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Cookies Policy

This cookies policy describes the nature of cookies and how we handle them. It’s in your best interest to read the policy to better understand what kinds of cookies we use, what types of information we gather with their help, and how we use it. This policy is a binding agreement between this site’s operator and you. Below are also provided the available choices in terms of declining or accepting cookies.

Defining Cookies

Cookies represent small data pieces stored in your web browser. These text files are, in turn, saved on your device once you load a particular website. The use of cookies is websites to remember the user’s preference – for a single visit or multiple visits. Session cookies are used for a single visit, while persistent cookies are used for multiple visits even after you restart your computer.

There are first-party and third-party cookies. The former ones are set by our website, while the latter ones are set by other websites for analytics or advertising purposes.

What Kinds of Cookies Are Used on Our Website?

Necessary Cookies

These are the most basic cookies without which we can’t really offer you a seamless browsing experience on our website. These are used to determine whether you’ve created an account or logged into the account.

Functionality Cookies

These cookies are used to help us determine how you’ve modified the website and instantly recognize the user’s username.

Analytical Cookies

The cookies will enable us, alongside third-party services, to gather aggregated data, which will be used for statistical purposes on the use of our website. The cookies don’t collect personal information like email addresses and names.

What Kinds of Cookie Options Do You Have?

You can decline certain types of cookies – or delete some of them from your web browser.

Policy Acceptance

By using the website, you accept all the terms and conditions. If you don’t agree to the terms of this policy, it means that you’re not allowed to use or access our website and services.