With the state of the economy, purchasing a new smartphone is probably the last thing on your mind right now. What do you do if you lose or have your Samsung phone stolen? This post will teach you how to track a Samsung phone with ease.

The Best-Known Ways to Track a Samsung Phone

There’s no doubt that Samsung phones are the best option for most of us regarding mobile security. This is because Samsung phones are compatible with Google’s security features and provide a number of apps and services that may aid in keeping your data safe.

That means several options are available if your Samsung phone is lost or stolen. Initially, the Samsung in-built tracking feature “Find My Device” comes to mind when one thinks of a tracking tool for a Samsung device.

Waysto Track a Samsung Phone

However, there are a variety of additional options available to you when it comes to tracking your Samsung device.

5 Solutions to Track a Samsung Phone

One very popular question on the internet today is, “Can I track a Samsung phone?” Here are five easy methods you can quickly use to track a Samsung phone:

Is There a Way to Track a Samsung Phone via Spy Apps?

Spy apps have steadily risen in popularity when it comes to keeping tabs on a person’s whereabouts via their mobile device or locating your missing Samsung device. You can do more than just track a phone’s location with spy apps; it can also be used for remote surveillance. 

There have been a few duds in the spy software industry. Nevertheless, in a market saturated with tracking apps, a few stand out from the others. 

uMobix – One of the Most High-Tech Surveillance Tools

If you need to know exactly where an individual’s phone is, uMobix is an effective surveillance tool that will do just that. The program uses the device’s GPS to determine its position without notifying the user.

Samsung Tracker With Numerous Innovative Features - uMobix

uMobix has made a name for itself as one of the few spy apps as a Facebook location tracker and Instagram activity tracker. The app’s layout makes it easy for users to view the social media accounts of others, such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, from a distance. A few simple clicks are all it takes to gain full access to the compromised account from afar.

uMobix is a fully functional app on Android and iOS. That means there won’t be any problems during setup, and you will keep an eye on it as it runs without worrying about any bugs.

Unlike many of its competitors on the market, uMobix does not require users to jailbreak or root their devices. 

Cocospy App – The Easy Way to Get Info Secretly

Cocospy is an easy-to-use, cross-platform mobile spy app. Totally undetectable; it can be installed and ready to go in within 5 minutes. If your Samsung phone has been lost or stolen, you may use it to find it without its holder knowing.

Cocospy SamsungSpy App Monitoring Android Phones & Tablets Made Easy

It’s not just a distant location tracker; the app has gained traction as a trusted resource for keeping tabs on kids. The Cocospy software allows you to easily monitor a target device’s location, internet activity, and more, including call records, SMS messages sent and received, and browsing history.

Without the targeted device’s user knowing it, you may sneak into their private social media accounts on big sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many more. It will help to catch a cheating spouse, for instance, if need be, to track your boyfriend’s phone

Hoverwatch – Android and iOS App for Remote Tracking

Hoverwatch is a reputable spy app that can easily record a phone’s data remotely. Some of the data you can gain unlimited access to using Hoverwatch include phone calls, text messages, social media, free cheating apps, and more. It allows you to keep tabs on what others are doing on the internet. You may use it on Windows, Android, or Mac. Can you track a Samsung phone using Hovewatch discreetly? It operates covertly, so the owner of the targeted Android smartphone won’t even know it’s there.

Hidden cell phone tracker app and stealth phone spy for Samsung

Hoverwatch is a surveillance program that may be used remotely to record phone calls on the targeted device. It can be helpful to catch a cheater, for instance. Additionally, it can monitor the target device’s location, take screenshots on Android devices, notice when a SIM card is swapped, keep tabs on the target’s to-do list and phone conversations, and much more.

Track a Samsung Phone for Free with Find My Mobile

Samsung’s Find My Mobile service is excellent for locating a misplaced or stolen cellphone. It’s a free app that provides real-time location tracking, remote data wiping, and a ton of other valuable features for Samsung smartphones. That’s not even the most remarkable part! Lacking the data or Wi-Fi connection isn’t a problem!

