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Gut Feeling on Cheating

Do you have a gut feeling telling you that your partner might be cheating on you? According to the LA Intelligence Detective Agency, nearly 30% to 60% of married couples went through cheating at least once. Besides, 68% of women and 74% of men admitted that they’d cheat if they knew that they would never get caught. Also, marriage breakups of about 69% occurred due to extramarital affairs being discovered.

In many cases, the gut feeling does not appear suddenly. When it comes, it indicates there is something to be concerned with.

You cannot ignore your intuition; sometimes, it makes us aware of a few negative things. Have you recently started fearing losing your loved one? The cheating partner is not a rare thing in society today. If you have a hunch that they’re being unfaithful, there must be some reasons behind it.

What Is Gut Feeling or Intuition?

According to a new study, the ‘inner voice’ can play a major role in decision-making.

As stated in the online journal Psychological Science, a new technique has been devised by researchers for the first time to measure intuition. After using the method, it has been found that intuition can be used by people to make accurate, faster, and more confident decisions.

Gut Feeling or Intuition in women is a special feeling

In the words of Joel Pearson, an associate psychology professor at the University of New South Wales and the prime author of the study, intuition does exist, and researchers can measure it.

In one of his articles, Art Markman, a Ph. D. Psychology Professor, mentioned that intuition is not entirely fiction. It derives from experience and turns out to be a reliable element for making clear decisions.

“Trust your gut” is an old saying. It means you should listen to your mind if it tries to say something to you. The gut feeling makes you suspicious about something, giving you a constant uneasy feeling. A ‘cheating expert’ and psychologist from the Relationship Room in Balmain, Rachel Voysey, believes that when it comes to infidelity, in most cases, women’s intuition is correct.

You may not have proof, but your mind is so sure that your partner has another relationship.

The Impact of Intuition on a Relationship

Although you meet a lot of people, you fall in love with a certain person. Such things happen due to your intuition. Gut instinct helps you to understand a person’s feelings towards you. Thus, the same gut feeling alerts you when your partner cheats. When you think that your boyfriend is cheating, you should give it attention and track their activities.

A young couple drinking beer and enjoying life

The Truth About Deception website regularly conducts new surveys about cheating in relationships. The result is quite interesting: about 48.1 % of males and almost 73.7 % of females who cheated in a relationship did so due to relationship issues. As per the Superdrug Online Doctor poll, both women and men cheat in a relationship due to different reasons.

Do You Have a Gut Feeling About Cheating?

Michael Pratt, an intuition researcher, Ph.D., and professor of organizational studies at Boston College, states that our brain is constantly observing, sensing, and interpreting other kinds of nonconscious work. Besides, Pratt also says that our intuition can reach deep-seated knowledge, which is impossible with conscious disentangling.

An intuition about cheating may be based on some logical reasons. Some signs create an internal feeling that your partner may be cheating on you. However, it does not mean that your instinct is correct all the time.

No Proof Only Gut Feeling that Husband Is Cheating

The Journal of Marriage and Divorce states that around 70% of married Americans cheat on their significant other in their marriage at least once. Younger men are more loyal to their partners. Around 17% of men in the 35-64 age group and around 19% of 65+ men cheat on their partners. Thus, intuition about cheating develops among women in long-term relationships.

No Proof Only Gut Feeling that Wife Is Cheating

As per the General Social Survey, 13% of women and 20% of men cheat on their partners. In recent years, the cheating trend has developed more among younger women. So, if you have a gut feeling your wife is cheating on you, maybe your instinct is guiding you to the right path.

How Shall I Listen to My Intuition in Relationships?

If you have a feeling in your bones that your boyfriend is cheating, you should not ignore it. Instead, listen to yourself and inspect the reason.

Slow Down the Pace of Your Life

We hardly get time to focus on what is going on through the conscious mind when we are in a real hurry. Everything appears to be a blur when your life is actually in full mode gear.

Take some time, reduce the pace of life, and enjoy the comforts for which you have worked so hard. Align yourself to the tune of the Universe and understand the world around you. When relaxed, you can access your subconscious mind better. Breathing exercises and meditation can help you.

Turn Inward

We are conditioned to look into the outward world to see how our words and actions are perceived. But it fails to help us with intuitive skills. When you stay in touch with your sensations, feelings, and emotions, you can understand what’s going on at the subconscious level of your mind.

How Strong Is Your Gut Feeling?

Sometimes, you may suspect your partner for no reason. In such cases, the gut feeling will not be strong. But it may be strong, for instance, when you start getting less attention from them.

Trust Your Mind

If a few concerning thoughts keep on chasing you, you should not ignore them. If you have a suspicion they are cheating, you must trace their daily activities.

Talk to Your Partner

When your get negative vibes about your spouse, you should talk to them. After that, you strengthen your gut feeling or dispel doubts.

Try to Find a Logical Explanation

If you have a sixth sense or paranoia about cheating, you should find time to analyze the situation. Counter the negative things with arguments to establish the truth.

Are You Emotionally Driven?

Sometimes, people cannot separate gut feeling and emotional drive. You need free time to calm your mind. The instinct will stay for a long time, but the emotional drive will soon fade away.

Are They Cheating on Me? Am I Paranoid?

If you have a strong lack of confidence in your partner, you should inspect a few signals indicating that they may have an affair. However, people may also become paranoid for no real reason. Check out the signs below to clear up the confusion.

