Imagine the surprise of learning that you can simply send a link to get someone’s location without compromising your data. In this review, we will walk you through the step-by-step process and essential tools needed to utilize this groundbreaking technique proficiently. Are you ready? 

How to Get Someone’s Location with a Link

There are two ways to send someone a link to get their location. The first involves hiring a costly professional hacker, posing risks to privacy. Alternatively, opt for affordable, reliable, and safe geolocator tools, tracking locations by phone number. Learn how to use this method to find anyone’s location effortlessly. Real-Time Location Tracking for iOS and Android is a cutting-edge location-tracking platform that offers a user-friendly and efficient way to track location by sending link to individuals. With its intuitive interface, you are able to unsuspiciously track and locate family members, friends, or even lost devices. The platform provides detailed location history, ensuring you are always aware of their movements.

What Does the App Come with?

  • Real-time location tracking: Provides its users with detailed information displayed on Google Maps.
  • IP logger: Helps to find an accurate location of the target device.
  • WiFi tracking: The feature allows you to learn about the user’s connection, network name, and location address based on the recent WiFi network.
  • VPN checker: It will help you reveal the reason for the person’s suspicious activity.
  • Cell phone carrier lookup: Defines which carrier SIM is currently inserted on the target person’s cell phone or tablet.
detect and track location Tracking Features

  • An unlimited number of geolocation requests
  • Allows you to see the number of places the person visits and where they go
  • Offers live tracking across the globe
  • Allows to track someone with a link even if the location tracking feature on the target device is disabled
  • GPS tracking link coordinates a person’s location via a picture that can be sent in any messenger
  • The tool is compatible with all phone models and OS
  • Works hiddenly without installation required
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • A 2-day trial that comes for $1
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

How to Find Somebody’s Location with

  1. To track location through link, visit website and click “Get Started“.
  2. Create an account and accept their Terms of Service and Privacy Notice.
Find Somebody's Location with
  1. Choose a preferred subscription plan and tap “Get Started.”
Get Started
  1. After payment, log into your account on your mobile or desktop browser and upload any photo from your device. 
  2. Wait until the software generates a special tracking link for you. 
special tracking link
  1. Copy and send link to track location via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, or any other messaging app.  
Copy and send link to track location
  1. Once the person receives the message, they will be interested in the link they got and tap on it to open it. 
link they got and tap
  1. Once the person taps the link, they activate location tracking. 
  2. Go to your LocationTracker.Mobi user space and get location data about the user. Send a Link and Get Location on the Map

GEOfinder is a powerful online location tracker, providing precise location identification of any phone number on a map, regardless of the mobile network. It’s a convenient solution to find phone locations without requiring software installation on the target device. The software lets users easily track and locate phones using a simple SMS with an attached link. 

trace a phone numer with GEOfinder

What Are the Core Elements of GEOfinder?

  • Tracking people’s location by phone number: You can send link and get location of the phone quickly.
  • Discover their device’s IP address: GEOfinder allows you to find the IP address of the target device using just their phone number.
  • Detect VPN usage: Uncover if someone uses a VPN to hide their real location with the GEOfinder app.
  • WiFi tracker: Define the person’s internet connection, the network name, and the device location.
  • Identify their phone carrier: Learn which carrier they use without accessing their phone plan thanks to GEOfinder’s handy feature.

GEOfinder Location Tracking Features

  • Compatible with all cell phone models
  • Supports all mobile network operators
  • Works anonymously 
  • Unlimited geolocation requests included
  • Accurate cell phone location address displayed on the GPS map
  • Does not require installation
  • Location tracking of any cell phone, no matter where it is on the globe
  • Allows its users to adjust the message for the recipient
  • GEOfinder comes with a 1-day trial for $5
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

How to Send a Link to Track a Phone with GEOfinder?

  1. Go to, enter the target phone number in an appropriate field, and click “Find.”
enter the target phone number
  1. Purchase a subscription package and fill in the required data on the site. 
subscription package
  1. Log in on the site, and go to the tracking feature. 
  2. Choose a system’s generated text message or customize one. If you decide to make any changes, do not interfere with the link section at the end of the message. 
  3. Insert the person’s cell phone number and press “Send” to send an SMS. 
  4. GEOfinder will send the text message along with a tracking link.
  5. Once the person opens the message and taps the link, their location will be accessible for viewing in your user space. 

What Are the Ways to Send a Tracking Link to the Target User?

Interested in how to send a tracking link to the target user? Here you have:

  1. Email: Create an email, include the tracking link, and send it to the recipient’s email address. Users will automatically share their location details when they click on the link.
  2. IM platforms: Send a link to track a phone through instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram so the user can click on it and provide you with their location details.
  3. Text message: Send a short message containing the tracking link to the recipient’s phone number. The message can be customized to make it more enticing to click.
  4. Social media platforms: Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram are widely used by businesses to engage with customers. Share the tracking link on your social media account or send it directly to the target user’s inbox. This way, they allow the tracking information with a simple click.
  5. QR code: You may also generate a QR code containing the link and provide it physically, such as on a printed document or a business card. The user can scan the QR code using their smartphone’s camera or a QR code reader app to access the tracking information instantly.

Remember, when sending a tracking link, ensure that the user is aware of the purpose and content of the link.

How to Track Someone with a Link for Free?

Would you like to know how to track phone by sending link using innovative online spyware for free? Discover the below-mentioned step-by-step guides and tools that enable you to access someone’s location or activities monitoring discreetly and efficiently, without any cost.

