Psychology of Cheating

Dreams About Cheating

When your subconscious starts talking to you, you may be confused about what cheating dream meaning is.

Do not rush to take everything literally – your dreams aren’t that straightforward and can help you understand something new about yourself.

What Should You Do After Having Dreams About Cheating

This time your dreams have taken a bad turn. And it’s not something you can just forget about – you’ve seen yourself or your partner doing IT, and you can’t help but ask yourself if that means they’re really cheating on you. Put your worries aside – the chances that this is actually so are the same if you did not see this dream at all. 

Cheating dreams can be about your own fears of being betrayed

There are so many things that add to the picture we see when we sleep – it can be a hard day that turns our dreams into horror movies, echoes of the incidents in the movie we watched, debated conversations with loved ones, and so on. The message is clear – you should not take everything literally because there are dream interpretations of cheating.

Understanding Dreaming

It’s a completely different matter if dreams about cheating are repeated with great frequency, and these are not one of those that you forget as soon as you wake up. According to Dr. Sanam Hafeez, NYC neuropsychologist, seeing infidelity in a dream involving you or your partner can still relate specifically to your relationship, or rather, be a signal that something is going wrong.

You Dream That You Are Cheating

No, it doesn’t mean that you really want it to happen in real life. Common reasons that you have dreams about cheating with someone else are:

  • your sense of guilt. Perhaps you understand that you have been spending little time with your loved one lately and constantly hear their reproaches. Or do you keep a secret to yourself that you have not yet decided to tell your partner (not related to cheating).
  • you are missing something in a relationship; perhaps the routine is too much pressure on you. At some point, all couples have a moment when they lack a sense of adventure, and so, even in a dream, you try to compensate for this forgotten sense of excitement.

You Dream That Your Partner Is Cheating

Having dreams about your partner cheating can have an impact on the mood for the day ahead and even be something that some back up as proof in their notebook of their partner’s faults. In fact, such dreams may indicate that:

  • you have problems with self-esteem and a subconscious fear that your partner will leave you because you’re not good enough.
  • you have already experienced cheating in a relationship, and this soreness rolls over you in waves in a dream.
  • your current relationship is going through a difficult period right now. Perhaps your partner behaves in such a way that you cannot fully rely on them, or you often quarrel over domestic, financial, and other problems.

What Are Dreams of Adultery Related To?

Dreams about adultery, signs

As you can see, dreams about spouse cheating on you or vice versa are more like a mirroring of your experiences on completely different occasions. Let’s delve a little into the underlying causes that will help you not only get rid of bad dreams but also improve the quality of your relationship.

You Struggle to Establish an Emotional Connection with Partner

While awake, you can keep your emotions on a short leash, but when relaxing, you give them complete freedom. Face your fears, frustrations, and self-doubts, and try to discuss with your partner how you can feel more emotionally connected to them.

Your Sexual Satisfaction in Relationship Is Low

Having dreams about sex with someone other than your partner speak loudly and clearly about what you may be embarrassed to do – tell your spouse that something does not suit you in your intimate life and confess hidden sexual fantasies. Well, you can either keep dreaming about it or try to make your dreams come true.

You Still Haven’t Recovered from Past Relationship

A haunting dream about partner cheating may be an echo of an experience you never want to repeat. This fear of being cheated on is the main catalyst for such visions. You can confide in your current partner with this to be more gentle with you while the trauma is still taking its toll on you.

Dreams Are Vocal of Your Fantasies

Each of us is endowed with a more or less alive imagination, so if you find yourself inventing different scenarios in your head, imagining “what if” in the most seemingly improbable cases, treat dreams about infidelity as another fiction that your brain generated.

You Want to Be Prepared If It Ever Happens

We are surrounded by huge bulks of information that we simply cannot filter or ignore, and various cheating content is very common. Involuntarily, we begin to think about how we would behave if this happened to us and give vent to our insecurities in dreams.

Common Dreams of Infidelity and Potential Meanings Include

Common Dreams of Infidelity

Below are common types of cheating dreams that are more common than you think. Here, we outline certain meanings behind specific cases.

Cheating with a Stranger

This one speaks of your guilt. You do not care enough about the person’s identity with whom you see yourself in a dream, which indicates a general loss of connection or interest in a partner recently.

Cheating with a Co-Worker

If you have a loving husband or wife, but you have hot dreams in which an important role belongs to your colleague from work, how can you not think about it? In fact, it may be a combination of two factors – you communicate a lot with this person at work, and you adore some of their traits that you might like to see in your partner.

Treason with an Ex

If dreams about cheating with an ex get into the picture, many people immediately begin to wonder – maybe I still have feelings for them. Well, if it was a traumatic relationship that didn’t end happily or in a neutral way, it’s possible that’s what’s burdening you.

Treason with a Friend

If you think you’ve made a great choice in choosing your friend, then dreaming about cheating with them may mean that how you feel in their company outweighs how your partner makes you feel. You may miss their support, warmth, and time.

Cheating with a Celebrity

Perhaps these are dreams that definitely cannot be interpreted as harmful – in a way. Here, rather, we are talking about your subconscious complexes and the desire to become better. Being a symbol of money and importance, celebrities are wanted both in real life and in your dreams, and being intimate with some of them makes you feel more desirable too.

So, Should Cheating Dreams Cause Concern?

Seeing a dream about spouse cheating or about having a fun time with a colleague usually is simply erased from people’s memory before they get to the kitchen to make themselves coffee in the morning. But if you feel this time it was different, you must address your overall emotional and physical condition – do you have enough rest? How is your relationship with your partner developing? But be honest with yourself – if thoughts about real cheating did visit you before, then maybe you should come clean with your partner or contact a family therapist together.

How Can a Person Prevent or Change a Cheating Dream?

It’s entirely possible that dreams of spouse cheating go hand in hand with other disturbing visions that you see almost every night. To make it stop, follow these tips:

  1. Moderate your ardor. This applies to the pace of life, which most likely affects your fatigue and psyche.
  2. Get active, spend more time outdoors and less time behind the screen of your smartphone and computer.
  3. Try to stick to the sleep schedule and allocate at least 8 hours for a good rest.
  4. Start cultivating self-love. Do something nice for yourself – it can be a long-wanted purchase, a beauty treatment, or just a meal in a beautiful new place.

Of course, not everything can be so simple, and things do not always depend only on you; then simple tips will not help you feel better. If you have a better reason to believe that dreams are the first step before you catch a cheating partner, then a completely different approach is needed.


Author Holly SmithHolly SmithAuthor & Relationship Expert

Dreams about cheating are often about your own insecurities. You may be feeling guilty about something in your life, or you may be feeling insecure about your relationship.