How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

The bond that we share with our partners is unique and extraordinary.

However, a cruel villain called cheating enters into the picture at times.

If you suspect your girlfriend of being a cheater, it is high time you find out the truth.

Love is blind, but investing in someone who doesn’t care is a dead-end.

Let us find out more about how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating:

Why Do Some Women Cheat?

Cheating is a threat to the institution of marriage and love. Although Hollywood movies and the trending social customs have always portrayed men as primary cheaters in a relationship due to their urge to seek out multiple partners, studies say that men and women cheat almost at the same rates.

Some girls are prone to cheating on their partner

A research study at the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University found no significant gender differences in cases of infidelity and betrayal. Here are the top 5 reasons that mostly convince women to cheat on their partners. For example, if you have the dilemma – “Is my Girlfriend Cheating on Me?”, then check out these signs of cheating:

Dissatisfaction with Partner

This is one of the core reasons women cheat on their partners. When their partner mistreats them or cannot satisfy their expectations, they tend to seek out other partners and thus cheat.

Emotionally Deprived

Cheating is indeed a sin and the greatest mistake in a relationship. But most of the time, the preface of cheating is a prolonged period of emotional starvation. If you are not catering to your girlfriend’s emotional needs, there are high chances that you will have a cheating girlfriend.

Lack of Passion

Excitement and spark in a relationship are what keep it moving forward. If a woman lacks excitement in a relationship, cheating is very obvious. Instead, she will repeatedly seek out partners who can provide her with the passion and excitement she wants.


Some women are anxious and insecure about their relationships. This feeling could stem from multiple reasons and could even be their characteristic trait. Insecure women need greater reassurance and love. A break-up becomes inevitable if she does not get these in a relationship.


Some women are inherently “gold diggers.” They tend to look at rich men as the only way to have a better life. When they feel that their existing partner cannot give them a secure platform or a luxurious life, they start cheating and dating other men they find capable of meeting their demands.

Characteristics of a Cheating Woman

You never know when your girlfriend will turn from a loyal and caring woman to a cheater. Things change quickly, and it takes experience and attention to figure out the change. “Psychology Today” says that statistically, around 70 % of people experience betrayal in their relationships.

Characteristics of a Cheating Girlfriend

Trusting your partner is a fundamental quality of any loyal and long-lasting relationship, but checking on your partner’s activity is also essential. Here are five  characteristics of a cheating woman:

Emotionally Distant

A cheating girlfriend will no more emotionally connect with you. Instead, you shall feel the vibe of negativity and distance whenever she is around. Even if she is physically present with you, you will feel her mind being away.

Starts Avoiding You

Dating expert Stef Safran says that infidelity is evident if someone constantly ignores the partner and is reluctant to communicate.
Not picking up calls or not answering texts is one of your girlfriend’s first signs of cheating on you. If she is busy and really can’t answer calls, she will make sure to inform you at least. But if there is no answer or any information, you can suspect that something is incorrect.

Starts Lying

A loyal partner never needs to lie. Lying is an overcompensation behavior to divert your attention from reality. She will lie to cover up her mistakes and keep lying in a loop to account for her previous lies.

Gets Irritated for No Reasons

Things that used to excite her previously, such as you giving her surprises, will irritate her. This is because she has already detached her soul from you. She no longer wants you to surprise her because someone else is doing it better than you.

Becomes Overdemanding

Suddenly your understanding and supporting girlfriend gets mad at you for not buying her expensive gifts or yells at you for being late despite knowing that you were busy at work. These are the signs that she probably wants to get rid of you.

Wearing Provocative Clothing or Heavy Makeup

Wearing provocative clothing or heavy makeup can be a physical characteristic that may indicate a woman is cheating. She may start to pay more attention to her appearance, and put more effort into looking attractive, including wearing more revealing or provocative clothing, or wearing heavy makeup. However, it’s important to note that this alone is not a definitive sign of infidelity, and it could be a simple change in personal style.

How to Find Out if Your Girlfriend is Cheating?

If you are undergoing betrayal from your girlfriend, the immediate call of the hour is to find out the truth. Suspecting your girlfriend for no reason can be a worse move in any romantic relationship. Over 90% of Americans consider Infidelity unacceptable.

The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity, Esther Perel

In the book The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity by Perel, it is stated that over 80% of women engaged in permanent relationships regularly fantasize about people other than their partners.

Hence, to safeguard your relationship and yourself from being cheated on, it is essential to find out at the earliest whether your girlfriend is cheating on you. Here are 13 ways to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on you or not:

the girl became interested in her appearance

1. Sudden Interest in Personal Grooming

If your girlfriend has become over-conscious about her looks and dressing after years of simply dressing up in casual t-shirts, be sure there is someone in her life who inspires her to do so. If your girlfriend was simply lying around in shorts and oversized t-shirts with a messy bun all these years but has now started caring too much about her appearance, it could mean she is cheating.

2. Two Phones

two phones

Recently, one can find out almost everything about a person through the phone. So if your girlfriend uses two different phones, she may be trying to hide something from you. For instance, she is chatting and connecting with the other man through another phone so that you can’t catch her.

