You wish your close people to be safe, use the iPhone to locate them anytime and anywhere. Thirty years ago, people were thankfully glad to talk to their relatives in the distance, ten years after they could see each other due to the video calls, now they want to know where someone is and what is doing.

The past detective’s dream comes true. You can spy on cheating spouses, competitors, unfaithful partners, and so on. Modern gadgets are equipped with various tools to check whereabouts easily. Apple has developed special native tracking applications for iOS devices.

how to find someone's location on iphone free

This article is handpicked on the different methods that help track the places of someone’s location on the iPhone.

There are many cases when someone may need to find out where someone is, from simple curiosity to quite serious fears for their lives. You can extract the iPhone users’ current location both secretly and quite openly.

Locate Another iPhone With The Owner’s Permission

You take care of your family and friends, so they willingly agree to share with you their whereabouts.

Before choosing the most appropriate way of tracking someone’s iPhone, be aware of your and someone’s iPhone version.

Family Sharing App

Family Sharing is not the only app for entertainment, such as using together content, acquired due to iTunes, App Store, or Apple Music. This app allows six family members on different Apple ID’s to see each other location.

To use GPS options for Family Sharing app with Find My iPhone, you need to start with setting up the Family Sharing Group by applying an Apple ID and logging in to iCloud. Then the family group organizer sends invitations to all members. One iPhone can’t participate in different groups at a time.

Family Sharing App

The family organizer should turn on the option of sharing geo positions in the family group and let other members share the location in Find My Friends and iMessages (on iOS 15 & more).

If someone’s like to be out of tracking in some cases, he’ll need to switch the option Share location off in iCloud, the same can-do your close relatives.

You can check the Sharing location status through Settings + Your Name (on iOS 15 + iCloud). Tapping someone from family’s names, you’ll give him or her access to your location.

One of the Family Sharing useful options is receiving Notification of someone’s leaving or arrival at some places.

As long as their iPhones are turned on and have Wi-Fi connection or 3G / 4G / 5G, you’ll see each family member’s location on a map. It’s enough just to choose someone’s name to get current location directions and set up “Notify Me”. There is a convenient feature to edit a Location name for often visited places to track them quickly, for instance, Home, Office, School, Family cafe, etc. in Notifications.

Your family can see your departures, thanks to Back Notifications, if you activate them.

iMessage App

iMessage is a built-in iOS messenger that is used not only to write but also to sharing map iMessage geo position.

iMessage App

Remember how to see someone’s location on the iPhone of your family’s member, you need to choose one of your family’s iMessage and the name of someone from your family, then click “info.” The location on a map will be shown if someone agrees to share option.

iMessage let you Share My Location or Send My Current Location not only to your family, to anyone according to your discretion.

Find My Friends

Find My Friends

Find my Friends is convenient to track your friends:

  • Enable “Add Friends”, then “Share My Location” (“Share Indefinitely” for no time limits) on your friends’ iPhones, “Share Their Location” to Your iPhone;
  • After noticing their shared location, tap “Accept”, select a “Don’t Share” popup, if you don’t want to show your whereabouts, to stay untracked;
  • You can make their ‘Find My Friends’ App disappear temporarily by using the dock or folder. But both methods should be repeated every time after restarting the iPhone as the app appears on the home screen.

Find My iPhone

The Find my iPhone is Apple’s native free service, integrated with iCloud. That’s why a target device you’d like to put a tracker on, is to have a link to your account in iCloud. The main aim of the app is to find someone’s own iPhone, but not always.

Find My iPhone app

Follow these tips on how to see someone’s location on iPhone:

  • Set up the Find my iPhone option, go to the gadget Settings, iCloud, Find my iPhone and turn it on;
  • Browse the iCloud official website to find someone elses iPhone. Log-in to the linked to the target device iCloud account;
  • Choose the “Find my iPhone” and necessary iPhones from the account, receive the exact iOS device’s position.

To disable Location Sharing, the iPhone user can go to Settings, insert Your Name, then Find My, and turn the option off. It becomes the main disadvantage of this simple service for someone, who is spying when the checked iPhone’s owner can switch Find my iPhone off anytime.

Find my iPhone is used to locate someone’s device, while Find my Friend is a social location-sharing app.

How To Find Someone’s Missing iPhone

Missing iPhone

Joining the Family Sharing group and enabling the geolocation sending to the family members, they will be able to help to search your device in case of its loss.

Find My iPhone

Tips how to “stuff” your iPhone to find it easier:

  • Switch Find My iPhone on before you lose your device;
  • Activate the Last geolocation Notification with the battery is low – this will help to detect a loss with a dead battery;
  • Put “Notify me” and request sending a Notification by e-mail when the found device is connected to the Internet if it is not currently active;
  • Use the “Medical Record” function in the “Health” application (available with iOS 8), fill in “Contacts in case of emergency”;
  • Enable the option “The lock screen” – then someone, who has found your phone, will be able to contact you after seeing a message with a backup number.

The best solution in case of the lost or stolen iOS device is to:

  1. Go to, log in with your iCloud account;
  2. Enable the Find My iPhone mode;
  3. Insert your password and Apple ID.

After that, you can easily see the location of your iPhone and even its movements around the city.


  • Access the Find My iPhone app on another iOS device.
  • Tap All Devices menu, then choose your missing iPhone.

If the green dot is located next to the device, named in the list, then the iPhone is online, and its current location is displayed. Find My iPhone will track the device’s movements as long as Lost Mode is active.

If all the search methods are unsuccessful, you can remotely (even if the phone is turned off or the battery is low):

  • Lock access to your iPhone data;
  • In extreme cases, completely Erase your database on the gadget.

