Catch a Cheating Spouse: 8 Most Effective Ways

Infidelity is becoming commonplace, and we see hundreds of examples every day. How do I know if my spouse is cheating?

Sometimes your gut instinct can warn you about your half’s infidelity. And it would help if you took action to dig up the truth.

How to Find Out If Your Spouse Is Cheating

It鈥檚 never easy to catch a cheater. About 60% of extramarital affairs start at the workplace. A 2021 study, which used machine learning algorithms, established that the top predictors of infidelity were in-person and online cheating. An unfaithful partner will apply innumerable tactics to hide their clandestine affairs. They may not admit the fault and will directly insult or abuse you to hide their misdeeds. Then, how do you get signs of a spouse cheating?

10 Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

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According to studies, it has been found that around 68% of women and 74% of men would like to start an affair had they known that they would not get caught. There can be endless signs of a cheating spouse, but still, the following are the ten most common.

1. Has a Second Phone or Sim Card

Did he recently purchase a new phone with a second sim card (*read How to Track SIM Card)? Does he give the excuse of using it as his office number? Well, it’s common to have a second sim! But if he does not want to share the number even with you, it indicates his unfaithful behavior.

2. Your Spouse Is Often Unavailable

It’s not a good sign when your partner is unreachable while on a business trip or working late at night. It is surprising that about 56% of men and 35% of women having secret affairs claim to be happy in their married life. Besides, 35% of unfaithful spouses enjoy a fling on their business trips. When your partner cheats on you, they will not feel interested in receiving your calls or responding to your messages and often come up with silly excuses for their unfaithful act.

3. Changing Your Usual Sex Life

In a relationship, if you see an increased or decreased level of sexual intimacy, it is certainly a sign of infidelity. Sex is a big factor in cheating in a relationship. When both of you are having sexual intimacy without emotional feelings, it’s possible that your partner would look out for someone. Another possible sign is the introduction of new activities and techniques into sexual life. However, you may enjoy that. But be careful: they may be learning those tricks from someone else with whom they are physically involved.

4. Keeps Secret Correspondence

Cheaters always treat their phones and laptops like their lives depend on them. If you see a new password added recently, it clearly indicates that they are up to something. If you suddenly find them deleting texts and clearing the browser history regularly, it’s suspicious, isn’t it?

5. Modified Schedule of Daily Life

Suddenly, you see your wife or husband who never used to work late doing night duties more frequently; it shows that they are spending time with someone else. He suddenly started making business trips twice or thrice a week鈥攚hat shall it mean? Visiting the gym or friends, flat tires, traffic jams, dead batteries, etc., become the common excuses of an unfaithful spouse.

6. Emotional Distance Emerged

It鈥檚 true that after several years, no relationship stays as intense as it used to be in the initial months of marriage. But if your partner is suddenly less intimate and emotionally vulnerable with you, it indicates that his focus has already shifted to an affair partner. Research has shown that emotional dissatisfaction is a prime reason women cheat on their husbands.

7. You’ve been feeling more anxious than usual lately

There are times when you feel you know what your spouse is up to, but it just doesn鈥檛 feel right. First of all, feelings of anxiety and pain are normal reactions to adverse events. It is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong; it wants to make sure that the situation is not out of control. If you find yourself in this position more often than usual, there may be deeper problems. Perhaps your spouse has been cheating on you for a long time. Listen to yourself.

8. Your Spouse Spends Too Much Time on the Internet

It seems we cannot spend a day without the internet. But when your loved one shows signs of being overly involved with their phone or computer for no official reason, it signals that something is not good! Nothing at an extreme level is good for your health and your relationship, and when it comes to their excessive online involvement without any good reason, it鈥檚 a red signal.

9. The Spouse Is Looking Much Better Than Usual

Certainly, there is no harm in self-love. But it will not stop here – you will see him wearing branded shirts or using incredibly expensive perfume to smell good all day! He always wants to appear handsome at work. If your better half suddenly starts eating healthy or visiting the gym, it’s a clear indication that they want to appear more attractive in front of someone that certainly is not YOU.

