Love and flirting have always occupied an important spot in our culture and literature. However, we reckon neither the famous Kazanova nor Don Huan could have ever suggested that people depersonalize love with the invention of apps for sexting.

The Best Applications for Sexting with Strangers

At the beginning of the 2000s, mobile phones were exactly what the name says – just phones for calling and sending messages. Some romantic dreamers, of course, were casting beyond the moon about turning these devices into fashionable and multifunctional gadgets (some of them succeeded – remember Steve Jobs). However, even they did not think that some people would use these devices to talk about sex with strangers and others – spy on their partners’ phones using their own devices.

The number of different websites and apps offering sexting services grows exponentially nowadays. Sexting apps for women, for the LGBTQ+ community, for geeks, it does not matter who you are – you will find a place to flirt and “talk hot” with someone, often even not revealing your real identity. We decided to tell you about 7 of the most popular offers in the industry (yes, sexting is nothing less than a whole industry) in 2023.


tinder on phone

The title Tinder is always used as a synonym for sexting. With the original romantic idea of helping people find their true love, it quickly turned into the most famous sexting app in the world. The principle of its work is very simple: like a photo, and if you get yours liked in response – you can begin your communication.

We had a friend who used Tinder to travel. His plan was extremely simple, and some may even call it cynical:

  • start sexting with women from the area he wanted to visit;
  • inform them he was coming;
  • stay in their house for a couple of days, saving money on hotels;
  • have occasional sex as a “pleasant bonus”.

Because of such twisting of the whole application concept, one of its co-founders, Whitney Wolfe Herd, left the company and created a new application called Bumble. It aims to help women build a professional network, find a soulmate, and possibly love; only a female decides whether to start a conversation in Bumble.

What is good about Tinder?

  1. It is a social media that saves time; people who go to work in the morning, to the gym in the afternoon, and after it, they must cook, clean the house, walk the dog, visit the yoga class and psychologist, so they cannot go for a date every day to set up their personal life.
  2. Tinder is LGBTQ+ friendly, allowing you to look for a partner of any gender, depending on your account settings.

What is bad about Tinder?

  1. There were multiple cases of Tinder databases being hacked, despite the developers’ claims that all the personal data used by their app is completely safe.
  2. Tinder is all about pictures and appearance; many people use this feature to their benefit, posting old or false pictures.


Lots of teenagers prefer cheating on Snapchat, according to research done by Sheri Madigan, a children psychologist from the Alberta Research Institute. Although originally, this application was developed as a competitor to Instagram, its disappearing messages feature made it the best sexting app for young people.

Snapchat sexting

Although the Snapchat guidelines do not support sexting and constantly claim that this application was created with another goal, many users do not really seem to care about it. Even today, in 2023, you can create a Snapchat account and dive deep into the world of sexting in a matter of seconds.

What is good about Snapchat?

  1. It guarantees a certain level of security due to the disappearing messages feature. Of course, the seeker always finds, but those who drop a random sight on your phone’s screen or are not really IT-educated (as is the case with many parents) will not see any secret information or pictures.
  2. It is easier to find new interesting people thanks to the Discover feature. People who appear to visit the same event get their snaps shared, which makes it easier to start communication.

What is bad about Snapchat?

  1. The control for the content people share on Snapchat is limited and poorly organized. Although it is clearly stated that Snapchat is not a dating app, many people still use it to send messages of private character and are not banned for this.
  2. According to the statistics, most Snapchat users are between the ages of 12 and 34, so the content you see there may be rather limited and of the same tenor.


Headero is a new name in the world of free online sexting. Unlike Tinder and Snapchat, this application is not for those looking for love, a partner, or a soulmate. Many users note that Headero is sex-positive, which is a great relief for those seeking sexual pleasure, experiments, and flirting. “After years of failed hinge Tinder, etc., I’m so happy to have found an app that represents everyone in one place and supports the romantic and sexual experience across the board, for everyone!” – one of the users anonymously states on a review website.

Headero sexting

The principle Headero follows is similar to Tinder – you are supposed to swipe pictures and give likes to those of your taste. However, there are also lots of filters that allow you to narrow down the search area; most of them are connected to sexual tastes, making Headero a specialized sext app.

What is good about Headero?

  1. Headero focuses on sexual pleasures, finally giving its own space to those seeking sexual pleasures online. They can also filter other users based on their interests and tastes.
  2. Headero is free. There are some paid options that make additional functionality available, but there is no need to pay for basic usage.

What is bad about Headero?

  1. Unfortunately, due to the app’s nature, lots of people started their business there, offering sexual services for a fee. It is usually not stated in the profiles, as it is against the app’s T&C, but when you finally meet a person for a romantic and hot evening, an unpleasant surprise in the form of a check may be waiting for you.
  2. The user base is insufficient to provide you with the descent number of matches. Many complain they get matched with users of different interests because nobody matches the search request directly.

