This article will go into detail about spying on Instagram and the best Instagram spy apps to view your husband or wife’s messages.

Why Do You Need to Spy on Instagram?

You might feel like installing an Instagram spying app is unethical, yet you would be surprised with how many partners can use it to cheat with someone. “There is not one single reason or path for cheating in a relationship. However, there are a collection of very distinct psychological patterns that cover the vast majority of reasons why people cheat.Joshua Klapow, clinical psychologist and host of The Kurre and Klapow Show tells Bustle. Your husband, wife, or partner can use it for nefarious reasons, possibly kicking you to the curb. In addition, you can use it if you have teenage children who might be up to no good. Here are some other reasons why you might want to spy on someone.

Reasons to spy on your boyfriend or girlfriend's Instagram

A Boyfriend Can Flirt With Someone

While your boyfriend’s likes and comments are public, you might need an Instagram spy to see his private messages and to confirm or deny that they’re flirting with women without you knowing. This reason becomes more evident if you have a boyfriend who has a past of cheating.

You would be surprised how many men use Instagram to flirt with girls and possibly hook up with them. If your man is prone to doing that, it may be time to monitor them.

Your Wife May Be Depressed

You might want to use an Instagram spy app for your wife’s account if she’s depressed. Depression can lead to cheating or be a byproduct of it. So while it’s essential to help your wife when she’s depressed, you also want to acknowledge the reality that she might cheat on you due to depression.

A Girl Can Do Sexting

Like a guy can flirt with a girl, a girl may use their account to sex. Instagram story spy software can help uncover instances of sexting that you might not have thought otherwise. Even though it’s all digital, sexting is still a form of cheating and can lead to cheating in real life.

Your Husband May Be Cheating With a Young Girl

If your husband has a midlife crisis, he may use his Instagram to hook up with younger women. However, if he’s just not acting like how he used to, it’s vital that you use software that can spy on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Your Children’s Accounts Show Signs Of Sexual Content, Terrorism, Or Bullying

If you have teenage children, it’s essential to give them privacy. However, teenagers shouldn’t use their Instagram accounts to trade nudes or bully people. In addition, there are places on Instagram and other platforms where they may be subject to radicalization.

If your child’s accounts are locked to your viewing, you can use an app to spy on Instagram story posts and other content from their profile. This move can be vital if you’ve noticed your teens acting odder than usual.

How to Spy on Someone’s Instagram Online

How to spy on Instagram online from your phone or laptop

Spying on someone’s account can seem impossible, but it’s easy for you to do so in several ways. Here are some ways you can do it.

Use Browser Passwords

If you can gain access to the person you want to spy on the browser, there’s a chance they’ve saved login information to their account. This makes it easy for you to log on and see what they’ve been posted. But, of course, this means that they have to use Instagram on a desktop and a computer they’ve left open.

You can also use this technique if they have an unlocked phone they’ve left.

Through Email

If you know their email information, it’s also possible for you to log in to their email and use that as an entry to their Instagram. For example, you can try logging on and sending a “reset password” email to their account. With this method, however, you might make them suspicious if the password suddenly changes.

Using an App

The best way to spy on someone nowadays is to use an app to spy on them anonymously. Many apps have features such as Instagram DM spy no verification is required. Using an app is simple, straightforward, and doesn’t require you to get your hands messy. Now, let’s look at some of its features.

Features of Spying Apps for Instagram

Spy app features for instagram

An Instagram spy tool app has a gallery of unique features for you to see. Let’s examine some of them and explain why they’re so helpful.

Read Direct Messages

When you spy on someone’s account, the holy grail is viewing their private messages. There, you might find juicy secrets and other scandals waiting. An Instagram spy app without target phone can allow you to look at their text or photo messages with ease. As a result, it’s simpler than ever to see what they’re hiding.

View Stories

Instagram stories last for 24 hours and then disappear. With a spy app, not only can you spy on Instagram messages, but you can download stories to preserve them. So often, a cheater or someone doing something bad will do it through stories due to their disposable nature. However, with an app, you don’t have to worry about them going down the memory hole.

See Contact List

When you install Instagram spy apps, you can see their contact list. The contact list allows you to see who their closest connections are, allowing you to learn whether or not they know someone they are not supposed to.