Secretive girl in black

3. Appears More Secretive

If your open-hearted girlfriend has suddenly turned secretive, you should get conscious of the matter. Maybe she is trying to hide things or no longer wants to share her details with you. Instead, you can observe the secretive nature in almost every aspect of her behavior.

Susan Trombetti, a matchmaker, says that if she is hiding anything from you, be sure that it is a massive gaffe occurring somewhere in your relationship.

4. Infrequent Love Making

 Infrequent lovemaking

Showing love and physical intimacy are core areas of a happy relationship. If your lovemaking has become infrequent and she no longer wants you to be all over her, it could mean something is wrong. Women become physically distant when they are not interested in their men. This could also happen in long-distance relationships, but it won’t make much difference if both are loyal.

the girl's phone is on silent mode

5. Phone on Silent

Does she keep her phone on silent most of the time? Maybe she does that on purpose because she does not want you to interfere in her private space while busy with someone else. It could also mean she simply wants to avoid or ignore you, keep you out of her life, and considers your presence a disturbance.

6. Works Late and Irregular Hours

The girl often works late

I am still working” is one of the most common excuses people make while cheating. She will try to cover up her infidelity in the name of work. She will always make it look like she is down with work pressure and stay away from you due to exhaustion or workload. Working irregularly long hours could signify a valid reason to suspect her.

a girl actively uses social networks to communicate with someone

7. Active Use of All Possible Social Media

Look at the social media usage patterns of your girlfriend. Has it changed drastically? Is she now up to using all the available platforms for social media? If yes, then there is something fishy. It may be because she wants to date other guys or is trying to escape your eyes on the usual social media platforms.

8. The Browser History Is Regularly Deleted

regular deletion of browser history

When there is love and trust in the relationship, there is hardly any need to hide or delete things. A trustworthy, loyal partner will never hide their browser history because nothing will be wrong with it. However, if your girlfriend is cheating on you, she will constantly try to hide things from you, and one of the ways she will do it is by deleting the browser history so that you cannot access her activities. Look out for these minor but significant changes.

new passwords on her phone

9. Her Phone Is Now Locked with a Password

Passwords are essential components of trust and loyalty. For example, if your girlfriend now has a password on her phone, you need to clear things out to prevent further distrust and doubt in your relationship. For example, he may have made her phone password-protected to prevent someone else from looking at it randomly. It could be that she has to hide something vulnerable and sensitive on her phone.  

10. Matching Underwear

she has suitable underwear

Lingeries signify intimacy. Lingeries are one of the most crucial elements of intimacy. It is expected that your girlfriend will not be intimate with anyone other than you. Hence, if you regularly witness that your girlfriend is now more conscious of her lingeries and matching underwear, there may be a reason to doubt her.

she has suitable underwear

11. She Stops Kissing You

Kissing the partner is one of the most ardent ways to show love. If she has stopped kissing you or does it infrequently, she doesn’t feel attached to you like before. It could also mean that she no longer wants any physical connection with you. What will she express if there is no love in her soul?

12. She Has Trouble Saying, “I Love You.”

She no longer says she loves you

The girl who used to hug you and show her love by saying “I Love You” multiple times in a day will now hesitate to do so. If she is cheating, she would be uncomfortable expressing her love to you because she knows it is a lie. Watch out for these traits carefully to understand whether she is cheating.

13. She Loses Her Caring Nature

Has your girlfriend lost her caring nature? The woman who used to be concerned with everything about you has now stopped asking you even about your health and does not even think about you. This change could mean that she is involved with someone else who is getting the best of her, and it is no more you.

How to Catch a Cheating Girlfriend?

People who play with their partner’s feelings and cheat on them are unreliable. You can love someone but not at the cost of your feelings.

The rate of women cheating on men has drastically increased over the past few years. For example, a book by psychologist Dr. Kenneth Rosenberg mentioned that this rate has gone up from 15% to 50% in the last 20 years.

Catch a Cheating Girlfriend

Getting to know that you have been cheated upon may seem disgusting, frustrating, and sad all at the same time. But remember that you must confirm whether your girlfriend is cheating on you before concluding. Let’s take a look and choose the best way to catch a cheating girlfriend:

1. Look at the Physical Signs of Adultery

All you have to do is look out for the signs. Is there any hickey on her neck or any text message that will prove her betrayal? Then look out for those and start collecting them. It is essential to do so.

2. View Call Logs and Message History

Check who she is calling. First, have a look at the call log. Is there any specific phone number that is on your doubt list? If so, then speak up. Also, look for the message history. Who is the one she is constantly exchanging texts with? What is the content of the text? Is it anything inappropriate?

3. Searching for Profiles on Dating Sites

How to Find Out If Girlfriend Has a Tinder Profile

These days many women cheat on their partners with men they meet on dating platforms. If you are recently observing a change in your girlfriend’s behavior, it is time to look for her profile on popular dating sites. She may have one or multiple accounts, and you will get to know more as you keep on searching.

