10 Steps

Catch a Cheating Boyfriend

We have all seen cheating boyfriends in the movies and heard about other people’s boyfriends cheating on them. However, you never want to think that you might experience this issue yourself. Now, if you are suspicious of your boyfriend cheating on you, you are probably experiencing a lot of emotions ranging from sadness to anger.

It is obviously not the best of feelings to be cheated on by your partner. However, unfortunately, it is a possibility that anyone might have to deal with. To help you out in this difficult time, we are going to talk about catching him cheating and finding out the truth.

Why Is Your Boyfriend Cheating?

You might have never imagined that you would have to deal with a cheating boyfriend. However, reality is, this issue is more common than you think. Boyfriends give several reasons for why they cheat. Some common reasons are:

  • He cannot resist the temptation
  • He has done it before without getting caught
  • He is curious about other options out of his relationship
  • He wants to get out of the relationship

The reasons mentioned above are a few of why boyfriend’s cheat. Keep in mind that none of these reasons have anything to do with you and you should not feel guilty in any way. If you doubt your boyfriend of cheating, the next step is to capture him in the act.

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1. Different Techniques to Find Out If He Is Cheating

You need to understand your boyfriend’s behaviour when he is cheating on you. If you see a change in his behaviour, and if you have been with him long enough, you will be able to tell why the change has occurred – is it because he has another significant other or is he changing for other reasons? Let us tell you how to catch your boyfriend cheating and know for sure.

2. Download a Tracking Application

One of the best tricks in today’s world of modern technology is to install an application which tracks your boyfriend’s actions and movements. Tracking applications give you access to his phone. Depending on the type of application you get, you can check text messages, call logs, social media applications, etc.

You must be careful which application you choose, because not all of them provide value for money. They might even come with preinstalled malware and risk your and your boyfriend’s security. We have mentioned a few names below which we highly recommend in case you choose to track him.

3. Take Advantage of ‘Find My Phone’ Application

iPhone has a feature known as ‘Find My Phone’ which helps you locate your stolen or lost phone. If your boyfriend has that application, then you can simply sign in with their Apple credentials and track their location. You could also ask your boyfriend to download another app known as ‘Find My Friends’. Once you know their location, you can see for yourself if he is where he said he would be.

4. Go Through Cloud Storage

Apple phones also have another feature known as the iCloud. When this is turned on, the phone’s data is synchronized with the Cloud, including messages and pictures. If you know their Apple ID and password, you can log in to go through all that data. You could also sync it with another device to go through all their messages and pictures and check if they have anything questionable on their particular phone.

5. Have a Sneak Peak in their Browser History

This is another way to see if he’s cheating on you. When you walk into the room and your boyfriend abruptly closes the web browser, then he is surely hiding something. To top that, if he demands privacy while using his computer or spends excessive time on his computer after you fall asleep, it adds to the list of suspicious behaviour. In order to check what he is up to, you must go through his browser history. This might give you more proof of him cheating.

6. Install and Hide a Keylogger Program

If your boyfriend uses the computer excessively or he starts using it out of the ordinary, then you might as well install a key-logger program. Such a program would record every stroke made by the user. That will enable you to know exactly what he is typing, including his passwords.

7. Find a Sound-Recorder Application

This may seem like an old trick but it is still one of the most effective ones that will help you in catching him cheating. You should download an application that will record everything in your boyfriend’s surroundings. Remember to make sure that the application works in stealth or standby mode, so he does not notice.

8. Hide a Small Camera

There are a few options for hiding a camera. You could download an application on your Android or iPhone. These applications are easily available on the Play Store or the App Store. Furthermore, you could hide a camera somewhere in your home where you think it would be effective. Some other options include you leaving your Apple Watch in your bedroom and turning on the camera to monitor what is going on in your absence.

9. Check Their Google Maps History

To catch a cheating boyfriend with spy apps, you can always track their movements by looking at their ‘Previous Destinations’. That will tell you exactly where your boyfriend went and if they made any stops during their travel.

10. Visit Their Trash Folder

Do not underestimate the trash folder. Detectives usually find crucial evidence in the trash. That is why it is a great idea to check your boyfriend’s trash folder in his email. It could have concrete evidence of your boyfriend having conversations which he should not be having. You might as well take a look at their computer’s trash folder while you are at it, just to be sure.

