The apps described below will greatly help in phone tracking without arousing suspicion.

Find out your best options and go about your business while the phone tracker app takes care of the activities and safety of your loved ones.

Our TOP Recommendations:

  1. uMobix (⭐*4.9)
  2. Hoverwatch (⭐*4.7) 
  3. SpyBubble Pro (⭐*4.7)
  4. Cocospy (⭐*4.6)
  5. GEOfinder (⭐*4.5)

Detailed App Reviews:

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– Total apps on the list – 12, Top Apps – 5.

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Top 1 uMobix 🚀

Rating (4.9)

Android and iPhone Tracker uMobix

Sometimes it is not easy to keep up with everything while our children and loved ones live their own lives, being in no hurry to share something that might play a crucial role. But employing the best phone tracker app without permission like uMobix for your needs, you can be on top of all the events and be there for them. This software features exceptional performance and helps you not only keep track of loved ones but also instill in them the proper habits for using social networks.

how the world uses social networks
Statistics on how many people in the U.S., U.K., and Australia use Social Media

Key Features:

  • general features: call logs, text messages, Geofinder, keylogger, SIM card and device info, remote control settings
  • messenger tracking: Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Telegram – just name it.
  • social media monitoring: Tinder, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, with the ability to get FULL access to Instagram and Facebook on iOS
  • browser history, bookmarks, mailbox
  • streaming in video and audio formats
  • tracking of any remote info from the target device
  • remote management: blocking websites, applications, internet networks, contacts

Best for Tracking

Monitor children’s phone activity and location effortlessly and efficiently using the most newfangled features. Snatching the deleted data and bypassing the barriers created by savvy kids, uMobix creates a monitoring space for each user that performs beyond your expectations.


This cell phone tracker supports all iOS versions as well as Android phones and tablets. To spy on a target Android device remotely and without being detected, preliminary installation is required. Further, the user can monitor updates from any browser. To start with a target iOS device, provide the app with iCloud credentials.


The monthly package will cost the user $49.99, regardless of the operating system of the target device. A three-month subscription costs $29.99 per month, and a one-year subscription – $12.49 per month.

Top 2 Hoverwatch

Rating (4.7)

Phone Tracker without Permission Hoverwatch

The well-being and safety of our loved ones is the last thing we would remove from the equation. Thanks to the responsive interface and workflow of ​​Hoverwatch, the best phone tracking app for various types of devices, monitoring slowly but surely penetrates into the lives of people who care.

Key Features

Android features:

  • Viber, Signal, Telegram, WeChat, Instagram, and Snapchat tracking
  • regular screenshots
  • tracking calls, messages on Facebook, SMS
  • call records

MAC features:

  • keylogger
  • screenshots
  • browsing history monitoring
  • chat message tracking

Windows features:

  • keylogger
  • Skype recording and camera shots
  • Facebook message tracking
  • website logs and screenshots

Best for Tracking

Perfect for monitoring children or employees’ activity. The undoubted perk of this tracking app for Android and computers is the ability to record audio calls. Also, screenshots and a keylogger will not let the minuscule details slip out from under your nose.


As with previous products, the user needs to create an account and purchase a subscription to engage in monitoring. In terms of compatibility, Hoverwatch works for Android devices or PCs (Windows or Mac). At the same time, the user can follow tracking updates from any device while the owner cannot trace call app.


The 1-month subscription plan costs $49.99, the 3-month plan – $29.99 per month, and the 12-month plan – $12.49 per month.

Top 3 SpyBubble Pro

Rating (4.7)

SpyBubble for instant phone monitoring online

If your attempts to find the key to an understanding with a loved one have reached a dead end, the tracking application can do the trick for you. After a simple installation, the user gets access to scheduled data reporting with the ability to go through deleted information. Spy on cell phone without access to phone and, most importantly, without the need to compromise security.

Key Features

  • tracking of social networks and messengers (Discord, Duo, among others)
  • keylogger
  • GPS tracking
  • remote monitoring of app usage
  • monitoring of incoming and outgoing messages
  • video and audio stream
  • call, message, and application restriction

Best for Tracking

The program encompasses all the essential features, capturing messages, calls, entered contacts, and real-time location to catch a cheater. It works great for tracking deleted data by making screenshots. With this phone tracking app, you can also tailor access to certain apps and services and block websites and contacts on the target phone without holding it in your hands.


Make sure Android is running on OS 4+ while all iPhones and iPads are supported without any additional conditions. Android devices require a one-time installation.


A subscription to SpyBubble can be purchased for a month, three, or a year, costing the user $42.49, $25.49, or $10.62 per month, respectively. These prices are inclusive of the 15% discount offered on the website at the time of writing.

Top 4 Cocospy

Rating (4.6)

Tracker 3 Simple Steps to Track Phone Cocospy

People may be looking for the best apps to track phone for various reasons, like legal compliance, but they are driven by one goal – to have a hidden and fast channel of access to invaluable information. Whether your person of interest is using a phone or a tablet, you’ll know exactly what’s happening without being detected. Cocospy is straightforward to use for everyone who is no stranger to apps offering vast surveillance capabilities.