Am I paranoid or not

Being Secretive About the Phone

Has your partner become secretive about their phone? Do they immediately snatch away the phone from you, even if you just touch it? Did they set up a new password? These are common signs that indicate that your spouse may have an extra-marital affair.

Working Overtime

Has your spouse started working overtime lately? There are only two reasons. Firstly, they are putting extra effort into work. Secondly, they have an affair with someone.

Obsession with Looks and Fitness

Does your partner spend time frequently standing in front of the mirror? When a person suddenly becomes too obsessed with fitness and looks, it creates a gut feeling of cheating among the partners.

Spending Time on Social Media

The use of social media is not a new thing for today’s generation. But, an increased obsession with online networks rings the alarm. Moreover, when a person is cheating on their partner, they will never keep the password same for all their social media accounts. If your spouse has come up with new fake profiles or using multiple accounts on social media, it’s quite prominent that they are up to something fishy.

Not Spending Time with Friends

Men and women love to spend time with friends when they have enough free time. As well as with their sweethearts, of course. If you notice the opposite for a few months, it increases the concern that they must be deceiving you.

Some Good Reasons Why You Should Not Avoid Your Intuition

According to Psychological Studies, ‘gut instinct’ or ‘intuition’ can be defined as the ability to immediately understand something without any conscious reasoning. A graduate student from the University of Missouri determined that individuals who trust their instinct are less likely to commit immoral acts at times as compared to those who ignore their intuition.

Your mind does not lie. Thus, you should give importance to your gut feeling to determine whether your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating. Find five reasons to listen to your intuition.

Conversations Are Not Like Before

Has your loved one been spending less time with you? Do you have nothing to talk about? Do they feel irritated when you ask them about their day? Such signs are common if your partner is cheating on you.

Emotional Distance with Your Partner

Has the emotional attachment between you two become weak? Do you feel that there is no physical spark between you two any longer? Cuddling and hugging no longer interest them? Such things happen in many couples when one of the partners enters into a new relationship.

My Spouse Gets Angry and Irritated

Do they feel irritated when you ask them out for a movie or dinner at their favorite restaurant? Are they getting angry and shouting when you ask them to bring something for their little princess? If your spouse gets irritated for no reason, it suggests that your suspicion about cheating might be right.

Discuss Infidelity with Your Partner – Check Their Attitude

What does your partner think about infidelity? Even if you get a moral answer about infidelity from your cheating partner, they may be soft on punishing those who are not loyal to their spouse.

Follow the Recent Changes on Their Social Media Accounts

Changes in social media accounts may confirm your inner feeling that your spouse is cheating. For example, they may remove relationship status or change photos frequently. Many such signs suggest there is an existence of a third person in your relationship.

Should You Trust Your Feelings and Yourself?

Of course, you need to trust your intuition because we all have specific insights depending on the situation. Thus, we can judge evil and good. So, the mind’s power should not be underestimated. If you don’t respect your feelings, who else will? The feeling of being cheated on by your partner is not normal. Most certainly, something has happened that is forcing you to think like this.

Studies have revealed that about 85% of women having a gut feeling that they are being cheated upon by their partners end up being right. Most of the time, your inner voice is worth paying attention to. So, it’s worth finding out when “something just feels off.”

Signals that Indicate Your Intuition Is Working

Premonition of infidelity in a relationship

You Want to Speak About Your Relationship

Do you suddenly feel the urge to talk about your relationship with your partner? Does an uncanny negative feeling about a relationship disturb you? Such conditions may indicate that you consciously or unconsciously suspect your partner’s involvement in another relationship.

Your Inner Voice Is Giving You a Warning Signal

In many cases, intuition is a very strong feeling that you cannot ignore. Have you been in such a situation? If you answered yes, you should keep an eye on your partner’s behavior since your inner voice always alerts you when something is amiss.

You Are Feeling an Unexplained Fear

Has unusual fear been bothering you for a few days? If you feel tense, you should talk to your partner. This will help you realize the reason behind your anxiety. An unexpected talk with your loved one may also make them conscious of their cheating behavior.

Visible Patterns in Your Relationship

You may start to notice that your partner has stopped surprising you with nice things like they did early in the relationship. Such things can confirm your inner feeling that they are deceiving, even without any evidence.


Why do I feel my partner is cheating on me?

Changes in their behavior are the most significant alerts. You may find that your partner gives you and your family a little time or is spending too much time on the phone and computer. Also, unexplainable expenses every month may become very common. At times, they become unavailable and, despite repeated phone calls, just seem to disappear from the world for a few hours. Being extremely cautious about their appearance and nice clothing also brings forth a huge question.

Shall I trust my gut feeling about them cheating?

Women have strong intuition about relationships. However, it’s a bit difficult to listen to your intuition when your mind is cluttered with numerous thoughts. Just by observing them for a single day, you cannot conclude that they’re lying. So, a calm and composed mind can help you make thorough observations over an extended period. Then, you can understand your intuition and feelings completely.

Is it possible your gut feeling is wrong about cheating?

Yes. The inner instinct does not prove right in many cases. However, there are many instances when it does. So, listening to your inner voice is not a bad thing. However, it won’t be a bad idea to discuss specific points with your partner that make you feel like they are cheating. If they have enough explanations devoid of lame excuses and your inner voice is asking you to believe them, it’s definitely worth a second thought.