It can be hard to monitor your wife’s online activity if she is overprotective of her phones and not completely honest about her outdoor meetings. You can read our list of social media cheating habits. Most of the time, cheating partners will block their significant other from their social media sites or give them restricted access. If your wife is cheating, you will also notice a change in their financial dealings with you.

how can i track my wife's phone

Check Her Phone 👧

Since you cannot confront them without any real evidence, you need to find a way to track them without their knowledge. Instead of hiring a private detective, we have an application that can help you track your wife’s phone. A widely used tracking application is uMobix. The reason for its popularity is its easy setup and usage.

Track Your Wife’s Phone with uMobix Features

This application allows you to track your wife’s phone without their knowledge. Some of the features of uMobix are listed below. You can also view the live demo of uMobix application on the website.

uMobix Spy Apps Features

Call History

After installation, you will receive information on the numbers your wife is dialling. There will be a list of received calls and missed calls. The call log comes with timestamps and the duration. Even if your wife tries to delete call entries from her phone, they will send you.

Text Messages

Text messages are a quick and dependable method to chat because they don’t require an internet connection. Due to this reason, verification codes for bank transactions and order confirmation are sent via text. Using uMobix, you can easily intercept text messages and read your wife’s chat to get a clear idea about her activities.

Social Media Applications

The ease of communication and lack of accountability has led to uncontrolled social media activity. If you suspect your wife has fake profiles on applications such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram, you will be notified by uMobix. Additionally, you can monitor her online chat on popular call and messaging applications. It also allows you access to your wife’s chats on WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, Tiktok, and Line.

GPS Location Tracker

GPS Location Tracker

Your wife has been claiming she is on business trips and attending meetings out of town. Having no contact with her colleagues, how do you verify these claims? The uMobix application has a unique GPS tracking feature. It will track your wife’s live location whenever you desire.


uMobix app allows you to record and capture the keystrokes entered by your wife. The keystrokes can be either on her browser or messaging apps. Besides, her keyboard activity can tell you if she is working or having a secret conversation in the background.

Browser History

An easy way to analyze your wife’s online activity is through her web browser history. Even if she decides to delete her online history at the end of a session, the information will be sent to you by uMobix.

Photo/Video Gallery

The uMobix app sends you a picture of media files stored on your wife’s phone. You will know if it contains any inappropriate images or videos. There might be content shared with her from someone else.

Benefits of uMobix

  • Quick: An expert IT team maintains the application with responsive customer care agents; they guarantee you will not face any software bugs. No hung screens when you are in the middle of tracking your wife’s location. The application takes a few minutes to set up and gives you updates every five minutes
  • Easy: The user-friendliness of the application makes it extremely valuable. You don’t need to have special skills to navigate the application dashboard to make sense of the data to track your wife’s online activity. They are displayed in easy to read mode.
  • Reliable: While track your wife’s phone, she must be unaware of it. She can continue to use her cell phone normally without any interruptions or glitches.

How To Install uMobix

The compatibility of uMobix is another valued quality. The application works perfectly with different cell phone companies. Below we will detail the steps for tracking your wife’s phone if she has an iOS or an Android device.

  • For iOS:

To begin using the application, choose a subscription plan most suitable for your needs. After the purchase, you will receive installation instructions. For an iOS device, enter your wife’s iCloud Credentials in the application. Now you log into your uMobix account and intercept your wife’s text messages and track her online activity, among other features.

  • For Android:

You can start by registering for a subscription plan and making the payment. You will receive further instructions on how to install the uMobix on your wife’s phone. Next, you log into your account and receive updates on the uMobix dashboard.

You can read here signs of a cheating wife. The application will help you clarify any doubts you have regarding your wife’s commitment to you.

Other Spy Apps To Track A Cell Phone

We are listing our top 5 applications to track your wife’s phone that rank below uMobix. All these applications are capable of monitoring complete cell phone activity and have high user recommendations. Some unique features of each app are mentioned below.

  1. Spyic: Known for its secure and reliable service, it can track multiple devices within a combined package.

2. Spyzzz: Another widely used application that records online social media activity and sends timely notifications.

3. Cocospy: It gained its reputation due to its distinct geofence alert system.

4. Flexispy: This application can discretely record phone calls and send the user the recording.

5. Mspy: An entirely undetectable application to track the target phone’s location, multimedia content, and intercept texts and calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does uMobix work in real-time?

A. It will send updated tracking information every five minutes. IOS devices may take longer based on their backup performance.

Q. How does uMobix work?

A. The application obtains information in a stealth mode. It will track your wife’s phone, record the data and send it to the user account.

Q. How can I know my wife’s location?

A. The application uses GPS to record your wife’s location. On the uMobix dashboard, an interactive map will display the site. You can even activate a location history feature to determine her outdoor activities.

Q. How many devices can I track?

A. One subscription plan can register only one device. You have the option to unlink and link to another device in case your wife changes her cell phone.

Q. Will the uMobix icon be visible on my wife’s phone?

A. For iOS devices, no physical installation is required. However, on Android devices, you can easily remove the uMobix icon from the menu.

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