Facebook is a leading social media platform that offers various activities, like liking pages, following people, liking posts, photos, and videos, creating groups, or selling products and services. Recently, it has also become possible to see someone’s recent activity on Facebook.

Can You See Someone’s Activity on Facebook?

Yes, it’s possible. There are various ways to view someone’s activity log on Facebook without letting them know. The best part is that you can track your kids, spouse, employees, and friends from a secret account without becoming their friend on Facebook. You won’t even need their login credentials. 


We have identified five superior ways to see someone’s Facebook activity; keep on reading for more details on each of the ways. 

View Activity on Facebook with Facebook Activity Trackers

Surely, one of the best methods to track someone’s activity on Facebook would be a tracker app, or as many call it, a parental control app. With such monitoring apps, you can gain full insight into another person’s online activity; it’s super handy when you need to keep track of what your kids watch or find cheating

We have chosen the three best activity tracker apps and will provide a short review of them. After installing any of these apps, you receive full insight into someone’s Facebook recent activity, including chats, shared media files, contacts, and calls; what’s even better, these apps can track other social media apps too. 

  1. uMobix
Facebook Tracker for iPhones and Androids uMobix


uMobix, a phone tracker that can help you see someone’s activity on Facebook without being friends. With uMobix, you’ll have remote access to your target’s text messages, Facebook location tracker, see whatever they are posting on their Facebook page (either public or private posts), and monitor what they search and whatever they like. What’s more, you can go as far as setting a parameter to receive notifications on trigger actions. To start the monitoring process, purchase the subscription on the website. Remote installation for the target iOS through iCloud and physical one for Android via an apk file is necessary. 

  1. Cocospy

Facebook Spy App Cocospy


The next app we want to introduce is Cocospy, a phone tracker with a long list of features that are ideal for keeping an eye out for children and your office employees during business hours. You’ll have easy access to all text messages and phone calls, going beyond Facebook, and quick updates on locations both presently and in the past. 

Cocospy will help you access all media files and each search made on Facebook or the internet so that you can make sure your employees are making wise decisions when it comes to internet use during work hours. 

  1. Hoverwatch
Facebook spy app - track facebook messages - Hoverwatch


Our last tracker is Hoverwatch, an app that wants to make monitoring as easy as possible as well as completely anonymous. Hoverwatch knows how wide the web is now and how easy it is to hide a fling in your DMs. That’s why it has major features that will keep you in the know about all messages and activities while staying completely invisible. 

You can install the app straightaway and proceed with the easy setup process; when done, you’ll have instant access to Facebook activity and access to other major apps, serving as Snapchat, WhatsApp, or Instagram activity tracker

View Someone’s Activity Log on Facebook Using the Side Tab

The most direct way to view someone’s activity on Facebook is directly through the sidebar. However, there are some demands for this option. First, the person whose activity you wish to track must be in your friend list. Secondly, that person’s profile must also be public, as do the posts they share. 

Activity Log on Facebook

So, to get started, you’ll need to log in to your Facebook account and click on the bell button that’s located next to the chat tab, from there you will have access to recent activities of your friends, such as group messages, new posts, comments, and friend requests. 

If you have the chance to directly access the target phone, you can explore more with the Activity Log, and you can access posts (even the hidden ones), photos, stories, tagged-in posts, and friends they added or removed. With this set of tools, there is a higher chance you’ll catch someone cheating on Facebook

See Someone’s Likes on Facebook Profile Page

facebook likes

A similar method to track someone’s activity on Facebook is through someone’s likes. This method also requires the person to be in your friend list, but unlike the other method, this one requires the targeted person’s account to be private. Actions are pretty simple:

  1. Log into your profile account and open the target profile.
  2. Click on About Info.
  3. Find the Like session.
  4. Click on See All to view what the person likes. 

There you have it, a better look at someone’s interests. Access to likes can help both parents and partners; as a parent, you can see what your child seems to like, and as a partner, you can detect a possible cheating spouse. Dr. Andrea Bonior has mentioned that in her many years as a clinical psychologist and host of a new mental health podcast, she noticed that “With the advent of social media, though, a new kind of cheating has emerged—digital flirtation and intimacy that violate the bounds of a marriage or commitment.”

See Someone’s Activity on Facebook Using Cookie Files

If the two methods mentioned above seem too simple and insightful to you, consider opting for cookies. Cookie files are collected by websites and apps; with the help of these files, you can get information about internet users. 

Fb Cookie Files

These cookie files track browsing sessions, meaning they collect all data, even sensitive ones such as passwords and direct messages. If you are in dire to see someone’s activity on Facebook app, try using cookie files.

You should consider that you and the target person’s device need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network in order to start scooping cookies. Also, you will need specific extensions that will target the person’s browser and will store cookies. Before you get too excited, remember that cookies won’t give straight-up details; instead, you need to work on tricking the browser, and it’s crucial you understand how to work with cookie files. 

View Some People’s Facebook Activity Log by Hacking Their Account

If you are eager to know what your kids, partner, or employees are up to on Facebook, you can try using various hacking methods to access their accounts. How you gain access to their accounts can vary from professional catch a cheater apps to some popular web tips and tricks. 

Different hacking methods include using a keylogger, phishing methods, resetting passwords, or using spy apps. With a hacked account, you may get answers to all your questions, and you will have access to all the information you wish. However, hacking is an illegal act, and if you choose to do so, you should have a good reason for it. 

Hacking FB

For example, if you suspect your spouse is cheating, we believe that it’s a good enough reason to hack their account and save yourself from an unhealthy relationship. Even though social media is a useful and fun source of content and communications, it’s also a source of many troubles. Benjamin Karney, a professor of social physiology at the University of California at Los Angeles who has studied interpersonal relationships and marriage, states: “For people who are morally willing to and motivated to, social media offers an unprecedented opportunity to engage in unfaithful behavior.”

FAQs About Viewing Someone’s Facebook Activity

How to see what someone likes on Facebook?

The easiest technique to see what someone likes on Facebook is through the Facebook search bar. In the search bar, you’ll need to type in the name of whose likes you want to see, followed by the phrase “liked pictures” or “liked posts”.

Can people see when you view their Facebook?

No, Facebook doesn’t allow people to track who views their profile. The information about what accounts you visit is recorded in your profile in the Facebook search history tab, but visited accounts won’t receive notifications about it. 

How to see recent friend adds on Facebook?

It is super simple to find the recent friends added list on other people’s Facebook accounts. Simply visit their profile, and in the “Friends” tab, you will find a “Recently Added” option, click on it, and you’ll see who they have become friends with recently. 

How to find activity log on Facebook?

To view someone’s activity log on Facebook, you’ll need to start from the main page, tap in the bottom right corner of the Menu bar, scroll down, and tap “Settings & Privacy”. Following that, tap on “Settings”, scroll down to the “Your Information” section, and choose “Activity Log”.

How to see who is searching for you on Facebook?

While you can’t directly see who searches for your profile, there is a life hack that many use. In your Friends list, you’ll need to click on All Friends; at this point, Facebook will sort the people by who you interact with the most. If you don’t seem to remember engaging with an account (liking, tagging, sharing, commenting, etc.), then it is likely that the person is engaging (searching and viewing) your page. 

Final Thoughts

It’s natural if you want to see someone’s activity on Facebook, and now with the progress in technology, there are 5 different ways to do so. Each of them is useful and applies in different situations, considerably the best option would be to use a Facebook activity tracker app; they provide the most relevant information and are safe to use as they have been tested and reviewed by many.

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