10. New Apps and Messengers on Their Phone

Earlier your partner just used WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to chat with their close friends and relatives, but now they have multiple other apps, with notifications constantly popping up. Despite their work, if they are continuously busy on their phone with no time to speak with you or answer your phone call, be ready to discover their nuisance.

Always Be Careful When Interpreting the Signs of Adultery鉂

Caution Regarding Cheating

When you suspect your partner in infidelity, it鈥檚 crucial to collect evidence. At the same time, you need to remember that your misinterpretation can even ruin your relationship. So, one needs to be careful when interpreting adultery signs. You should collect the evidence discreetly without letting anyone know about it.

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse? 8 Ways:

Do you think your loved one is ready to confess that he or she has been involved in an extramarital affair? Do you think they will come to you and confide in their infidelity?

Ways to Catch a Cheating Spouse

There are some easy and possible ways to discover their cheating conduct 馃攷:

1. Check the Phone鈥檚 Locations

If you know your wife will make excuses to meet her new partner during working hours, install a tracker on her phone. There are many different online trackers to choose from that can assist you in locating her whereabouts.

2. Create a Fake Social Media Profile

You can create a fake social media account to catch your cheating spouse and send them a request to be added as a friend. There is a 99% chance that your partner will be inclined to accept a friend request from an unknown lady. Browse their social media feeds to gather clues. Chat with them and make them feel attracted to you. This chat evidence can help you during a confrontation.

3. Go Through the Trash

Check the trash bin because sometimes you can come across important evidence there. It can be movie tickets you have not used together or a love letter crumbled and thrown away hastily in the bin. Who knows what you can find there?

4. Download Keyloggers

Keylogger software is usually available within a spying app feature set, and you can use it for monitoring your unfaithful partner. It can help you to capture the messages and passwords typed on the phone. Thus, you can catch your partner red-handed.

5. Use Hidden Cameras or Voice Recorders

If you often see your spouse leaving the room when their phone rings, it means there is something suspicious. Without wracking your brain too much, act smart! Just fit a hidden camera and a voice recorder at their usual place of gossip to catch them red-handed.

6. Use Suspicion and Intuition

Our intuition plays a great role when it comes to suspicious activities – facts and evidence cannot be ignored. However, your gut feelings have nothing to prove in court. But as a spouse, you can use your power of intuition or your gut feeling to understand the situation.

7. Check Bank Statements

Check their bank statements and keep track of their expenses. Involvement in a new relationship means spending money on gifts, buying movie tickets, and paying restaurant bills frequently. Track the transactions to make a conclusion.

8. Use a Spy App

Using the spy app will allow you to see聽if your spouse is cheating on you and help you locate them, as well as track their calls and text messages. Both free and paid versions of spy apps are available, so you can choose accordingly. However, a premium version is certainly the best choice when you are set on such an important mission.

Top APPS to Catch a Cheating Spouse on iPhone/Android

APPS To Catch a Cheating Spouse Phone

Nowadays, there are so many apps to find out if a spouse is cheating. These apps for iPhone and Android will help you discover your partner鈥檚 affair. Some of them are:


This is an easy-to-use application that can be activated in just a few minutes. Step-by-step guidance is provided for setting up the application on a particularly targeted device.

uMobix catch a cheating spouse


  • Easy-to-use and navigate
  • Fully customizable
  • Physical access to an iOS device is not needed
  • Flexible device management
  • Affordable price and one day of the free trial


  • No feature of call recording


SpyBubble can be defined as a cloud-based remote software designed to search for a cheating spouse. It enables users to record and monitor the activities of the target’s cellphone. You can track every record without letting the cheater know about it.


  • Easy installation
  • Comes with cloud storage
  • Cross-platform support


  • An old-school UI
  • Limited app support


Cocospy is a monitoring application available for Android and iOS. This popular brand comes with a user base in 5 continents and can track activities online on the targeted devices.

