It might feel disheartening when a perfect couple relationship starts to move in the wrong direction. There might be various reasons for it, but the hardest one – lying spouse. Loose of trust can occur because of multiple reasons, such as unconfidence, cheating, problems at work, etc. Most of the doom is lying, but we all react in different ways once we are lied to. A lie is left unnoticed by someone, but it often becomes a point of concern in a relationship. Psychologists believe that trust issue in marriage is one of the reasons for a breakup. The lie takes first place among reasons for a fight, according to research. Find out how to deal with a lying spouse in today’s guide.

What Might Be The Reason Your Spouse Is Lying To You?

setting boundaries with a lying spouse
Setting Boundaries with a Lying Spouse

A decent relationship between two loving people is built on trust. In case spouses lie to each other, there might be some reasons for it. Let’s now go deeper into reasons that are bringing lies into a relationship. 

Fear of Hurting A Loved One

Truth is not always a pleasant thing. And unfortunately, a lot of people want others to be quite honest with them. But then it turns out they were not ready to hear the truth. 

To keep The Relationship Stable

Sometimes, we think that we lie for the better. We choose to lie to someone in order to keep the balance of our relationship safe. We don’t want to have any drama that could disbalance a perfect relationship. But sometimes you end up called a lying spouse. 

Lie For Self-defense

In some cases, we prefer to lie to our partners in order to protect ourselves from too many questions. We come up with some weird excuses so that we don’t need to get into details of what really happened. Like we sometimes do with our work problems. We simply don’t want to get deep into it. So our advise here – do not overthink.

Low Self-esteem

We want to show our best side to our loved ones. We all want a better version of ourselves. Here is why sometimes we might overestimate our positive qualities and give ourselves those qualities we don’t really have. This lie comes not from bad intentions, but in the end, once the truth is revealed, it might cause some trouble.  

A Lie To Save Face

this is a common reason for men to lie. Men always want to be strong and independent. And not always they want their partners to know it is not always true. Of course, cheating can be another reason when partners don’t want to lose their face. Here comes an easy way out – a lie.  But if you think that a lying spouse cheats – it is not always true. 

As it turns out, spouses may lie to each other not because they want to hurt one’s feelings. It often happens out of good intentions, and has no reason for worry. A lying spouse doesn’t always mean it is over. This is why it is crucial to clear reasons for lying as soon as it is revealed. And of course, before you start accusing your partner of lying, make sure you take some time to monitor behavior and actions.If your gut feeling doesn’t lie to you, any lie will be exposed sooner or later.

5 Signs Your Spouse Is Lying To You

lying spouse signs
How to Tell if Your Spouse is Lying?

One day you wake up and have a compulsive thought you are being lied to. You are not sure if you should take them seriously. What changes in your spouse’s behavior should be a hint for you that are right? Here are five signs of deception in a relationship:

1-Sign: Contradicting Statements

Your spouse often confuses in their own stories. When a person lies a lot, they often forget small details from what they are telling their partner. When you hear some moments during the story that contradict each other, it’s time to assume your spouse is lying to you.

2-Sign: Active Gesticulation

When we are trying to lie, one thing we cannot do – fool ourselves. Our body starts to respond with active gestures, nervosity, and unconfidence the moment we start to lie. As an example, we try to close ourselves by crossing our arms or legs. Or a lying spouse suddenly starts to feel hot and gets wet palms.

3-Sign: Avoiding Eye Contact

A person that is lying is always trying to avoid eye contact. Or even vice versa, looking at you too often, trying to see if you noticed the lie or not. When a liar is trying to hide the truth, they even start to wink less often.

4-Sign: Fast Speech

Being under stress while hiding the truth person often starts to talk differently. In case your spouse starts to talk faster than usual, it means they want to hide the stress. Subconsciously we cannot control our body, and our speech is often what exposes our lie. 