4. Follow Your Cheating Girlfriend’s Photos on Social Media

You need to crucially observe her social media to find out if she is cheating. What kind of photos does she upload? Is it different from the kind of photos she used to upload previously? Aso, who are the people commenting on her photos? You can get some crucial clues from there.

5. Find Your Girlfriend’s Location

To spot a cheating girlfriend, you need to prove that she is lying. Most of the time, she will lie to you about her location. She will be with other men chilling out somewhere and telling you it is office work keeping her back. In this case, check your girlfriend’s phone location.

6. Assess Her Emotional State

If you want to find the answer to the question, “Is my girlfriend cheating?” you need to assess her emotional state. Whether she is distant or connected to you makes a lot of difference and speaks clearly about whether she is still loyal or not.

7. Install a Spy App on Her Phone

The last resort is to install a spy app on her phone. In this way, you can catch her cheating. You can trace her location, the messages she sends and receives, and even her social media interactions through these spy apps.

What to Say to a Cheating Girlfriend?

If your girlfriend is cheating on you and you have enough proof and evidence to prove her infidelity and say, “my girlfriend is cheating,” it is time to confront her. In the initial stages, you can try to sort out things. However, it is crucial to remember that she has made a mistake; it is an injustice to your emotions if you do not confront her. So face her and let her know that you already know about the cheating. Observe her reactions and make decisions accordingly. It is not easy to cope with the stress of betrayal so take your time.

Ask Cheating Woman

10 Questions to Ask the Cheating Woman

If you are saying to yourself, “I think my girlfriend is cheating,” then it is the right time to sit together and devote some time to questioning her.

In their new study, the Royal Society of Open Science has reflected that women are far better at keeping secrets. Hence if you are doubtful of your girlfriend, take some action immediately.

Here Are Ten Questions to Ask a Cheating Woman:

  • Did you fall in love with the other person?
  • Have you told the other person about me?
  • Do you feel guilty about cheating on me?
  • How long have both of you been together?
  • Do you still like me now?
  • Did you ever think of confessing?
  • Do you feel guilty?
  • Are you apologetic for what you did?
  • Have you planned your future with the other person?
  • What do you think the person has that I lack?

Is She Ready to Admit the Mistake and Fix Your Relationship?

If you already know that your girl is cheating, there is no point in begging her to stay in your life. But if she is ready to admit her infidelity and truly believes that the betrayal was a mistake on her part, then it is possible to try to fix things. The first step can be an open talk. Assure her that you will patiently listen to what she has to say. Often, we don’t give them a chance to speak, but that is not ideal. Listen to her reasons for infidelity. Observe her behavior – whether it reflects an apology or change, and you can get her back in life with a second chance in your relationship.

Put an End to Your Relationship with a Cheating Girlfriend

A cheating girlfriend no longer deserves your time, effort, or emotions. They have already proved that you matter the least to them. So there is no point in begging them for love or asking them to be in your life. They have already chosen someone else over you, and hence there is no need to prove yourself to them. You can simply walk out of the relationship without any chaos because that will save your integrity and image.

The Easy Way to Get Her to Love You Again

There is no easy way to make her love you again since she has found her comfort zone with someone else. But if you want her that bad in your life, you can try out these five ways to get her to love you again:

  • Give her space: Maybe she is suffocated with too much possessiveness. Let her act according to her own free will. This will induce respect in her heart for you.
  • Open up: Share and express your feeling openly. Do not fear vulnerability. Talk to her about everything, even if they are uncomfortable.
  • Give her a chance: If she is apologetic about their deeds, then give her a chance with all your heart. Do not bring up past issues to demotivate or reprimand her.
  • Be patient: Everything cannot happen overnight. You need to give her time to adjust and accommodate. Understand her psychology and give her enough care.
  • Go out for a vacation: At times, a vacation can do wonders. Say goodbye to your busy work schedule and go for a vacation. Enjoy some time with her. It may help to sort things out and understand each other better.

How to Dump a Cheating Girlfriend

Dump a Cheating Girlfriend

The first way is to confront her. Many people have a tough time dealing with a cheating girlfriend. Well, the easiest way is to walk away. But if she has already wasted so much of your time, it is your turn to at least speak up. So let the girlfriend know that you have spotted her cheating. There is no reason to fight or cling because a person who could cheat does not deserve your time anymore.

Never Assume That a Woman Would Never Cheat

The biggest mistake that most people make is they believe a woman even after they catch her cheating. One may become emotionally dependent on their girlfriend, especially after many years of togetherness, and feel afraid to live without them. But the truth is that it is better to have an empty life than to be associated with a cheater. But then again, if your cheating girlfriend is ready to apologize and is genuinely sorry for her actions, one can think twice.


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions by people whose girlfriends cheat. Let us see what these are:

Author Holly SmithHolly SmithAuthor & Relationship Expert

Cheating in a relationship is a serious breach of trust and can cause significant emotional pain for the person who has been betrayed. If you suspect that your girlfriend is cheating, it’s important to address the issue with her directly.