Here are some further tips on how to find out if he’s cheating on you or not.

Do You Want to Trap Your Boyfriend To Find Out If He Is Cheating?

Some people are not interested in downloading applications and don’t trust them. That is why there are multiple other ways for catching him cheating.

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Show Up Out of the Blue

The best way to capture your boyfriend is to arrive when he least expects you to show up. Use that element of surprise by going to places where he goes without you and claims to hang out with his friends. In these situations, you might end up running into him so have some excuses ready beforehand, in case you do not find him cheating.

Abruptly Change Your Plans

When you are already onto him, you have a few tricks up your sleeve. That includes changing your plans suddenly without telling him. You can tell him that you are going for a girls’ night out and you will come back late but then show up early and find out what he is up to. Similarly, you can leave town for several days and end up coming back sooner than expected which might help you in catching him cheating.

Ask Straight Forward Questions

Your boyfriend might be incredibly careful which means that you might not find the evidence you are looking for. However, you might still have a reason to doubt him. In this case, you might even want to directly ask the question, but if the answer is negative, it might cause a lot more problems instead. Therefore, you should try asking questions surrounding the subject and keep any hints in your mind, and then try to fit the puzzle. If it does, then you can ask him about the cheating.

Follow Your Boyfriend

Yes, it sounds very shady and it might not the best of ideas but it is highly effective if you want to catch him cheating red-handed. Just be cautious that you do this only if you have other evidence or confirmed suspicions that he is cheating on you. Otherwise it might come across as you not being able to trust your partner or even worse.

Lookout for the Signs

Watch for signs of your cheating boyfriend

There are always signs and even if they are small, they are significant. You need to be very vigilant when you see these signs. He might be dressing up better, as if he were going on a special date with you, but he starts doing that daily. Your boyfriend could also start working out harder with more consistency suddenly. All these are signs to a cheating boyfriend.

Go Through Your Boyfriend’s Phone

We always carry our phones around, wherever we go, and we use them constantly. That is what makes checking your boyfriend’s phone one of the most obvious and interesting ways of catching him cheating. You can try getting a sneak peek into his phone while he is taking a shower and go through his conversations or pictures, finding solid evidence.

Monitor His Social Media

You surely already know how this works. When we stalk someone’s social media profile, we learn a lot of things about the person and their life. You can closely monitor your boyfriends’ profiles on all the different social media platforms, noticing where he uploads stories and pictures from and with whom.

Ask His Friends

This is actually important in every relationship. You need to try your level best to get along with your partner’s friends. That way, you can talk and discuss something that might be bothering you. They would easily be able to tell you if your partner is going through something or they might be honest and tell you if he is cheating on you.

Match Your Bank Statement

This might be a long shot, but if you have reached a stage where you share a bank account with your boyfriend, then you should go over your monthly bank statements. These are easily available in your banking application. You will surely recognize bills that are out of the blue and these will serve as more evidence in the quest of catching him cheating.

By this point, we hope you found the answer to your question ‘how to find out if he’s cheating?’ To help you out further, we have answered a few frequently asked questions.


What do I do if I catch my partner cheating?

Firstly, you should make sure that you calm yourself instead of doing something crazy. You can do different breathing exercises to help you do that. Then make sure that your partner truly was cheating. You may or may not want to ask questions, but that depends on you. You could sit and cry about it, or you could be stronger and not let that happen to you again. You deserve some time off after that and that is okay.

How do you tell if your partner is lying about cheating?

As we have mentioned above, there are various changes your partner will go through. These include changes in behaviour, physical appearance, and activities. Notice how they answer your questions related to their whereabouts. After a certain time, you will notice that the answers get strangely weird or they stop completely. That is how you can tell if they are lying.

Can you really love someone and still cheat on them?

That depends entirely on the person. Some people do give in to temptation and truly do make a mistake. However, some do it knowing what they are getting themselves into and being fully aware of all the consequences. It is most certainly possible to cheat on a person you love. That being said, if you do truly love them, you will stop cheating on them.


A girl is trying to figure out if her boyfriend is cheating on her

Catching a cheating boyfriend is never easy. It can be absolutely heart-breaking. However, if it does happen, you must act accordingly or continue to get hurt otherwise. That is why we have given you multiple options in response to the question ‘how to catch your boyfriend cheating’.