5-Sign: Lying In Small Things

Let’s be honest. When your partner lies to you about small stuff, it most likely there might be a bigger lie. In case such small lies happen often, it might be a sign your partner doesn’t really care about you. 

It doesn’t mean all these signs of a lying spouse apart tell that your partner is cheating you. Yes, you are being lied to, but it doesn’t always mean a bad thing. It might be that your spouse only wants to hide some money issues, health concerns, or any kind of addictions. The best way to find out – is a dialogue. We all know how lying affects relationship, especially in the long term. And the question is what to do?

How To Catch A Lying Spouse

umobix spy app to catch a cheater
umobix spy app to catch a cheater

In case you want to find out what is really hiding behind the lie, you need some efficient methods. One of these methods is to use a cell phone tracker. uMobix tracking software will help you reveal the truth. With only 5 minutes from installation to use, you can access your spouse’s phone. With the app’s help, you can access calls, messages, social media, and browser history. Once you get access to all this information, understanding the reason for lying is no longer a problem. As soon as you have a carte blanche, you are free to decide what to do next with your relationship.

How To Confront with A Lying Spouse Now

Having an open conversation might not always resolve the problem in a relationship. First thing you can do – try to understand why your spouse lied to you. Once you know the most common signs of a lying spouse, here comes the time when you analyze your partner’s behavior. It might take some time to understand, but don’t start any dialogue once you are on the peak of your emotions.  

After analyzing the situation for some time,try to talk without any scandal to your partner and find out the reason for such behavior. If it is not a psychological disorder, people don’t lie for no apparent reason. Once you catch your spouse on a lie, ask to be honest and explain why it happened. One thing for sure – don’t let it go and pretend it never happened. Otherwise, it might repeat. Third thing you could do – share with your partner how you feel. Explain which emotions lying brings to you, try to define how it feels when your beloved does not trust you. After all, lying in a relationship is an absence of trust, isn’t it?

Frequently Asked Questions

A person who lies to you has many goals, and these FAQs will help you better understand the signs of a lying spouse:

How can you cope with a lying spouse?

Always try to build a truthful conversation if you catch a lying spouse. We all know dialogue is the best way to solve a problem in a relationship. But in case it doesn’t help, try to monitor why your spouse lies to you and analyze the behavior. After all, if nothing helps, you can use other methods.

My husband lies about everything, is he cheating?

Some people lie for no reason. Lying does not always mean cheating. It might be that your spouse only wants to hide some money issues, health concerns, or any addictions. So don’t always count a small lie as a sign of cheating. The best way to find out the truth – is through dialogue.

What are the possible ways I can investigate if my husband is lying?

First, try to observe your husband’s behavior. Once you find some suspicious actions, then you can start to initialize a dialogue. But make sure you do not scream or argue because this will take away your chances to know the truth. If it doesn’t work, then you could try to get inside your husband’s devices.

Can a liar be faithful in marriage?

A lie does not always mean cheating. There are dozens of reasons why your spouse can lie. It all can happen because of a bad mood, health problems, work concerns, and many other reasons. So before you really start to suspect your partner cheating try to exclude all other causes from the list.

When to leave a lying spouse?

The red flag when you should walk away from a lying spouse should be cheating in the relationship. There is no excuse for betrayal. But you can always think it over and make a personal decision.

What does the bible say about a lying spouse?

“God hates liars.” And every person is a manifestation of God. That is why all the holy scriptures say that lying is one of the worst sins. You should not lie and cheat on your spouse.

Conclusion: How to Trust Spouse After Lying?

Trust Spouse After Lying

Therefore, after investigating the reasons for lying, talking to your partner, and accessing your cell phone with a tracker, you choose. You either keep the relationship on track, or you break up. We all know it takes ages to gain trust, but it takes only minutes to ruin it. If you agree to stay together and you are given a promise that the lie is over, this should be the last chance. But if after all the drama you came through, the lie is not over, it seems like it is high time to think if such a relationship is really worth it. Should you really stay in a relationship where you are not treated properly?

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