Hop in to find out 3 helpful methods on how to track a cheating spouse’s cell phone activities, including texts, location, photos, and much more.

Can I See Her Text Nessages from My Phone?

There is nothing more cruel and heartless than cheating. You start suspecting something when your wife is getting colder, distracted, daydreaming during your time together, and hiding her phone, whenever it’s buzzing with new messages. She might be having her own secrets with girlfriends, preparing a surprise party for you, or, unfortunately, there is another man.

Is it possible for me to view my wife's text messages on my phone

You can install one app, and after that, there is no way she can smile to your face and say that nothing is going on when you have evidence of her romance right on your own phone. It’s always a hard pill to swallow, but it’s better than being cheated on and waiting for the final crash of marriage doing nothing.  

Therefore, if the buzzing of her phone is making your blood boil, and there are too many signals your wife is cheating, there is one way to find out the truth – you could use an app to see who your spouse is texting.

3 Methods on How to See Who Your Wife Is Texting  

Today, we will tell you about 3 methods of how to see who your wife is texting, tools that you could use to check if your wife is on Tinder, as well as instructions on how to install them so that you can pick the one that suits you better. 

Method 1. Read Your Wife’s Text Messages Using the Powerful Monitoring Features of uMobix Tracking App 

Don’t look at the fact that uMobix was primarily created as a parental control program designed to keep minors safe online. This solution is for everyone trying to get other people’s personal information through a smartphone or tablet in a parental or personal context (e.g., unfaithful partner, etc.). 

Messenger Tracker Gives Access to All Messengers with uMobix

The main plus of this method is that uMobix has powerful monitoring features that will help you spy on WhatsApp messages, check wife’s location, track her web activity, and much more. The full-pack plan for 1 month costs $49.99 and gets lower with a longer subscription period.

Powerful Monitoring Features of uMobix

uMobix monitoring, as we mentioned before, has a number of outstanding tools that bring great functionality to this app, including:

  • The Admin dashboard;
  • Total access to the call log;
  • GPS location tracker;
  • Web browser history check;
  • Keylogger function;
  • Photo and video viewing tool;
  • SMS, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Zoom, Telegram, Viber, Viber, WeChat, Skype, Hangouts, Kik, Tinder, Line, and Tiktok monitoring.


  • all iOS devices above the 7.0 version; 
  • all Android devices above the 4.0 version. 

Instruction for Action for Android devices: 

Step 1: Pick and pay for the subscription plan;

Step 2: Go to your desktop and search for “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Special permissions” Then turn on “Unknown sources” and tap “OK”.

Then go to “Settings” > “Passwords & Security” > “Usability” > “Google Play Protect”. Disable “Improve harmful app detection” and “Scan device for security threats”.

Step 3: Instal the uMobix application on the targeted phone. 

Step 4: Log into your uMobix account from any browser and start monitoring the information appearing on the dashboard of the control panel.

Instruction for Action for iPhone devices: 

Step 1:  Choose the plan that works best for you and sign in;

Step 2: Make sure that you know the iCloud login details of the device we are going to monitor. You don’t even need physical access to the target device. 

Step 3: Make sure that iCloud backup on your device is already turned on and 2FA is turned off. You should do this so that you don’t have to get the verification code from the targeted cell phone.

Step 4: Log in using iCloud login details and configure the app. You can start monitoring now. 

Method 2. Check Your Wife’s Text Messages with Cocospy App – No Technical Expertise Needed 

Cocospy is one of the best spy apps in over 190 countries around the world. It is, as well as uMobix, an app that was created as a remote parental control and tracking app that helps keep your loved ones safe but also could be used to read wife’s text messages. Moreover, the Cocospy app has the following key features:

  • SMS monitoring;
  • Location tracking; 
  • Snapchat tracker;
  • Geofence alerts;
  • Site history;
  • Social media messaging; 
  • SIM card information.

No Technical Expertise Needed

Cocospy has been rated as an excellent spy app by its users and tech experts. We can understand the reason behind this by looking at the app’s features, but it shouldn’t stop or scare you if you think this high-tech app is hard to use. 

Spy on Text Messages Online Cocospy

The most complicated part of using Cocospy is the installation and configuration process, which could take up to 10 minutes. 

The monitoring process itself is very clear; the dashboard is easy to navigate and very intuitive, so even if you are not very comfortable with modern tools, it would be no problem using the app at all. 


  • all iOS devices above the 7.0 version 
  • all Android devices above the 4.0 version 

Instruction for Action:

Don’t worry about the installation process, as it’s a bit complicated, but it could still be done within 4 steps for Android and iPhone devices. We explained the whole process in the uMobix part of the articles, which would be exactly the same for the Cocospy app as well. 

Method 3. Spy on Cheating Wife’s Text Messages with Web-Based Tracking of Android Devices – Hoverwatch

Spy on Wife's text messages with Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is a mobile and computer monitoring software that allows users to track another person’s computer or mobile devices without their knowledge. To understand what the program can do for you, it’s important to take a look at its key features:

  • Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat spy;
  • Instagram activity tracker;
  • Access to the camera spying;
  • SMS tracking;
  • GPS location tracker;
  • Web history tracker;
  • Android screenshots;
  • Call recording;
  • Contacts monitoring;
  • Detection of SIM card changes.

Web-Based Tracking of Android Devices

Here we came to the weakness of this method as this app only supports Android devices and is not available on iPhones. If your soulmate has an Android device, this is a great option for you to see wife’s text messages, as Hoverwatch is a great web-based tracking tool. 


  • Android devices;
  • Windows devices;
  • Mac OS X devices.

Instruction for Action for Android devices: 

Step 1: Pick and pay for the subscription plan;

Step 2: Set your permissions for the “Unknown sources” and disable “Improve harmful app detection” and “Scan device for security threats”;

Step 3: Instal the app on the target device;

Step 4: Log into your account and start monitoring. 

Alternative Tools for Secretly Reading Your Wife’s Text Messages:

If you are wondering: “Are there any other different tools to check my wife’s text messages?” or “What are other ways to track my wife’s text messages?” we have your back covered. Below you will find 3 more options on how to catch a cheater that you might find helpful.

Use Message Sync with iCloud 

Message Sync with iCloud 

Apple’s Messages in iCloud feature encrypts your stored iMessage and SMS messages, keeps them in sync between your Apple devices, and backs them up. If you are an iPhone owner, you can follow the instructions from the official iCloud User Guide to connect both devices – yours and your wife’s. This could be a perfect solution for iPhone users who want to get wife’s text messages without using any additional applications. 

Use Wi-Fi to View Text Messages

Use wi-fi to track your wife's text messages

This is not an easy process, but if you and your wife are using the same WiFi, it’s possible to get access to her phone information and browsing history. This method requires you to be a bit tech savvy, so it might be a bit difficult for people without tech skills.  

Use a Keylogger

Use a keylogger to monitor all text messages on your wife's phone

This might be controversial, as the keylogger feature is associated with kids’ safety and parental control, but it’s a great tool to catch a cheating wife as well if you give it a thought. The keylogger works by catching specific words whenever it is typed into the device and gives an alert to your device. So if your wife would be using love or sexual words in messages with anybody but you, you will quickly know about it.


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