Cocospy catch a cheating spouse


  • Geo-fencing and GPS tracking
  • Endless features
  • 24 hours assistance
  • Easy process to sign up


  • Needs route for tracking
  • No free trial version


Hoverwatch is a popular Android tracker that comes with a plethora of parental and monitoring control features. Once it is installed on the target mobile device, it allows you to monitor their vital details, including messages, location, call activities, browsing on social networks, and much more.

hoverwatch catch a cheating spouse


  • Track almost everything
  • No root is required
  • Work on stealth mode
  • Useful for MacBook or Windows PC of a cheating individual.


  • Limited Support
  • No trial version


It is a next-gen app for phone tracking; it uses the best of artificial intelligence for tracking someone on a larger scale. You can expect accurate reports when you want to keep track of a specific device. From browsing activities and calls to physical movements and activity monitoring on numerous apps, this app can track everything you are doing on the phone.

eyeZy catch a cheating spouse


  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy to use
  • Easy installation
  • Detailed features
  • Round-the-clock customer support


  • A bit expensive
  • Tricky installation

What to Do If Your Spouse Is Cheating?

How to deal with an unfaithful spouse

It is very difficult to face this situation. However, some of the crucial points must be followed if you doubt their cheating activities:

  • Confirm your doubts by checking their phone, email, and tracking their location. Check out the initial signs, as mentioned above.
  • Use a spy app to track their whereabouts
  • Confront them with evidence
  • Have a conversation without yelling or abusing each other to reach a conclusion
  • File a divorce if you want to leave your spouse

How to Confront a Cheating Spouse?

Even before you plan to confront your partner, it is a wise option to have solid, tangible proof 鈥 and not just an idea, a hunch, or fear. If you think your partner is involved in cyber, physical, or emotional affairs, avoid making accusations unless you get solid evidence. A confession is needed to work out the solution. Gather the voice mail messages, texts, and emails; get a report from a private detective, recorded phone calls, photographs, and other pieces of evidence that can prove their infidelity 鈥攗ndeniable and non-negotiable ‘checkmate.’

How to Get Over a Cheating Spouse and Move On?

It’s never easy to forget your loved one and move on. But sometimes life shows us their real face, and we have to accept the way it is and move on. Some of the important steps one should take:

  • Accept the way you are feeling
  • Take advice from a relationship counselor or someone you trust
  • Stop blaming yourself unnecessarily
  • Don’t feel jealous and force yourself to take negative actions
  • Spend time with yourself – ask yourself what you want to do
  • Understand what real love is all about
  • Don’t be desperate to immediately get into another relationship
  • Pamper yourself, take care of yourself
  • Follow your dreams, take up a hobby

Talk to a Relationship Coach Now

It’s never easy to accept that your spouse has betrayed you. And living life after discovering their unfaithful activities becomes difficult. But if you want to give your relationship another chance, a relationship counselor can help you sort it out. Several sessions can help you here.


How to find out if the spouse is cheating online? 馃摫

You can check out their phone and emails behind their back. Though it is not a good practice, if you suspect them in infidelity, this can help you to gather evidence.

What are the first signs of cheating? 馃懌

Some noticeable signs of聽spouse cheating are:
路聽Over protectiveness about phone & laptop
路聽Late night work
路聽Sudden change in schedule
路聽Over-conscious about the looks
路聽Frequent Official tours
路聽Unexplainable expenses
路聽Being unreachable
路聽Inconsistent explanations

How can you physically tell if your spouse is cheating? 馃槨

There are some physical signs of an unfaithful wife/husband:

路 Excessively busy on the phone
路 Too worried about physical appearance
路 Do not involve yourself when hanging out with friends
路 Too much obsessed with privacy
路 Losing physical intimacy with you

Should I forgive a cheating spouse? 馃拺

It’s difficult to forgive someone who has betrayed you. However, due to factors such as family pressure and child upbringing, we occasionally see spouses reconnect. It is entirely up to you whether you want to stay together or separate because it is your life, so your decision matters greatly.

Can Life Be Good After You Find Out Your Spouse Is Cheating?

Life After Cheating

It is never possible to live the same normal life you once enjoyed with them after you catch them cheating on you. A relationship is built on trust and love. And it is quite evident that your spouse has moved into another relationship because the spark is no longer there for you two. Once the trust is broken, staying with the partner under the same roof is difficult. But, still, hope is always there.

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