Trust issues can ruin your relationship if you’re just overthinking and pestering your girlfriend talking to other guys with baseless accusations. A proactive stance aimed at learning the truth is better than letting things take their course in this case, so here’s what you can contemplate on and do.

Is Texting Someone Considered Cheating?

With the advent of text messages, instant messengers, and social networks, controversy regarding online communication does not subside. In the eyes of jealous partners, this is another funnel that allows their loved ones to engage in online flirting, sexting, and even falling in love.

But don’t be so dramatic. First, you should observe your missus and determine if she is really typing and texting other guys while in a relationship with you. After all, the Internet is full of yellow press articles, click baits, and makes you engage in doom scrolling – it is quite possible that these activities keep her on the bait and glued to her phone.

Texting Considered Cheating

Have you noticed that your girlfriend cringes and feels uncomfortable when you walk past her open screen? Texting isn’t bad in and of itself; it is a strange behavior of a loved one when they have something to hide that causes suspicion. Find out if your girlfriend wants to keep her options open or just loves to chat on the mobile by comparing her behavior with the following signs she’s talking to other guys.

Signs Your Girlfriend Is Talking to Someone Else, Check Yes/No:

The following questions will help you focus and see the real picture before your eyes, not what you would like to believe.

My Girlfriend Deletes All Messages with Other Guys

She may have different reasons for this: remember when exactly she started deleting messages with her male friends from university, male colleagues, or just old friends. Perhaps it was your constant control that prompted her to do this, and you crossed the line and violated her privacy which every person should have. If the fear of giving you the wrong impression about her chatting with men is not your case, it is quite possible that she covers her tracks and deletes cheating gf text messages. If there is no evidence, there can be no accusation. But we will definitely unearth the truth!

My Girlfriend Talks About Other Guys

This is very infuriating, and it’s hard not to snap back with a snarky remark. But it is better to show wisdom and not rush to throw a tantrum or break off the relationship. Many can make this mistake due to inexperience or too much openness and a friendly temperament. Kindly tell her that you don’t enjoy hearing so much about other men and you’d better discuss other topics that concern the two of you.

However, the clouds are gathering if you can say, “my girlfriend talking to another guy behind my back”. And worse, if she’s comparing you to them – that’s where the red flag is.

My Girlfriend Hides Her Phone from Me

Yet another example where you need to keep your mouth shut and just watch her. Agree, no one will take their gadget with them to the toilet or bathroom and not let it out of sight at home. We need to protect our devices, but you are not a crook or a thief – you’re her loved one. She is even ready to quarrel with you as long as her smartphone does not fall into your hands; your GF is probably hiding something, and the more nervous she gets, the more likely it is that your girl flirts with another guy.

My Girlfriend Leaves the Room to Text or Talk

This is a situational sign, which, however, cannot be ignored. Everyone has internal family issues that they may not be willing to discuss in front of other people, and you must respect their privacy. However, if she doesn’t want to reveal the identity on the other end of the line and simply ignores your questions, these are signs she’s talking to someone else who might be her love interest.

The same goes for messages – she may even subconsciously withdraw into another room, feeling uncomfortable in your presence. Try to find out the reason directly – avoiding the answer is a clear sign of deception and, possibly, the use of cheating apps.

My Girlfriend Does Not Reply to My Messages for a Long Time

Before sounding the alarm, give it a thought. Perhaps it fell on deaf ears when your girlfriend told you about her change in schedule, a visit to the doctor, or she is going through a difficult period at work or another aspect of life. Being a partner is not only about romance and fun but also about mutual understanding and support. Write to her with a request that she answer you as soon as she can because you are worried.

But you should be much more prudent if you get involved with a coquette – this may be her strategy to raise your interest. Earlier or later, you’ll catch your girlfriend talking to other guys online, and the bitter truth may be that she simply doesn’t have your messages as a priority. Do not try to reason with this type of girl – they are always in search of the perfect man, and she definitely does not think of you as the only one.

