the hardest.
There are, of course, self-organized, non-professional gatherings, but finding an expert infidelity support group online or offline takes no more than several clicks. By joining one, you give your relationship a chance to be mended by a specialist who can tell what type of cheating you encountered and what to do about it.

Join Infidelity Support Groups

Here at Cheating Buster, we are continuously monitoring the active and emerging support groups for cheating spouses and affair survivors to pick up their best practices and thus develop our platform. The examples we picked for this article have been consistently outstanding in dealing with infidelity. support group
Support Group

Born in 2002 as an anonymous discussion board, Surviving Infidelity has since grown into one of the largest platforms with a dedicated community. The website features a sprawling forums system, where you can request professional help, find countless accounts of living through divorce and reconciliation, and even numb the pain in the Fun & Games section.

Infidelity Survivors Anonymous
Support Group

Infidelity Survivors Anonymous

A platform owned by an eponymous non-profit entity, ISA offers a recovery program for cheating victims. The organization stresses they are not solely a support group for wives of cheating husbands, addressing the problem of male repressed emotional behavior that often leads men to fight a losing battle on their own.

Infidelity Help Group
Support Group

Infidelity Help Group ( combines the functions of a blog, a library, a forum, and a chat room, thus winning the title of the most versatile resource on our list. Explore numerous articles and guides written by the community members, and try to work out a solution on your own, or start a discussion on the platform’s densely populated discussion boards.

The Infidelity Recovery Institute
Support Group

Infidelity Recovery Institute

IRI is another resource that offers a know-how method of healing adultery wounds. The website represents a gathering of relationship experts who collaborate on individual and couple post-affair therapy. IRI is all about delivering direct professional help without anecdotal evidence and opinionated thoughts.

Betrayed Wives Club
Support Group

Betrayed Wives Club

A loud and proud response to support groups for cheating husbands, Betrayed Wives Club is a one-woman project that offers a fantastic, energy-driven and empowering approach to battling the trauma of infidelity. Elle Grant’s insights aim to persuade and support women who gave up on themselves after they got cheated.

Recovery for Those Who Have Suffered from Adultery

If you are a cheating husband who can’t bear the indignity and paranoia, or a devoted wife whose heart was shattered to bits after years of what seemed an idyllic family life, know that having the strength to read this means you have what it takes to act further.

Both recovery and reconciliation are impossibly long and painstaking and can ultimately lead to nothing. However, if you receive timely help, you will learn to derive strength from the fact that you’re not a passive onlooker anymore but a focused person fighting for your happy future self.

Cheating Buster Team

The groups are designed to help people who have been cheated on, as well as those who have cheated.

Author Holly Smith
Holly Smith

Professional relationship coach.

Author Sergius Gardner
Sergius Gardner

Psychologist and expert on infidelity in relationships.