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Affiliate Disclaimer

While browsing our website, you’ll find some content-based links. They are of an affiliate nature. This means that we’ll get to earn a commission if you purchase some products upon following the affiliate links. You’ll incur no extra costs if you follow the links mentioned before. If you do follow the affiliate links, this will help us earn commission so that we can publish better content on our website for all of our users.

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Testimonials Disclaimer

You may find testimonials from users of our site. These reviews reveal their opinion and real-life experiences. Your personal experiences may be different. We tried our best for our clients to get a good product and make the website usage comfortable. 

We place testimonials on our site sent to us in various formats, including audio, text, video, etc. We share them verbatim, except for correcting typos or the fact that we may shorten reviews for brevity. Testimonials are of the opinions and views of the users only. We do not influence the review’s character and don’t change the idea provided. We never pay or compensate users for their feedback.