Today’s world offers you ample opportunity to meet new people due to the increasingly mobile and connected world. The opportunities help people connect, offering individuals more chances of falling in love. This love sometimes is a thousand miles away. Such love is known as a long-distance relationship. Long-distance love has been there for many generations. Some of the common reasons for long-distance love are moving away for studies, work, or military services, etc. 

One of the biggest fears in a long-distance relationship is that there are plenty of chances your partner may cheat on you. Establishing a clean boundary and being sincere to another may be difficult, though everything might look good at the initial stages. To understand the relationship and commit to it, you must ensure specific rules and regulations with one another. This will bring trust in your relationship, which is essential when you are thousands of miles away from your partner.

What Is A Long-distance Relationship?

What is a long-distance relationship and how to behave in it

A long-distance relationship is a relationship between two individuals that have restricted communications due to geographical boundaries. In a long-distance relationship, partners are committed to being in a relationship irrespective of geographical boundaries. A long-distance relationship is quite popular among students and teenagers. It is estimated that around 25% to 50% of college students are in a long-distance relationship at any given point in time.

Positive Aspects Of A Long Distance Relationship

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is rightly said and can be used in the context of long-distance relationships. Long-distance relationships have several positive aspects that can make love between the two partners grow stronger with time. Below mentioned are some of the positive aspects of a long-distance relationship.

If you can survive the relationship, it will teach you to survive anything in life

surviving in a long-distance relationship

Due to jobs, higher studies, and transfer to different cities, couples are forced to develop long-distance relationships. One thing is quite clear; if you can survive the hardships of long-distance relationships, you can survive any hardships in life. A long-distance relationship makes you healthy and teaches you to live without your partner. 

Long-distance Relationship Teaches Lessons of Effective Communication

When you are not close to your partner, the only way to be close is through effective communication. There is a comprehensive scope of communication in this new era. You can call your partner every day and sometimes hang around doing video chats and texting. All these will help to lessen ineffective communication. You tend to take time for one another when you are in a long-distance relationship and have a heart-to-heart conversation. One of the most prominent things in a long-distance relationship is taking out time for one another that is only possible through effective communication regularly.

Long-distance Relationship Teaches Both Partner To Be Committed

Commitment is a huge word when it is used in a long-distance relationship. Many individuals blame the end of their relationships were due to long distance. This had happened due to less communication or commitment between the two. Long-distance will not work if both partners are not committed to each other. It takes a lot to commit to someone, and a long-distance relationship teaches you the same. If you are not committed, it is advised to carry on the relationship as the long-distance flights, and hours-long Skype calls mean nothing.

You Become Useful In Planning

A long-distance relationship will teach you how to excel in planning. Generally, when you are in a long-distance relationship, planning plays a very vital role. When you are meeting your partner after a long time, you plan several things that are to be done. Besides, each day you plan to spend time over the phone with your partner. All these activities improve your planning in the end.

Best Practices For keeping A long-distance Relationship

In this era of skyping, texting, and calling, long-distance relationships seem easy to commit to. Gone are the days when one had to wait for months and years together to hear the voice of their loved ones. The lack of regular physical contact can be made up with the help of technology vested only if we use it. Below mentioned are some of the points that will help you to maintain a distant relationship with ease.

Prioritize Your Schedule

Different work, school timings can affect a long-distance relationship if not prioritized well. If you want your long-distance relationship to work, you must prioritize your timings. Sometimes time zones are a big issue that needs to be tackled if you want to keep in touch with your partner regularly. Ensure you prioritize your time when you feel you can be very devoted to one another, free from work or other duties.

Do Not Solely Rely On Technology

Do Not Solely Rely On Technology

Many partners believe that doing video calls and phone calls regularly will help keep the relationship healthy forever. It might be working in some context, but most relationships require something more substantial to make it last. Have something with you that belongs to her, such as a token of love. It can be anything from a shawl to a hairband. This one thing will always make you feel near your partner, irrespective of the distance. Also, keeping real pictures  will give you a closer feeling whenever you look at them.

Focus on Quality Communication

It has been seen that conversations over the phone and video calls are more attractive in long-distance relationships. This is because couples living near one another or living together can physically meet their partners, but the same does not apply to a long-distance relationship. In a long-distance relationship, you have to focus on quality communication, as the time spent with your partner is special. Ensure that you talk less about less important things and focus more on quality communication. This will help to keep your long-distance relationship alive.

If you are looking forward to a healthy long-distance relationship, it is advised to communicate regularly for the best results. The problem with not communicating properly can go severe, especially in a long-distance relationship. When you do not communicate regularly with your partner, then there are chances of expectations growing. If not met, expectations will harm the relationship between you two, not a good sign. 