My Girlfriend Is Online Late at Night

Does your lady of the heart seem aloof lately and can’t hide it no matter how hard she tries? You may suspect your girlfriend texting other guys late at night after you’ve said goodnight to each other, but she stays online. Match one plus one together, and finally understand that there is no smoke without fire.

The reason why she does this may be rooted in your longstanding relationship problems: she feels an emotional disconnect with you, she is unhappy with you but takes time to find a worthy replacement for you, or… you are just winding yourself up. In the end, she can combine work and study and stay up late – if she really wanted to hide the fact of late chats from you, she could turn off the status on the network.

How Do You Know If Your Girlfriend Is Sexting or Flirting with Another Guy Online?

Girlfriend Is Sexting or Flirting with Another Guy

It is easy to start communicating with interesting people online – you feel more confident and may not even notice how you have crossed the allowed boundaries. It’s just a virtual world, no biggie. But if you’re not okay with your girlfriend or wife having intimate texting without your knowledge, here’s how you can catch a cheater.

Peep Into Her Phone When She’s in the Shower or Going Somewhere Without It

The good old method, which will probably work unless, of course, she has her guard up. She may forget to turn off pop-ups, even though she’s set a password; also, pay attention to messages from any channels, even mail.

Set Up a Special Tracking App on Her Phone

In war, all methods are good. It’s a surefire approach, but you may need access to her mobile or know her iCloud credentials. Again, it all depends on the product and whether she uses Android or iPhone – do your research before jumping into the water.

Set Up a Follow on Her Instagram Profile

You can see from the corner of your eye that she uses her Instagram much more than she shows it to you. What if you could:

  • find out who she’s texting
  • see all her stories
  • find out who puts her likes (this may still be her ex, the one who is “no longer in her life”)
  • unlock all comments

Glassagram offers all these sweet features and fast installation. It’s getting hot already!

Where Your Girlfriend Can Text Other Guys

A girl in a hammock texting someone

You notice that your girlfriend is less likely to take a break from her phone to spend time with you, her family, and her friends. Someone had possibly captured her attention or even her heart. Be sure to keep an eye on these free apps where there are gobs of ways to cheat.

Your Girlfriend Can Chat with Someone on Facebook and Instagram

Chats are not public information available to anyone, so you won’t know what’s behind the curtain. Moreover, she can delete messages if you still pick up her phone from time to time. However, using monitoring applications, you can even see deleted messages without having to hover like a hawk over her device.

Your Girlfriend Can Snapchat Other Guys

Flirtatious people flock to Snapchat like bees to honey – no wonder since this platform offers messages that disappear instantly after reading. So if you are in a situation where you caught my girlfriend talking to another guy, you are not alone in this boat. SpyBubble has you covered on Snapchat and other social media, taking screenshots of their activities and updating you every few minutes.

Your Girlfriend Can Text Other Guys from Her Phone

Turning to less obvious means of communicating may be her cunning strategy. Don’t ignore the frequent text message sound on her phone, and if you manage to access it, you can also track deleted messages with a tracking tool.

How to Know If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating Over Text

Text messaging is not full-blown cheating – at least, not everyone thinks so. But these signs she’s talking to someone else should grab your attention:

  • you don’t remember the last time you saw her phone’s screen unlocked
  • she looks impatiently at her smartphone, deactivates the sound of messages, and occasionally chats furtively in another room
  • you feel that she has become a different person who is holding something back

What to Do If It Is Confirmed That Your Girlfriend Is Texting with Another Guy?

Keep in mind that it won’t be that hard to find a girl who considers texting other guys abnormal while in a relationship – and that’s what you should strive for in a healthy relationship. If you caught your girlfriend talking to other guys online, but you value years of relationship with her or don’t want to part for some other reason, such a slip is forgivable and allows you to give her a second chance.

It is quite possible that after a heart-to-heart talk, you will be able to determine why she started flirting online and understand whether the problem is your inattention as a partner or she is frivolous and you are not on one page with her.

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