Changes will take effect immediately upon startup. You will not be able to use the iPhone after such deletion.

Find Someone’s Location On iPhone Without Their Knowing

The parental monitoring apps are helpful to detect kids’ location, using their iPhones remotely.

A guy watches his girlfriend's location on his iPhone without her knowledge

Such third-party control apps, which installed on both kids’ and parents’ cell phones, are the most reliable and popular among parents. Their Pros is that children can’t stop tracking from their devices as it’s possible in case of using Find My or other native iPhone tools.

KidsGuard Pro

Buying KidsGuard Pro premium plan, after app installation without jailbreaking, you receive unlimited remote access to your child’s iPhone and tracks GPS locations.

You should pass successfully iCloud account verification to be connected to KidsGuard Pro’s web control panel, where you’ll monitor your kid’s iPhone, see updated data on the Locations tab.

KidsGuard Pro allows someone to try a free demo, which will show someone this app usability.

KidsGuard Pro is a “must-have” software that enables you to secretly keep an eye on your kid without having access to the target iOS devices. The real-time location is displayed on a digital map; it’s clear how to put a tracker on an iPhone and check the previous location history.


This app starts checking the location on iPhone after you download FamiSafe from App Store or Google Play and register the same account for both devices.

You can see iPhone location history to keep tracking your children.

Spying Apps

Among Apple’s native apps to find someone’s location on the iPhone, you can provide your gadget with some third-party tools. Such applications assist you in extracting the iPhone location history of the target device. This brief overview of the apps 2022 for iOS lets you know how to spy.

Many catch a cheater apps are difficult to compete with iOS 16, especially because of jailbreak necessity.

Apple is against any hacking of the iPhone. After the jailbreak procedure, the Apple device owner is deprived of the right to have technical support and warranty.

Someone often resorts to jailbreaking to expand the capabilities of the device to install applications from third-party sources (not the App Store). Software available in Cydia, unlike the App Store, is not tested for security.


Cocospy App is developed to find someone’s location on iPhone secretly without installing an app on it.

There are the main features:

  • Free Cell Phone Tracker;
  • Legal software to find someone’s location on iOs devices;
  • Known in 190 countries;
  • Has no-jailbreak function;
  • No need to have physical access to tracked devise.

There are three steps and you’ll become a 24-hour spy:

  • Register a Cocospy account your email and password are required;
  • To sign up, provide the Target iPhone credentials and its username on the iCloud;
  • To login to the details of the watched phone’s iCloud account, you will be able to view this device geo-position.


Spyic’s iPhone spy software doesn’t require a jailbreak.

For iOS device tracking, Spyic doesn’t require you to install any app on the target phone. Therefore, there is no chance of the users ever finding out that you are monitoring them.

You should sign up for Spyic and get a subscription plan. Then, you’ll be able to locate the iPhone its number. Someone’s recent locations are available along with the timestamps, Geofencing feature. You can set up boundaries for the device’s location on the map. If the device crosses these preset boundaries, Spyic sends you an emergency alert.


XNSPY is a modern software to monitor iPhones. iOS GPS Tracker shows the location and its history on all iOS gadgets from iPhone 6 to iPhone XS, and Xs Max. If someone wants to subscribe to Xnspy, he’ll need to purchase one of the plans.

Someone should start setting up with logging into your Xnspy account using the credentials sent to his email account. Select the iOS (no-jailbreak), then iCloud setup. Enter the iCloud registration details (ID and password). If on the device the two-factor identification is authorized, someone needs to insert the 2fa code. Select the device to monitor the iPhone. Tap Finish to complete the installation process.

This spying app allows parents and employers to track their children and employees correspondingly. Be attentive, avoid such fake apps as: Xyspy, Xpspy. These apps could take someone’s personal information away.


If someone wants to monitor a person, who has an old iPhone model, in this case, GuestSpy will come in handy the best. The app is designed to find someone’s location on any of the iPhone 2G/3G/3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C models, but not later than the iPhone 5C.

Someone has to jailbreak the iPhone and install this soft, using the Cydia utility. But, maybe, an old iPhone model is already been with the jailbreak, so GuestSpy will be more appropriate.


mSpy is packed with different features that enable you to control an iPhone. You can harness its remote-control options to keep an eye on the target phone and its location on the detailed map online from your Control Panel.

mSpy is compatible with the iPhone, but it would require you to jailbreak your iPhone before installing it for the Geofencing option. To monitor someone’s iPhone using mSpy without jailbreak, you need to get iCloud credentials and back up. 2-steps verification has to be disabled or you’ll need the physical access to the device.

You can be confused about how to track someone’s location on iPhone secretly when the user has turned off both GPS and Wi-Fi on the target device, but it’s still possible due to cell phone towers.


There are many iPhone location-tracking apps in the market. Don’t trust free spying services, they can be either useless or fake. It’s up to you whether to risk by jailbreaking the iPhone or not to spy someone’s location. Choosing jailbreak, your iPhone data can be vulnerable to hackers’ attacks.

iPhone locate tracking

Concerning iCloud, if you and your relatives wish to be safe and share your location anytime, you should know and remember that:

  • To access information, your relatives need to know iCloud account password;
  • Location data is sent over the Internet through a Wi-Fi connection or via mobile Internet;

In places where network access is not available, the location cannot be determined. That’s why all tracing features only work if geolocation and remote control are enabled on the iPhone.

Anyway, be careful if you are driven by curiosity and slight suspicion.

Trust is not easy to regain. Depending on your situation, make the right choice on how to find someone’s location on iPhone!

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