What You Should Not Do In A Long-distance Relationship

Long-distance Relationship and love

Relationships require a lot from both partners to make it last. Normal relationships are sometimes tricky, but long-distance relationships are even more difficult as there are geographical distance restrictions between the partners. Below mentioned are some of the things that you should not do in a long-distance relationship:

  • Do not let the relationship control your life.
  • Do not rely on a single medium of communication. Take the help of various mediums of communication for the best results.
  • Do not blame each other for lost time. 
  • Do not go out of reach when you both are arguing. It is the responsibility of you both to mend things that are going wrong for a healthy relationship.
  • Please do not pretend that everything is ok when it is not. Try to take and solve issues.
  • Do not listen to people about your relationship.
  • Never take each other’s love for granted. When the time comes, you might lose your life’s dearest thing, which is love for your partner.

Role Of Social Media In A Long-distance Relationship

Social media plays an immense role in long-distance relationships. With the introduction of social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, collaborates can communicate and share their interests. Not just Facebook and Instagram, but tons of social media platforms can help you stay in touch with your partner. 

Gone are the days where one had to wait for several months and years together to have a look at their partner. With the advent of internet technology, long-distance has evolved over the years. These days several social media platforms allow partners to interact and have video conversations with uninterrupted experience. Social media has reduced the geographical distance by many folds.

Cheating Signs In A Long Distance Relationship

There are a few signs that you should definitely be looking for in a long distance relationship. If they are not there, then the relationship is probably over, and the two or more people involved need to work together to make it work again.

Cheating signs in a long distance relationship

In a long distance relationship, cheating signs are very clear to see. In fact they are really hard to miss even if you never leave your house and never meet your partner face-to-face (if you’re in London, for instance). They happen whether you’re on the phone or texting each other from faraway countries. That’s because once someone cheats, it stays on their mind for the next day and the next and the next… For a long distance relationship it’s not about two people calling each other “babe” on an infrequent basis; it’s about two people who share a common life experience that is divided into different screens and apps. And when that common life experience is shared between more than one person (and thus it becomes less ‘private’), cheating signs become much more visible.

Signs of cheating in a long distance relationship include:

  1. When one partner suddenly starts talking about their plans for the future instead of their current plans (“I have no idea what I want to do with my life, but I have a good idea that you will be happy if I don’t force you to go through your own misery and financial catastrophe.)
  2. When one partner buys new clothes or cosmetics when they know the other is still dressed like they just got out of bed.
  3. When one partner changes their passwords on online accounts (which should be kept in mind if one partner is especially vulnerable to cyber-attacks).
  4. When one partner pretends to misunderstand what was said, or does something else which suggests they did not hear the original message clearly (e.g., “No, that isn’t a yes”).
  5. When one partner forgets to do something which points out that they are being disingenuous; e.g., forgetting to call back after a night out with friends.

Cheating signs in a long distance relationship often occur at different stages of the relationship, so it’s not always obvious.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do long-distance relationships work?

There are several statistics on the long-distance relationship that show positive results. It is also believed that long-distance relationships work out better than couples geographically nearer to their partner. Long-distance relationships have a higher level of dedication when compared to other couples. Not all long-distance relationships work,several reasons may affect the long-distance relationship.
Long-distance relationships work on several parameters. If both the partners can maintain the necessities like trust, prioritize their schedule for one another, quality communication, and value each other’s goals, these relationships are much more successful. Trust is a considerable parameter when we discuss long-distance relationships. It is a trust that helps both the partners stay focused and committed.

What kills long-distance relationships?

There are several factors responsible for the end of a long distance relationship. Some of the most common factors responsible are mentioned below.
⚠️ Lack of communication between the partners is one of the biggest reasons for ending a long distance relationship.
⚠️ The unresolved fight can affect the relationship. It is advised to finish all disputes between your partners and start fresh for the best results.
⚠️ Infrequent visits can hamper long-distance relationships. Frequent visit with your partner is the best thing you can do to keep your relationship healthy.
⚠️ Not trying hard to mend unresolved issues between you and your partner is another great reason why many long-distance relationships end. 

Why do most long distance relationships fail?

One of the most common reasons for long-distance relationship failure is a lack of trust and commitment. If you are in a long-distance relationship, trust and commitment are all you have, and it should be maintained to keep your relationship alive and healthy.

How do you fix a long-distance relationship that’s falling apart?

Depending on what went wrong, there are several steps you can take to fix a long distance relationship that is falling apart. Below mentioned are some of the measures that you can take to improve your relationship:
⭐ Give yourself some time and think about how meaningful the relationship is for you.
⭐ Please make a list of things that are not working between you two and try solving them.
⭐ Communicate quite often as communication is the key to a long-distance relationship.
⭐ If possible, meet in real life and discuss what went wrong and how to mend it.

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