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How To Find Out If Someone Has a Tinder Profile

    The girls definitely have a Tinder profile

    Tinder is the showstopper of the new era of online dating. From courtships to hookups, digitizations have encroached almost everywhere and Tinder is one of the biggest alibis. It is extremely easy to sign up and hold a dating app profile these days. According to data in one of the USA study reports more than 42 percent of Tinder Users are Married.

    If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you with other people and the channel is Tinder, here are some of the easiest ways to find out who is on Tinder:

    1. Spy Apps That Spy On Their Phone

    Install a spy app on your partner’s phone. It helps you detect almost every piece of information on your partner’s phone. Through some eminent spy apps, you shall be able to see if someone is on Tinder and whether they are using the profile actively.

    2. Have Your Own Account And Set Preferences

    If there is no spy app to help you out, you have to be the spy to know if someone is on Tinder. Ignite your snoopy dog character and sign up to hold a Tinder account. Join yourself (we know you are not interested in dating because you are loyal and not a cheater) and set preferences to hide your profile. Now you can easily check out and keep a watch on your Partner.

    3. Change The Location Settings

    Even after opening a Tinder account, luck might not favor you and you may not be able to find out the person you are looking for. In that case, you can apply a small hack. Change your location settings to a place where the person you are looking for on Tinder resides,  to tell if someone is on Tinder. This mobile app often checks the proximity of a location to suggest search results.

    4. Tinder Username Search

    For many other similar apps, the search option is a bit complex and can often be misleading. Tinder uses a unique URL system for identification and searching for users that make it easier to search for people and the results are not misleading. Use the search name properly to find out who is on Tinder.

    5. Run a Google Search

    No one can hide anything from Google. Simply run a google search and if they haven’t yet hidden their profiles, you will come to know about their Tinder profiles. Google Search Engine helps to check if someone is on Tinder. 

    6. Uncover Tinder Profiles With Truthfinder

    Truthfinder is a popular application that can help you find information about people on dating apps through their email addresses. Truthfinder searches millions of public records to help you find out about someone’s Tinder profile.

    7. Search Tinder Profiles With BeenVerified

    Download the Been Verified Application and create your own profile. Now start using its amazing features to trace the presence of your partner’s profile on Tinder. Been Verified has some cool features to help you identify your partner’s profile on Tinder and also spy on their activity.

    8. Social Catfish

    Social Catfish is an extremely well-known interface to find out verified accounts on any social media and dating application. Through the highly effective reverse search mode, you can easily find out whether your partner has a Tinder account

    9. Using Spokeo

    If you are in a dilemma regarding how to find out if someone has a Tinder profile or not, Spokeo can be an excellent platform. The best part is that Spokeo can help you to conduct the search based on any information that you have about the person, it could be only the image, the username, and get an answer to Is my cheating spouse on Tinder.

    How To See If Someone Is Active On Tinder

    boyfriend on Tinder

    It is important to check someone’s activity frequency on Tinder before suspecting your husband/wife. Studies show that more than 17 percent of people who are already in a committed relationship use Tinder to cheat on partners.

    Here are some important online ways to find out whether someone is active on Tinder: 

    1. Recently Active Symbol

    A recently active symbol for Tinder is a green dot that appears beside the profile photo of the person. If you see the green dot beside their photos, it clearly indicates that have been just active or are active currently. However, you cannot see the time for which they have been active or how many minutes back their account on Tinder is active.  

    2. Change In Profile

    Tinder profiles are quite rigid to change. So every time you see a profile, make sure you take a screenshot of the same. The next time you open the account and see any change in profile photo or bio, be sure they have been recently active. Use the screenshot as a past reference to catch a cheater

    3. Check Their Last Location

    If your girlfriend/boyfriend is active on Tinder, their location will keep on being updated from time to time. So you can know with the dynamicity of location whether a person has been recently active on Tinder or not. If they are not, the account will stick to the information of their past location

    If Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Still Has Tinder On His Phone, It Is a Sign Of Cheating

    boyfriend and girlfriend profile on tinder

    Having an account on Tinder in spite of being involved in a relationship with someone can be clear signs of cheating,  infidelity, and betrayal. There is no need to even check out people if you are loyal and committed to someone. But it may also happen that your partner had a Tinder account in the past and later forgot to remove it. Thus, more than relying on whether your partner has a dating account, check out whether they are active on Tinder or not.

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