Curious to see what someone likes on Instagram? Unveil users’ digital world and gain insights into their preferences by exploring various IG tracking techniques. 

How Can You See What People Like on Instagram?

According to Demand Sage, Instagram remains a top social platform with 2.35 billion monthly active users, ranking fourth globally in 2023. For business owners and creators, Instagram’s vast user base offers valuable market research opportunities. And although Instagram previously allowed you to see someone’s likes on Instagram through the IG activity tab, this feature was removed in October 2019. Users can now turn off “show activity status” from app settings, preventing the visibility of their liked posts. 

What People Like on Instagram

Nonetheless, there are still other ways that allow you to see someone’s Instagram likes. So, how can you see what people like on Instagram?

1. Using spy apps

These powerful tools allow discreet monitoring of users’ activity, including their liked posts. Spy apps like uMobix offer advanced features to track social media interactions without the user’s knowledge. By employing such apps, you are able to gain valuable data about an individual’s interests and preferences on Instagram, making it an effective tool for businesses and individuals seeking to understand online behavior.

2. Applying Insta viewers

Applying Insta viewers can assist you in viewing what someone likes on Instagram effortlessly. These third-party apps offer a convenient and time-saving solution to track the activities of an Instagram user without manual effort. With Insta viewer tools, you may explore the liked posts of any profile, gaining valuable insights into their preferences and interests. It’s a practical tool for businesses, researchers, and anyone curious about others’ online engagement. 

3. Manually check likes

To see what someone likes on Instagram, you must manually:

  1. Open the Instagram app, go to your friend’s profile, and tap “Following” to view their following list.
  2. From the list, tap the profile icon of the account you’re interested in.
  3. On their profile, tap a post you suspect your friend has liked.
  4. Tap the number of likes above the caption to see all who liked the post.
  5. In the search bar, type your friend’s username to check if they’re in the list of likes.
  6. If they liked the post, their account would be displayed among the list of likes.

Glassagram: Check What Someone Likes on Instagram Without the App Installation

Glassagram stands out as the top viewer app to see what people like on Instagram. If you seek discreetly hacking into an Instagram account, Glassagram is your ideal choice. Unlike other spy apps, it solely concentrates on Instagram, ensuring effective tracking of posts and likes. Its specialized approach makes it the best option for monitoring someone’s IG activities without detection.

Check What Someone Likes on Instagram with Glassagram

Key Features

Glassagram allows its users to access and view other’s public or private IG accounts data as if they were their followers, even if you do not have your account created. Regardless of the user’s OS, this Insta viewer allows you to access other people’s posts, stories, reels, comments, likes, tagged photos, location tags, and even hot likes (when someone likes old photos of your target, thereby trying to attract their attention) and watch stories with no time limits even after they expire from IG (it takes 24 hours if the user does not decide to delete it earlier). 

How to Get Started

Although Glassagram does not require installation and operates online, there are a few steps you need to follow to use the app seamlessly:

  1. Go to and tap “Watch Now.”
  2. Choose the type of account you want to monitor and confirm your choice by clicking “Next.”
Go to and choose the type of account
  1. Enter the username or the URL to their IG account and click “@Watch.”
Enter the username glassagram
  1. Now you have to create an account on the website. Enter your valid email address or sign up with Google. 
create an account glassagram
  1. Select a subscription plan and tap “Try now.” 
Select a subscription plan
  1. You will be redirected to the payment page, where you must enter your credit card details to submit the order. If needed, you can choose alternative payment options–crypto payment. 
payment page glassagram
  1. Check your email box for the Glassagram login information you have specified while applying for an account.
  2. Log in to your Glassagram account using the email-provided credentials to track the target’s Instagram account likes, comments, reels, etc.

How Does Glassagram Differ from Competitors?

Glassagram is a great Insta viewer application to check what someone likes on Instagram. Compared with similar IG viewer apps, this one has the following advantages:

  • Compatibility: The tool supports all OS so that you won’t need to know whether it will operate on your target user’s device.  
  • Private/public accounts: Although most Inta trackers provide access to view public accounts hiddenly, this tool steps ahead, offering access to private accounts’ stories, posts, reels, photos, likes, etc. 
  • IG video viewer: With Glassagram’s Instagram video reader, you may discreetly watch videos from other profiles. This feature is perfect for maintaining privacy and preventing others from knowing your activity.
  • Like viewer: For Instagram users seeking to discover who their target individual follows or parents monitoring their kids’ activity, Glassagram is a reliable option. Its features provide valuable insights and ensure a safe and discreet Instagram experience.
  • No root/jailbreak: The application does not require the target device to be rooted/jailbroken.
  • No installation: Because it’s web-based, installation on the user’s smartphone or tablet is unnecessary.

