This article will explain how to download the best Facebook location tracker online free. In addition, we will look at how it is possible to identify someone’s location through services such as Google Maps.

How to Find Someone’s Location on Facebook

Find Someone’s Location on Facebook

Before you search for a Facebook tracker location app that can reveal someone’s GPS, you should look into some ways to find the person’s location without them knowing it. Facebook has several built-in options allowing users to share their location or see where it is on the map.

With Facebook Location History

Yes, tracking your friends with a Facebook user location tracker built right into the website is possible. You can visit settings and location and then view the location history of the account.

Unfortunately, this method has a few disadvantages. First, a profile cannot view the location history of another account, meaning you have to log into their profile to view their history this way.

In addition, in May 2022, Facebook announced they are phasing out this feature, so it may not be available on their profile. The company Meta presented the news to The Verge digital news website: “While we’re deprecating some location-based features on Facebook due to low usage, people can still use Location Services to manage how their location information is collected and used,” Emil Vazquez said in an emailed statement.

With Location Tags and #Hashtags

Before you consider downloading a Facebook location tracker app, you may want to consider looking for someone’s account location using tags. Many people love to share what they are doing on Facebook, and location tags are one way they do this. In addition, some Facebook users will use local hashtags, meaning that one can have an idea of where they are located using them.

Of course, the only issue is that location tags involve the user making them voluntarily, and by the time you see the status, they might not be at that location anymore. However, it may be worth a shot.

With Tracking Apps

If you’re trying to track people’s locations on Facebook, your best bet is to try out spy apps. They are installed on the target’s phone and allow users to see its location and other activities. For example, you can see where someone posted a status and track them through their other apps.

We will discuss more tracking apps later but can tell you now that they are one of the best ways if you need a last resort.

With the Nearby Friends Feature

You used to be able to track someone on Facebook (sort of) by using the nearby friends feature. This feature, available on both the Android and iPhone version of the app, let you see which friends are close to you, giving you the option to make more friends.

However, Facebook phased out this feature as of May 2022. Perhaps one day, they will create a similar feature, but this feature is null and void for now.

With Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an app for Android and iPhone where you can have private messages with those on Facebook. In addition, Messenger is an app that can be used to share your location with friends and family. For example, one can click the option to Share Live Location to tell others where they are right now.

Of course, the person you’re tracking must give up this information, which is not the correct answer for everyone. Also, since Messenger is tied to the user’s phone, it can be difficult for you to log in to see their information.

With Location Sharing

Finally, we have this way if you need to track someone’s location on Facebook. Our last method involves the reminder that Facebook is becoming the website where someone has to share their location if you want to see it willingly. Facebook used to be more intrusive about sharing users’ locations, but after controversy over this, the website began scaling this back.

While a win for privacy advocates, this can be a problem if you’re trying to track your child, employee, or someone else. That’s where location apps come in. So let’s now discuss some ways you can track someone on Facebook.

Best Facebook Location Tracker Apps Without Them Knowing

Best Facebook Location Tracking Apps

Now, let’s discuss several apps that can help you locate someone on Facebook and other websites.

For example, you might need this if your partner is cheating on you on Facebook.

uMobix – Hidden Online Facebook Location Tracker

uMobix tracking app logo

If you wish to track your target, uMobix may be an excellent app for you to do this. It is an app designed for parents who want to monitor their children, with the app having easy installation, set-up, and a smooth dashboard.

A person interested in it can visit their website, purchase a subscription, and then install the app on the target device, either by accessing the target’s device or remotely through iCloud. Once installed and ready to go, one can check location on Facebook and monitor various apps on the phone. It’s so simple to know what the target is doing, where they’re doing it, and receive alerts when something is happening.

SpyBubble – Trace the Location of a Facebook User

SpyBubble Pro app logo

Now, let’s look at another app for locating someone on Facebook. SpyBubble is an app similar to uMobix that can be installed on the target device and used to monitor all of the person’s online activities. SpyBubble lets you see someone’s location on Facebook, spy on their calls and messages, and control where they are at all times.

One feature of SpyBubble that is so great is that it has 24/7 support. So if you need help figuring out a feature or are having issues getting the app to work, time can be of the essence. SpyBubble ensures you are wasting no time by letting you speak to a representative as soon as possible.

Cocospy – Share Location on Facebook

Cocospy spy app logo

Next up on the list of apps that can trace the location of a Facebook user is Cocospy. This app is also geared toward parents, which is an excellent app for their kids. Like with the previous apps on this list, you will be able to view someone’s activity once you’ve installed the Cocospy tracker.

It has a simple interface and everything you need with a spying app, making it another great choice.

Hoverwatch – Track Location of Someone’s Facebook Account

Hoverwatch monitoring app logo

Finally, we have this app for Facebook messenger location tracking. Hoverwatch requires physical installation for Android, and once you have everything set up, you can see what activities your target is doing through their phone.

With Hoverwatch, it is possible to see every single activity someone does through Facebook Messenger – their location, what messages they’ve sent, and any photos they’ve shared. You can even see deleted messages.

With that, these are the top four apps. They are pretty similar, so we recommend checking each one out and evaluating the best for your budget or needs.

Possible Problems with Location Tracking on Facebook

Problems with Location Tracking FB

When tracking location, you could run into several problems. Let’s look at some of them:

  • There are some cases when the location may be inaccurate. Sometimes, a person’s phone might require a reset before their location is accurate. If they are in a crowded area or an area with no signal, this can also be a problem in identifying a location.
  • You cannot detect someone’s location, particularly if they don’t have it on. One way to bypass this is via Facebook tracking apps, which enable a user to see where the target is at all times.
  • Facebook is phasing out many ways a user can share their location. This is due to privacy concerns, and many users are not turning on their location. What used to work no longer works, and to track someone on Facebook, you need to be in the loop about how the website is currently working.
  • To bypass all Facebook’s limitations, many turn to tracking apps. In addition, they make it possible to obtain a more accurate picture of your target.

When You May Need to Track a Location on Facebook

Finally, we should discuss why people track others on Facebook. Let’s look at several possible reasons:

  • A parent may want to track their minor child’s location to ensure they are where they say they are and for their safety. Tracking applications can also help track other apps to ensure total location accuracy.
  • If you suspect your spouse is up to no good, you may wish to track them via Facebook. This way, you can confirm or deny your suspicions.
  • If you have employees, you may want to track them to ensure they are doing their job correctly. This applies double if the employee is using a work phone.
  • You’re trying to find your friend to meet up with them.
  • In conclusion, there are many reasons why you would want to track someone. Following the advice in this article, you can track someone and make sure they are okay.

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