1. a Free Web-Based IP Tracking Tool

Grabify is a free web-based IP grabbing/URL shortening tool with a user-friendly design by jLynx Limited. Accessible on any browser, it offers powerful tracking technology, though some information obtained is user-based. While free and easy to use, users can customize their user-agent string using browser add-ons. Registered and non-registered users can enter any link on the Grabify homepage to shorten it and access anyone’s IP location.


How to Get Started with Grabify?

  1. Find an irresistible link for your friend or “catfish” on an intriguing topic.
  2. Go to
  3. Text link to find location free into the “Enter URL or tracking code” box on the homepage.
Enter URL
  1. Click “Create URL” to create link to track location of the person.
  2. Agree to their terms of use in the pop-up.
  3. Once your URL is created successfully, you’ll be directed to a new page with valuable information. You will see a table that will look like this:
valuable information
  1. Your new URL is what you’d be sending to a person. Changing the domain name to another so the recipient doesn’t know it’s a tracking tool is advisable.
  2. Share the short location tracker link with the person you want to track, followed by an intriguing description (write something creative to make the person click the link).
  3. After they click or when you ask them about the link, head to Grabify’s homepage.
  4. Enter your tracking code or use the access link you copied for your logs.
  5. Check the “Results” section for real data, including the user’s location.
  6. Click “more info” and activate the smart logger for more comprehensive information.

2. IP URL Shortener for Tracking Phones and PCs

With IP Logger’s efficient URL shortener, users can easily uncover their IP address, track IP locations, and precisely monitor mobile devices or PCs (regardless it is a MacBook, Windows, or Linux). 

IP Logger provides users with the following ways to gather detailed analytics and track IPs. It’s possible through: 

  1. Short links: Monitor IP addresses and clicks by entering any URL or image link online.
  2. Invisible pixel: Users are able to create invisible pixels to get information about their websites’ traffic and track IP addresses.
  3. Unique geo-logger tool: Requires user consent to provide accurate GPS coordinates of the target device location.

The app’s other features are a mobile phone tracker, IP tracker, URL checker, “My IP Address” tracker,  IP counter, and user bar.

IP Logger

How Does IP Logger Work?

  1. Go to
  2. Enter a valid URL into the appropriate field on the site.
  3. Tap “Create a short link.”
  4. Agree with the Terms and Privacy Policy of the website and click “Confirm.”
Terms and Privacy Policy
  1. Copy your logger link.
logger link
  1. Share the text link to find location of the target user.
  2. Once the user receives the text message and clicks on the link, their IP address will be visible to you.

3. Tracker.IPlocation.Net: A Cutting-Edge IP Geolocation Tracker

IP Tracker is a potent tool that empowers users to create shortened URLs to monitor other people’s IP addresses. Users can use shortened links to monitor and collect detailed information about anyone they need. The tool enables users to share links and determine the recipients’ location using an IP address or HTML5 Geolocation (a user that clicks the links has to agree to allow it). Once clicked, the IP Geolocation tracker will define the user’s accurate geographical location. 


How to Use IP Tracker?

  1. Visit and choose “IP Tracker” on the navigation menu. 
How to Use IP Tracker
  1. Move to “Create a Shortened URL.”
  2. Here in the appropriate field, you need to insert the page or image URL that you would like to use to track the IP locations of your target individual.
create a shortened url
  1. Now, tap “Create URL.”
  2. Then you will be redirected to the other page, where you will see the table of geolocation shortener details. 
geolocation shortener details
  1. Here you will see the shortened link you can send to your friend, relative, or partner. 
  2. When a user gets the message and clicks the link, the IP Geolocation tracker will start tracking their location with other device data.

4. Find My App: Free Phone Tracking Tool for iOS

Find My App goes beyond locating your iPhone. Using this app, you may easily track any user’s location on iPhone with their consent while ensuring privacy. Locate friends, family, and lost devices by requesting permission and providing security during meetups and gatherings. 

Even if a device’s location service is turned off, it is possible to view the last known location in iOS 15 and up. Moreover, if your device goes missing, you can remotely lock it for added security and peace of mind. The Find My App works globally, connecting you with loved ones across the street or across the world. Activate location services for full functionality and experience innovation, privacy, and convenience while respecting consent.

How to Get Started with Find My App?

  1. Open “Find My App” and click “People” and “Start Sharing Location.”

  2. Choose a contact or contacts to whom you want to send a request to share their location details and confirm your actions by tapping “Send.”

  3. Wait until the recipient(s) will accept your request.

  4. Once they accept your invitation, you will receive data about their current location (note that they have to turn on GPS).

  5. Now, you may move to “People” and click “Directions” to see the location of the person who accepted your request. 

FAQs About Location Tracking

How to detect someone’s real-time location?

Discover someone’s live location using these methods:
– Location sharing: Ask the person to share real-time location on messaging apps (Facebook location tracker app, Insta tracker apps, etc.) or any social media.
– GPS tracking apps: Install a reliable application to access their location.
– IP-based tracking: Use online tools to track their IP address.
– Mobile network tracking: Check with their carrier for tracking services.

Can someone track the location with a phone number?

Yes. You can track somebody’s location using only their phone number. Location tracking apps like GEOfinder can use the phone number to approximate the device’s location. 

How to share your location for free?

There are plenty of free apps, like Find My App (for iPhone users) or Find My Device (for Android users), available that make sharing your location effortless. The apps are easy to use and allow you to send your location to the desired contact.

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