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Editorial Policy

It’s our mission here at Cheating Buster to help unmarried love partners and spouses detect any signs of cheating in a relationship, if any. The main goal of our project is to understand the motives for infidelity, mark certain red flags that might appear in the relationship – and finally, help you catch the cheater.

We understand that infidelity is a complex issue, encompassing many factors. This is why we take a scientific and holistic approach to the problem by analyzing potential mental problems that may result in infidelity, including one-night stands, regular affairs, etc.

Since cheating is such a complicated issue, our editorial policy states that in-depth research is required prior to posting anything at Cheating Buster. Our team of experts includes dedicated psychologists that have been working with the problem of cheating for a long time.

Cheating Buster Team

Author Holly Smith
Holly Smith
Author/Relationship Coach

Professional relationship coach.

Author Sergius Gardner
Sergius Gardner

Psychologist and expert on infidelity in relationships.

General Writing Rules

All the content on the website meets the following criteria before it gets published:

  • The writing is respectful and honest;
  • Structured content that’s easy to read and digest;
  • Contains links to reputable sources;
  • Professionalism and courteousness are a must;
  • Plagiarism-free; we’re always mindful of copyright laws and claims.

The guidelines above are partly the reason why our website is so popular in the niche of marital and relationship cheating problems.

Relationships with Our Readers

At Cheating Buster, we care deeply about all our readers. This is why we always provide the most up-to-date and truthful information to avoid misleading our visitors.

Our readers are recommended to follow our content from start to finish so that they can ingrain everything we’re trying to say. Our website contains a variety of topics related to cheating, and if you get acquainted with them carefully, you’ll be able to make appropriate changes in your life.

We’re always available to the readers that try to contact us via email or social media. This helps us provide the best content on the subject of cheating.