Ashley Madison

Ashely Madison is one of the oldest sexting sites. It was launched in 2002 and is aimed at spouses seeking an affair. The registration is free, but to start a conversation, one of the users (usually a man) must pay a certain amount of credits. This system helped to limit the number of spam accounts sending useless ads in direct messages.

Ashley Madison sexting

Unfortunately, everything is not as bright as it seems. First of all, the deletion of your account here costs 19 bucks. Remember, it is a site for people seeking an affair; all information stored here is claimed to be safe and anonymous. But if you want to delete it, go back to your family – be so kind as to pay, otherwise… Who knows what happens to your profile? 

Moreover, Ashley Madison appeared in several enormous scandals. Once it was revealed that any page in this social network deleted for $19 could be restored; for the second time – the whole database was leaked, and millions of families worldwide were in danger.

What is good about Ashley Madison?

  1. The idea of creating a secret social network for those who cannot live without an affair is great. Firstly, they do not bother people in other apps who are not interested in such types of things, and secondly – those who cannot live without spicing their life up have a special environment for them.
  2. The service is free, and only the beginning of the conversation is paid, limiting the spam you get in your DM.

What is bad about Ashley Madison?

  1. This application has already been at the center of several scandals connected to anonymity and data security. 
  2. If you want to delete all your personal data from the website, you kinda can, but it can be easily restored by the administration, which means it can be used anytime and anywhere against you. Your spouse does not even need to google “how can I spy on my boyfriend’s phone?”, she can just contact the website owners.


Zalo sexting

It is hard to say something about Zalo, as it is just an ordinary application for people to chat, not at the top of the messengers rating, not at the bottom. We are sure many of you have never heard this name and will never hear it again. Of course, as in any messenger, some sexting takes place there, but there is no social network safe from it.

What is good about Zalo?

  1. It is a free application.

What is bad about Zalot?

  1. There are not so many users. According to the statistics, most of them are from Vietnam, so if you do not know Vietnamese, you won’t feel comfortable using it.


Chatzy sexting

Chatzy is not one of the sexting apps free of charge. It is a service for creating chat rooms, similar to Discord. It is mostly aimed at people who want to create a community based on their interests, and if they are interested in sexting, so shall it be. The chat rooms are free to create and enter, but only for the first 10 users. If you want to widen your community – all the users starting from the 11th must pay to join.

What is good about Chatzy?

  1. It is a decent and easy-to-use application for creating chat rooms.
  2. It is free, for the most part.

What is bad about Chatzy?

  1. All the extra joiners must pay if you want your community to be bigger than 10 users.
  2. Users complain that spammers and perverts often occupy the free slots, making those who are really interested in joining pay or re-create the room.

Talk with Stranger

Talk with Stranger sexting

TWS is a free messenger for Android and iPhone, the main idea of which is to allow strangers to communicate with strangers. To my personal mind, it is one of the best free sexting apps as it is anonymous, costs nothing, and does not require registration. Want to discuss a cat with a person whose name you do not know? Welcome. Want to share your attitude on oral sex or flirt with someone? Why not! Only you decide if you want to reveal your identity.

What is good about TWS?

  1. It requires no sign-up, meaning you do not need to provide any of your data. Consequently, if there is no data – it can not leak or get stolen.
  2. No need to pay; TWS is completely free, and if you visit the website, it may even seem that it is open source.

What is bad about TWS?

  1. We haven’t found any bad reviews. It is what the description says – a free chat with strangers.

How to Know If My Partner Is Sexting with Someone?

partner sexting

We suppose you should know your partner better than we do, but some unique signs can be handy for everyone to find cheating partner.

  • They start spending too much time on their own, often prioritizing it over you. Of course, you want to confide with your partner but ask yourself what is better in their phone than you are.
  • They never leave the phone on the table and are aggressive or scared when you take it, even if you want to pass it to them.
  • They are not happy to spend time with you or do not know what to talk with you about.

Use the uMobix App to Catch Cheaters

All the signs we listed above are indirect and can only destroy couples without other evidence. To get an idea if your suspicions are reasonable or you are stewing yourself up – try uMobix. It will help you to find out if your loved one uses sexting apps free of charge or for money and what exactly they do there. Maybe your partner is researching sexting or simply spamming ads there?

Choose the Right Feature to Exposure the Cheater

uMobix offers dozens of great features for phone tracking, and some of them can easily help you to check if your object uses phone sexting apps.

