Read our article to learn how to spy on devices connected to your Wi-Fi to better understand the peculiarities of the process.

How Can I Spy on Someone Through Wi-Fi?

Your partner’s behavior has changed, and you see your girlfriend talking to other guys online. Your children don’t want to go outside to meet with friends and sit in their rooms all day? You must be curious about what is happening. When you live with someone and need to access other devices connected to your Wi-Fi, there are multiple opportunities you may try. One of the most efficient ways to spy through Wi-Fi router is to use advanced spying apps. We will tell you about the most reliable tracking apps for these purposes. 

which devices can be connected to the wi-fi

Best Wi-Fi Trackers for Spying on Connected Devices

People use monitoring apps for numerous reasons. Whether you need to track a cheating spouse’s cell phone or ensure your kid is not visiting prohibited websites, tracking apps are there to help. Get familiar with the most reliable and efficient spy apps to monitor devices on your Wi-Fi. 

1. uMobix – Top Wi-Fi Spy App

uMobix is one of the most known and reliable cell phone trackers. It provides its users with many helpful features and functionalities. uMobix is an excellent Wi-Fi snooping software that can be easily installed and used.

Wi-Fie Tracker -

Full uMobix Review

The tracking app has many advantages, such as a free demo version (granted by support specialists), easy and quick installation, and reasonable prices for various subscription plans. Moreover, the spy app is compatible with all Android operating systems 4+ and iOS devices. It allows you to track a phone through Wi-Fi stealthily. 

Have a look at the list of features that distinguish uMobix from other spy apps:

  • Geofinder feature allows tracking a target device without access to it;
  • Blocking Wi-Fi on the target device: disconnect your target phone from any Wi-Fi network;
  • Monitoring Facebook and Instagram on iOS without jailbreak required.

2. Cocospy – Best Parental Spy App With Core Spyware Features

Cocospy is a router spying software for the most demanding users. It is one of the simplest spy apps compatible with modern Apple (running iOS 7 and up) and Android devices. 

You get access to almost all information from the target device after you have installed the app. It has all the most requested spying features, like monitoring calls and text messages, browsing history, and more.

Cocospy - Wi-Fi Spy App

The Cocospy tracker has an intuitive dashboard where you can monitor all the required information. Moreover, one does not need to root or jailbreak a device to use the spyware.


  • It can spy on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.;
  • Keylogger is available;
  • It can spy on internet activity through Wi-Fi in stealth mode.

3. Hoverwatch – Excellent All-Purpose Spy App 

Hoverwatch is a multifunctional mobile phone tracking app that allows one to spy on Android phone over Wi-Fi. It is fully compatible with all Android devices and supports Windows and Mac. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow monitoring iPhones. 

Phone Tracker Hoverwatch

One of the main advantages of this program is that it allows tracking multiple devices using an intuitive Hoverwatch dashboard. Another advantage is a 3-day free trial. Thus, a potential customer may have more time to decide whether the app is worth buying. Remember that it’s an excellent catch a cheater app for Android, so we recommend getting familiar with the Hoverwatch’s most valuable features:

  • Geolocation tracking opportunities;
  • Takes screenshots from a target device regularly;
  • It notifies when one changes the phone’s SIM card.

4. SpyBubble – User-Friendly App For Wi-Fi Spying

SpyBubble is another reliable tracking app available on the market. It is one of the most efficient apps to catch a cheater due to its numerous monitoring features.

about SpyBubble wi-fi monitroing app

You may like it for several reasons. First, it’s easy to install and operate. Secondly, this app is compatible with both operating systems: Android and iOS. Last but not least, the synchronization data process is quick. Please note that you don’t need to root or jailbreak a target device to get access to the advanced features.


  • Real-time monitoring devices using Wi-Fi;
  • Listening to surroundings thanks to remote access to camera and microphone;
  • Social media and browser history monitoring.

5. XNSpy – Versatile and Powerful Wi-Fi Spy App 

If you’re looking for hidden cheating apps for iPhone or Android devices, you’re at the right place. It has all the latest necessary monitoring features, such as location tracking, call and SMS recording, keystroke logging, and much more. Users get the most out of it in different ways, but many customers value this tracker for its good value and price ratio. The one-month subscription plan will cost you $7.50 only, which is one of the lowest prices for such spyware type.


  • Monitoring the Wi-Fi connection history of a target cell phone;
  • Sending remote control commands, like recording surroundings and incoming and outgoing calls;
  • View all Kik or Link messages;
  • Spy on internet activity with browsing history included.

6. Spyic – Reliable Hidden Wi-Fi Spy App

Spyic is another solution for those who want to monitor other people’s phone activities effectively and without anyone knowing. 

Whether you are for solely an Instagram activity tracker or a multifunctional remote monitoring app, you can always choose Spyic. It’s 100% hidden, and the setup takes a few minutes.

With Spyic, you can easily monitor devices connected to your Wi-Fi. The app offers an excellent phone location tracker. Get familiar with the most cutting-edge features:

  • Access to real-time Wi-Fi and GPS-based locations;
  • Geofencing is available, so you get notifications when a tracked phone leaves the allowed perimeters on the map;
  • Viewing timestamps of the movements and addresses and geographical coordinates.

7. SpyStealth – Your Multifunctional Wi-Fi Spying Software 

This app is less well-known than all previously mentioned apps. However, it has its perks as well. The developers keep an app under control and constantly update it. So, Spystealth customers get the most upgraded working spying tool and 24/7 customer support. One of the most prominent advantages of this app is that it offers a stable live control panel. It lets you have control over everything happening on a target cell phone.

The only thing some users may find disturbing is that jailbreaking or rooting is required to use the app. Besides this, the app works perfectly well once installed.