Hidden Tracking of All Actions

Finally, we should mention that using Instagram spy online apps allow you to do everything anonymously. Moreover, everything you do won’t alert your girlfriend or boyfriend, meaning that you can have some peace of mind knowing that you won’t get caught.

If you don’t use an app and instead try to do it through brute force, it can alert your partner or child. With an app, it’s much more discreet.

7 Best Instagram Spy Apps

which apps can be used to spy on your Instagram account

We’ll discuss the best apps to spy on your girlfriend, boyfriend, or child:


With Glassagram, viewing your partner, girlfriend, or boyfriend’s stories, messages, or other Instagram content is simple. It’s easy to install, and several subscription plans make the process easier.


FlexiSPY allows you to monitor an iPhone, PC, or another device remotely. With FlexiSPY, it’s easy to see everything a person does, meaning it works well for spying needs beyond Instagram.


uMobix is designed to monitor your child’s Android, iPhone, or other devices in real-time. It’s discreet, simple to install, and easy to figure out if something is going on. The advanced variety of uMobix features enables the quality information getting. 


Mspy is a meaty monitoring software, allowing you to read messages, view contact information, track GPS, and perform other tasks in real-time. It’s if you need something that can monitor a person.


EyeZy describes itself as one of the sleekest monitoring software apps on the planet, letting you monitor every aspect of your target’s actions. It also alerts if the target does something it’s not supposed to.


Spyzie is a device tracking software that parents and workplaces use to make sure their users are kept in line. It’s a dignified program that’s simple to use and set up, packed with many features to keep it fresh.


Finally, we have Cocospy. It’s yet another app that’s meant for parents. You can view messages and track them to ensure they’re going how they’re supposed to. Cocospy is another app that’s simple to install and use, putting it in the top seven.

Simple Steps to Spy on Their Instagram

Installing Instagram tracking apps

Many apps have a process if you want to spy on someone. Here is how it usually goes.

Create a Spy App Account

Create your profile. Depending on your app, you might need to install it on the target device. You may also need to purchase a subscription plan. Your plan can depend on your needs, so be mindful of this.

Configure Spy App

Then, adjust the app according to what you need. For example, if you only need it to read messages, you can adjust the app to only focus on that. You can customize alerts as well. While you can get away with its default settings, most will want to customize the app according to what they need.

Start Spying on Instagram

Once you’ve installed everything as required, now you can begin spying. Some apps will alert you if there’s a significant update, while others will require you to monitor it every once in a while.

When Should You Not Spy on Someone on Instagram?

We recommend spying on someone only if you suspect they’re doing something wrong. For example, spying on your boyfriend or girlfriend for controlling reasons is a sign of a toxic relationship, and you might want to back out of doing something like that. “We don’t know if humans are even meant to be monogamous. It’s just that some people are naturally more in-line with those views and others are not.Kelly Campbell, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at California State University, San Bernardino. The same sentiment applies to your children as well, though you might have more of a reason to do this due to them being minors.


How to Find Out Who Someone is Messaging on Instagram?

Besides logging in to your account with brute force, an Instagram spy app allows you to spy on someone without them knowing. This way, you can view and see who they are messaging.

How to Spy on Instagram DM Free?

The best way to spy on someone’s DMs is to log into their account. If you can’t do that, many apps have free versions or offer a free trial. This way, you can spy on them and then be able to cancel after the test is over. With that said, many apps do require you to pay. However, their base plan is the cheapest and provides all the essentials.

What is the Best App for Spying on Instagram?

The best app can depend on your needs. Some people only need a single-use app, while others want something more complex to focus on other monitoring aspects. For example, you might want an app that only focuses on Instagram, or you may need something to monitor the entire computer. The seven apps we’ve listed are some of the best apps on here.

How Do I Control My Child’s Instagram Account?

Instagram itself has many settings you can use to make your child’s account safe. For example, you can go into settings and have the ability to make the account private or control who can message your child.
With that said, monitoring software can be an excellent way to do this, as these settings are easily changeable. If there’s any change in your child’s account, it can alert you. While this might sound excessive, many kids use Instagram to do things they aren’t supposed to, and it’s possible that predators can target them for nefarious reasons. You can prevent that through monitoring.

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