  1. Snapchat tracker. If you need to catch a cheater on Snapchat, this feature is your savior. It is widely known that people may get lost in this app for hours, and its disappearing messages feature makes it a juicy choice for cheaters. Unfortunately for them, not if you use uMobix, as even the best sexting apps may not hide from it.
  2. Deleted information tracker. Cheaters often think they are safe if they cover their traces by deleting compromising messages. uMobix is a hound that finds all such remnants of treacherous activity and presents them to you.
  3. Keylogger. To confess, we do not know all the ways people may try to fool you or the tracker. And no one knows. But even if your spouse uses a rare application uMobix cannot track (like TWS), the keylogger will record every letter tapped, and you will still know what the conversation is about.
  4. Screenshots. Another great feature to track rare applications. uMobix cannot directly track, for instance, Zalo. Instead, it can simply take screenshots when one uses this messenger and send those to your dashboard. Result – you still can see all the conversations taking place in Zalo.

Making a Cup of Coffee Takes More Time Than Installing uMobix

uMobix tracking app logo

Of course, it depends on whether you need to grind your coffee, but uMobix is easy to install, and it’s hard to argue. The procedure is different, though, for iOS and Android.

Installing uMobix on Android

  1. Preparation. Unfortunately, uMobix cannot be installed remotely on Android OS. You must unlock the device, ensure the internet connection is stable, and double-check that the Android version is not older than 4.1.
Installing uMobix on Android
  1. Download. Turn on the camera and scan the QR code.

If, for some reason, it did not work for you – click on the “If you didn’t succeed in this way” option and use the direct link for downloading.

Download 2
  1. Safety. If, while downloading, you get a message that the file can harm your device – keep going – in fact, it won’t. It is the standard reaction on any tracker; downloading is completely safe.
  1. Start installation. Click on the downloaded file to open it and start the installation process. If you cannot find the downloaded file – locate it in the downloads folder manually.
Start installation umobix
Start installation umobix 2
  1. Install the application. It is as simple as any other installation – just tap “Install” and wait a few minutes.
Install the application
  1. Give all the required permissions to the application:
  • accept the T&C;
accept the T&C
  • activate keylogger tracking;
activate keylogger tracking
  • activate play services in the settings;
set up umobix app
set up app
  • choose automatic setup;
choose automatic setup
  • if you are required to provide a code – tap on the corresponding button and then – “Get the Code”.
Get the Code

For your convenience, there is a video guide on every step in case it is difficult to follow the written instructions.

Installing uMobix on iOS

If you need to track messengers and social networks – please text customer support, and they will provide you with the link for iCloud remote installation. By the way, it is exactly what you need if you want to keep an eye on anonymous sexting apps. They will provide you with the link to paste iCloud credentials, and you should be all set for sexting tracking.

It can also be physically installed on the device via a QR code, which will be provided by an installation wizard, same as for Android, but you will only get access to location and browser history tracking in this case. So, both parts of the setup process should be completed for an all-encompassing experience.


What is a good app for sexting?

It is a very subjective question; it depends on the one you personally like more. We can say that cheating on Tinder is the most popular way of sexting and involves the most people. The explanation is pretty simple – Tinder has more users than all other sexting websites and apps we discussed here together (except for Snapchat); thus, one simply has a wider choice. 

How to find a sexting partner?

There are specialized websites like Ashley Madison where people come for sexting and affairs, not thinking about long-term infidelity effects. Such websites are the best place to look for a sexting partner, as you won’t bother other people for ordinary communication (like Tinder or Snapchat), and you have a higher chance of finding the person you need.

Is sexting better than dating?

Well, imagine we ask you what is better, pancakes or bread. This question is inappropriate as it is about two completely different things. People looking for sexting are usually not interested in dating; moreover, they often have a partner and still want to spice up their lives and sext with strangers. Thus, my answer is that it is not better or worse; it is different.

What to say when sexting?

Dr. Kimberly Truong, the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Instruction officer at MGH Institute, developed a whole sexting guide. Obviously, it is supposed to be used only by people over 18 and with the other party’s consent.
1. Check in. “Do you want to know my fantasy about you?” It allows the person to give you a strict “No” if they are not interested in sexting.
2. Give a compliment. “Your … is incredible”. Try to invent the most original compliment you can to show that you are ready to commit.
3. Let them feel they are unique. “Only you can …”. Anybody loves hearing that they are the only; they are the special.
4. Let them lead you. “Tell me what you want”. Do not push, let your partner take the lead and share their thoughts and fantasies.
5. Give support. “I love it when you say it”. Give your partner a confirmation they are moving in the right direction.

How long does sexting usually last?

It usually lasts as long as you want it to last. Considering online sexting free nature, you can simply ban or mute your partner if you are no longer interested, so only you decide.

Why do guys pull away after sexting?

You should understand that you may not be the only sexting partner one has. They might just get tired and bored and switch to someone else. Another possible reason is that they are afraid of phone snooping by their real-life partner. People may have different attitudes to sexting, some – completely negative, so it is natural if your partner does not want their sexting history to get to the surface.

Why do I feel guilty after sexting?

Some people feel guilty after masturbating, some – after watching porn. Usually, this feeling is based on the stigmatization of sexting by the society. However, you must understand that if your sexting does not harm others – it is completely normal, and you have all the rights to it.

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