The Process of Activating Find My Mobile

  • Step 1: Navigate to the app drawer or home screen and tap the settings button.
  • Step 2: Select a security option from the drop-down menu, such as “Biometrics and security,” “Lock screen and security,” or “Security.”
  • Step 3. Scroll until “Find My Mobile” appears in the list of options, and then press it to launch it.
  • Step 4: Select the option to let you use remotes. Keep this toggle set to “On,” and then, if prompted, check in with your Samsung account (or create one if you don’t currently have one) by tapping Add Account. To access this feature, a Samsung account is required.

How to Use Find My Mobile to Locate Your Misplaced Phone

The following is a rundown of the steps that can be taken to track a Samsung galaxy phone using Find My Mobile:

  • Step 1: Launch a web browser and go to Samsung’s Find My Mobile website. You can access your phone’s features by logging into your Samsung account.
  • Step 2: From the menu on the left side of the screen, select the name of your mobile device.
  • Step 3: On the top right side of the device’s screen, choose “Lock my device,” then input a temporary password for your phone in the text box in the middle of the page.
  • Step 4: Select Lock once again, wait for your phone to be offline, and then click Locate my device. After this, your phone will be secured, and its current position will be shown on a map.
  • Step 5: Use the map to locate your misplaced phone, and do other actions in the portal:
  1. Make it ring if you think you left your phone at home.
  2. Delete all information from the phone to make it unusable.
  3. Set a new passcode on the mobile phone to make it unusable to anybody but yourself.
  4. Prolong the life of the mobile by turning off all the devices’ background processes.

Track a Samsung Phone Location “Google Maps”

It’s simple to track a Samsung phone for free using Google Maps. All that’s required of you is the following:

  • Step 1: Visit the Android discover page at http://android.com/find.
  • Step 2: Enter your Gmail username and password to log in.
  • Step 3: Your phone’s approximate position will be displayed on the map.

You have three alternatives to choose from while you are on the map page, and they are as follows:

  1. Ring the phone even if the volume is turned down or the vibration mode is used.
  2. Your current PIN will work, or you may make a new one to secure your Samsung. With this feature, you can also provide a message or contact information for the person who discovers your device.
  3. To prevent unauthorized access to your Samsung device and the data stored inside, you may remotely erase them.

How to Track a Samsung Phone from an iPhone    

If you’re using Apple’s Safari browser, you may go on over to Samsung’s main site to help you locate your missing Samsung phone. If you have an active Google account on your Samsung phone, settle for the “Find My Device” option. However, with uMobix parental control, you will be able to monitor a Samsung device from your iOS device.

Track Samsung Phone with IMEI

If you’re having trouble locating your Samsung phone, the IMEI number is one of the best ways to do it. The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a unique 15-digit identifier for each mobile device, making it one of the most effective ways to track a Samsung phone without software. It is necessary to preinstall the IMEI tracker on the required device beforehand; hence, identifying the phone’s location in case of a loss will be easy.

How to Use the Samsung Tracker?

Use the Samsung Tracker

Samsung has created the “SmartThings tracker” to aid with the security of its users’ devices. This innovation was made so that parents wouldn’t have to stress out about their child’s safety or their own ability to track down a misplaced phone. This Samsung tracker may only be used if you:

  • Step 1: Launch the SmartThings app by tapping the icon depicting three parallel lines in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Step 2: Click “All devices” and select your SmartThings Tracker.
  • Step 3: Click the Request button located in the right-hand corner. After that, the location coordinates will be made available to you.

What Tasks You Can Perform with a Samsung Tracker:

Some of the tasks you may perform with the Samsung tracker are as follows:

  • Track your device’s position in real-time and on demand.
  • You may set up specific zones that send notifications whenever your tracker enters or departs them.
  • One click will allow you to communicate your tracker’s current position.

The tracker only has to be linked with a single mobile device once during setup. The tracker for Samsung then allows up to 19 other mobile devices to be linked to the same tracker for monitoring purposes. And the key point is the solution to the question, “Is it possible to track my child’s Samsung phone?”. 


There are several important questions about Samsung phone tracking, and we’ll show you how to get answers to them:

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