  • It allows you to spy on text messages through Wi-Fi;
  • Instant GPS tracking feature.

8. Eyezy – Screenshot-Based Wi-Fi Spy App

Eyezy helps parents to keep up with modern technology and protect their children or family members. But don’t worry if you have different reasons to track someone’s phone. The app can do this job perfectly.

The app has many advantages, but we want to focus on those you may find the most relevant. First of all, there are multiple subscription options for every need. The official website of the app is super easy to navigate. Check the compatibility of a target device there.


  • Wi-Fi sync feature for iOS – connect your target’s iOS to your PC, and after syncing, you’ll be able to spy on the person when they connect to home Wi-Fi;
  • Files finder: scroll through their multimedia files, saved pics, or installed apps;
  • Screen snaps of phone activity;
  • Keystroke capture is available for iOS and Android devices.

9. Spyera – Your Loyal Wi-Fi Spy App 

To ensure the safety of the youngest Internet users or dispel doubts about your partner’s loyalty, it is worth using applications that monitor the activity of the selected device. Spyera is one of them, and it represents the new era of monitoring possibilities thanks to its tracking features and peculiarities.

It is an innovative spyware for smartphones, tablets, and computers compatible with Android and iOS gadgets. You can easily use this phone tracker app without permission granted.

The app has a lot of cons, such as a 10-day money refund guarantee, and purchasing the application is a fast and secure process. Spyera tracking tool is compatible with Android phones, iPhones, iPads, Windows PC, and Mac OS.


  • It works as a Wi-Fi network spy app;
  • Skype, Hangouts, and Facetime call recordings;
  • SMS keyword deletions feature. 

10. Find Devices Connected to Your Wi-Fi with mSpy 

Last but not least. The mSpy monitoring spyware is among the most popular and efficient spy apps. Parents, couples, and employees widely use it. If you want to monitor messages, emails, and media files, view incognito history on Android or iPhone, or many other things, mSpy is there to help you.

The mSpy installation process is easy and takes only a few minutes. Moreover, you don’t need to jailbreak or root a targeted device, but it is possible for more extended features.

The most popular and valued features among the users are:

  • GPS location tracking with geofencing monitoring;
  • Monitoring their Wi-Fi connections stealthily: you will see their Internet activities and which networks they’re using; 
  • The screen recording feature is available.

How to See What People Are Doing on Your Wi-Fi?

There are various ways to see other people’s phone or PC activities on your Wi-Fi. We will focus on some of them.

How to Spy on Android Phone Over Wi-Fi with Hoverwatch

Spy on Android Phone Over Wi-Fi
  1. The first thing you should do is sign up for free for your online Hoverwatch account on the official website. 
  2. Secondly, prepare the Android phone you want to monitor. Before installing the Hoverwatch mobile tracker, remember to turn off Play Protect scanning. Download the .apk file to the target Android phone and allow installation. 
  3. Then you will need to set up Hoverwatch requirements by allowing basic permissions. 
  4. At the end of the installation process, you will need to enter your Hoverwatch credentials (email address and password). 
  5. Once all steps are completed, you can easily monitor all phone activities over your Wi-Fi.

How to Spy on iPhone Through Wi-Fi with uMobix

Spy on iPhone Through Wi-Fi

The installation process on iPhone is different. You don’t require physical access to the device. All you need to do is:

  1. Purchase a subscription on the uMobix website and log in to your account with credentials sent to your email.
  2. Input the target’s iCloud credentials, that is, an email and a password. 
  3. In a case with iPhone’s monitoring, ensure the two-factor authentication is disabled. Otherwise, you’ll need to get a code to proceed. Remember to turn on the iCloud backup on the tracked device to spy on iPhone without jailbreaking it. 
  4. There you are! You get access to various data on the monitored device.

How to Spy on Laptop/Computer Through Wi-Fi with Spyera

Spy on Laptop-Computer Through Wi-Fi

Spyera is a perfect solution for those who want to spy on someone’s laptop or computer through Wi-Fi. It’s 100% hidden and doesn’t affect their devices’ performance. Please note that you can’t install Spyera on someone’s PC remotely. Here are the basic steps to start monitoring:

  1. Start with creating your Spyera account. 
  2. Choose the most suitable subscription plan for you. 
  3. Once you create your account, you will receive an email with your login credentials and download URL. 
  4. Once installed, the Spyera Wi-Fi spy app is ready to serve.

Wi-Fi Spying FAQ

How to find Wi-Fi devices in your house? 📶

You should type your router IP address in your browser’s address bar. Once you open your router’s management page, you will see an option “Attached devices.”

Can I see messages sent over my Wi-Fi? 📶

One can’t get extensive information about someone’s texts solely with Wi-Fi access. To access text or instant messages, one should use reliable monitoring spyware.

How to see what other devices are doing on your network? 📶

Installing an efficient monitoring tool on a target device is the most effective way to view what others are doing on your network. 

How to control devices connected to your Wi-Fi? 📶

Install any of the spying apps mentioned earlier on a target device. The setup process is quick and easy, but the results you will get are above all expectations. 

How to spy on someone in their house? 📶

If the target person uses iPhone, try to get their iCloud credentials. In other cases, you would need to install monitoring software on their device. It’s easier to do this if you live with someone you want to spy on via Wi-Fi. 

Final Words on Spying on Internet Activity via Wi-Fi

We selected the top Wi-Fi spy apps. Thus you have many options to choose the most suitable one. Some of the solutions mentioned earlier have many things in common. However, we recommend deciding what your needs are first. Afterward, it will be easier for you to pick an app to spy on devices connected to Wi-Fi.

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