Other Ways to See Instagram Likes

Another effective way to see what pictures someone likes on Instagram is by using spy tracking apps like uMobix and Hoverwatch. The tools allow you to explore private and public posts, track followers, and gauge profile popularity from anywhere. 

uMobix: Advanced Access to Instagram Account for iOS and Android Devices

The spyware is compatible with any Android or iOS device regardless of the user’s OS. With secure screenshots and a user-friendly web portal, it’s the best tool for gaining insights and optimizing your Instagram presence. The app unlocks IG accounts on iOS devices, providing full access to others’ accounts so you can manage them as if they were your own (block users, browse users’ IG feed, block inappropriate content, view DMs, etc). 

uMobix - Advanced Access to Instagram Account

For Android users, uMobix takes screenshots of all Instagram activities, delivering vital reports of each move made. It allows you to monitor not only all users’ likes but also posts, interactions, and more. The information is updated every 5 minutes so that you won’t miss anything. 

Hoverwatch: Multiple Device Tracker for Android

Hoverwatch is the perfect Instagram activity tracker designed for those trying to monitor multiple devices simultaneously. Being compatible with multiple device types and operating systems, Hoverwatch allows monitoring up to 25 devices simultaneously (on the “Business” plan). You can explore Instagram gallery, likes, stories, DMs, track follower requests, monitor comments, and more. However, it’s crucial to note that these functions are only available for Android OS (you must install the app to start using it). 

Hoverwatch - Multiple Device Tracker for Instagram

What to Do If You Suspect Your Partner Is Cheating Based on Their Instagram Likes?

Navigating online relationship issues can be complex and ambiguous. The internet has changed the perception of cheating on Instagram. Even innocently liking an Instagram post can create conflict. If your partner is caught online cheating, open communication is vital. Discuss your suspicions and feelings honestly, even if their actions were micro-cheating

Emotional affairs can be as damaging as physical encounters. Be prepared for potential trust issues arising from snooping. Ultimately, it’s crucial to work together with your cheating girlfriend or cheating boyfriend and decide if moving forward is possible. Early and honest discussions about online cheating are essential for understanding each other’s boundaries and rebuilding trust.

FAQs about Instagram

📸 How to see someone’s hidden likes on Instagram?

To see someone’s hidden likes on Instagram, you may use various methods:
– Insta viewer apps: Some third-party apps like Glassagram claim to reveal hidden likes, regardless of the target user’s device. 
– Spy apps: If you want advanced tracking of a person’s Instagram account, choose reliable spy tracking apps like uMobix. 

📸 How to find liked posts on Instagram?

You can easily find your liked post by following the next steps:
1. Tap your profile picture in the bottom right corner to access your profile.
2. Now tap three horizontal points in the top right corner and tap “Your Activity.”
3. Navigate to “Interactions” and choose “Likes.”
4. Select a photo or a video you want to view.
You may also achieve this automatically using Insta viewers or spy apps like uMobix or Hoverwatch. 

📸 What is vanish mode on Instagram?

With vanish mode on Instagram, users can send disappearing messages, photos, and videos in chats. The content vanishes once the chat ends or vanish mode is turned off. It is a secure way of conversation if you do not want to be caught.

📸 Can people see when you screenshot on Instagram?

Never. Instagram does not notify users when someone takes a screenshot of their post. Screenshotting a public post is discreet, and the user won’t be alerted. 

📸 How to view Instagram without an account?

You can use the Glassagram Insta tracker. The app allows its users to view other’s public or private IG accounts data as if they were their followers. Because the app is web-based, you do not need an account created, just know the user’s nickname or profile URL to track their Instagram activity. 

📸 How to watch Instagram stories anonymously?

Several methods enable you to view Instagram stories anonymously:
– Create an anonymous IG account
– Use airplane mode
– Try third-party apps like Hoverwatch, uMobix, and Glassagram

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