Tinder is the showstopper of the new era of online dating. From courtships to hookups, digitizations have encroached almost everywhere, and Tinder is among the major flagships. It is extremely easy to sign up and hold a dating app profile these days. According to data in one of the USA study reports, more than 42 percent of Tinder users are married.

If you suspect that your partner is cheating on Tinder, here are some of the easiest ways to find it out:

1. Spy Apps That Spy on Their Phone

A spy app installed on your partner’s phone will help you detect almost every thing going around. Through some eminent tools, you will be able to see if a person of interest is on Tinder and whether they are using the profile actively.

2. Sign up for an Account and Set Preferences

If you prefer to resort to another method, it is possible to find out if someone is on Tinder by becoming a spy on your own. Ignite your snoopy dog character and sign up for a Tinder account (we know you are not interested in dating because you are loyal and not a cheater). Set preferences to hide your profile, and you’re good to go! Keep a watch to spot your partner and get them busted.

3. Change Location Settings

Even after creating a Tinder account, luck might not favor you, and you may not be able to find out the person you are looking for. In that case, you can use a small hack. Change your location settings to a place where the person you are looking for on Tinder resides. This mobile app often checks location proximity to suggest search results.

4. Tinder Username Search

On other similar apps, the search option may be a bit complex and misleading. Whereas Tinder uses a unique URL system for identification and searching for users that makes it easier to obtain wanted results. Use the search name properly to determine whether your loved one is on Tinder.

5. Run a Google Search

Digital footprints can expose many secrets. Simply check if someone is on Tinder by running a google search. If they haven’t yet hidden their profile, you may stumble upon it. Google search engine is a way out to quench your concerns.

6. Uncover Tinder Profiles with TruthFinder

TruthFinder is a popular application that can help you find information about people on dating apps through their email addresses. TruthFinder searches millions of public records, so with the help of its extensive database, it’s possible to look up a profile of interest on Tinder.

7. Search Tinder Profiles with BeenVerified

BeenVerified is another go-to option to trace the presence of your partner’s profile on Tinder. Download BeenVerified and create a profile to use its nifty features and run a background search. By tracking the digital impact, the service will provide you with an in-depth declaration related to a phone number.

8. Social Catfish

Social Catfish is an extremely well-known interface to find out verified accounts on any social media and dating app. Through the highly effective reverse search mode, it is possible to easily determine whether your partner has a Tinder account.

9. Using Spokeo

If you are in a dilemma regarding how to find out if someone has a Tinder profile or not, Spokeo can be an excellent solution. It collects data from offline and online sources and can help you conduct the search based on little information you have about the person – whether a phone, address, name, or email. Dispel or confirm your suspicions about your cheating spouse on Tinder.

How to See If Someone Is Active on Tinder

boyfriend on Tinder

Before confronting your husband or wife, it is important to have credible evidence at hand to avoid groundless conflict. For reference, studies show that more than 17 percent of people who are already in a committed relationship use Tinder to cheat on partners. So how can you be sure that your soulmate is sincere? What if they just forgot to delete their profile and have been off the site for a long time?

Here are some handy online ways to find out whether someone is active on Tinder: 

1. Recently Active Symbol

A recently active symbol for Tinder is a green dot next to the profile photo. If you spot this sign, it clearly indicates that they have been just active or are active currently. However, it is impossible to see when exactly they have been active or how many minutes back their account on Tinder was active.  

2. Change in Profile

Tinder profiles are quite rigid to change. So every time you see a profile of the target person, make sure you take a screenshot of the same. The next time you open Tinder and see any change in their profile photo or bio, be sure – they have been recently active. Use the screenshot as a past reference to catch a cheater

3. Check Their Last Location

If your girlfriend/boyfriend is active on Tinder, their location will be updated from time to time. By checking out the dynamicity of location, you can know whether a person has been recently active on Tinder or not. If they are not, the account will stick to the information of their past location.

If Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Still Has Tinder on Their Phone, It Is a Sign Of Cheating

boyfriend and girlfriend profile on tinder

Having an account on Tinder in spite of being involved in a relationship with someone can be a clear sign of cheating, infidelity, and betrayal. There is no need to even check out people if you are loyal and committed to someone. But it may also happen that your partner had a Tinder account in the past and later forgot to remove it. Thus, more than relying on whether your partner has a dating profile, check out whether they are active on Tinder or not.

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  1. Not everyone has a Tinder profile. The majority of people don’t — but why? Why is there such reluctance to reveal one? The answer comes down to: privacy.

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