Key Features

  • follow their messages on the phone and on social networks
  • see how their contact list and call log are updated
  • check their locations daily and in a real-time manner
  • get geofencing alerts
  • track your browser history
  • discreetly monitor Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other messengers

Best for Tracking

The versatile nature of Cocospy allows it to be used in many matters, both personal and business. It is great for clarifying the situation based on chats, calls, or locations. At the same time, the spy tracker scrupulously monitors each tap on the target device and enters this data through a keylogger.


The app can be used for both iPhones and Android devices – no jailbreak or rooting is required. However, Cocospy still needs to be installed on the target Android gadget to enjoy tracking to the fullest, while iOS monitoring requires an iCloud login and password.


The package for Android and iOS for 1 month currently comes at $49.99 per month, $29.99 per month if purchased for three months, and $12.49 per month if purchased for a year.

Top 5 GEOfinder

Rating (4.5)

geofinder tracker

GEOfinder takes a non-trivial approach so that you can effectively track someone by cell phone number without them knowing. To cut down on their tracking efforts, users can simply enter a number and locate the person on the map while remaining completely anonymous. Forget about the requirements of other products on the market – access or installation of software on the target smartphone is not required. Just send a message with a hidden link, a person clicks on it, and you are already on their tail, simple like that.

Choose Your Subscription Plan GEOfinder Tracker

Key Features

  • exact location of any phone, regardless of operating system or model
  • detection of the IP address on the device
  • Wi-Fi tracker to get network data
  • informing about hidden connections using VPN checker
  • monitoring SIM card changes using carrier lookup

Best for Tracking

This product is designed for blazing-fast location detection of a person with only their phone number at hand. Users can also benefit from other features aimed at obtaining data about the device itself – SIM cards, networks it is connected to, and the use of VPN.


The main prerequisite for using this GPS phone tracker is the presence of a phone number that the user wants to track. Secondly, the owner of the target device must click on the link, after which their exact whereabouts will be exposed.


The price of using the service per month is $39.99. There is also a 1-day free trial for $1.


Phone tracker by Number

Hook them and find out the location in just a couple of minutes. Another phone tracker by number,, offers to find target iOS and Android devices wherever they are. Of course, the service works without revealing your privacy.

Key Features

  • use only the number and select the message of your liking
  • set the exact location of a person using their device

Best for Tracking

… pretty much any device that is turned on and connected to the Internet. Especially useful when all you know is their phone number. However, this is where the functionality of this product is limited.


A user who requests a service from will be able to get a result if the person “on the other end of the line” opens the message and clicks on the embedded link. There are no restrictions on carriers or phone models of the device as such.


They offer a 24-hour trial for new users for $0.89 and a full monthly subscription for $49.80.

7 mSpy

mSpy Cell Phone Tracker

Due to personal employment and the proliferation of social networks, parents are often left out of the lives of their offspring. If you just can’t stay cool with the kids living as they please, you can get help from a phone tracker app like mSpy.

Key Features

  • monitoring of calls and text messages
  • tracking Tinder, Snapchat, Telegram, etc.
  • tracking GPS locations
  • keylogger
  • screen recorder
  • stealth mode
  • app viewer and blocker

Best for Tracking

Family members and children. Having a tool to read messages on popular social networks, view the content they share, as well as determine their specific location, parents can breathe a sigh of relief.


It is possible to snoop on iPhones without jailbreaking on devices with iOS 7 to most current versions – however, iCloud credentials and backup are still required. As for Androids, all versions are covered.


A 1-month subscription costs $48.99, a three-month subscription costs $27.99 monthly, and a one-year subscription costs $11.66 monthly.

8 Spyzie

Spyzie Tracking Phone App Your 1

This is a worthy option both for spouses to observe their husband or wife’s behavior when they are alone, and to monitor employee efficiency and ethics. Under a Spyzie subscription, users get access to an ample offer of tracking features – however, note that to monitor Android devices, you will need to configure the device’s target. Other than that, this tracking app won’t make your presence visible.

Key Features:

Best for Tracking

Locations and messages on Android, iPhones, and iPads.


You need iCloud credentials to monitor iOS devices and single access to the target Android smartphone to install a hidden program. Works on Android 4.0 and up; all iOS versions are supported.


The Basic plan will cost the user $39.99 per month, $59.99 for three months, and $99.99 for 12 months. The price is for one device.

The Premium plan will cost the user $49.99 for a month, $69.99 for three months, and $119.99 for a year. The price is for one device.

The Family package includes three devices and costs $69.99 for a month, $99.99 for three months, and $199.99 for a year of use.

9 TheWiSpy

1 Parental Control & Cell Phone Monitoring App - TheWiSpy

From a parental point of view, they are driven by more than just curiosity about where their children are roaming around. Hazards scurrying online and offline can leave a deep mark if the elders do not step in on time. Fortunately, there are quite a few hidden tracking apps for every taste like TheWiSpy allowing parents to not only suspect but know for sure.

Key Features

Best for Tracking

Android activity, employee monitoring, and parental control.


Please note that physical access to the target Android phone/tablet is required. TheWiSpy only provides support for Android versions 5-11.


Basic Plan: 1-month subscription costs $15.99, $25.99 for three months, and $35.99 for six months.

Premium: 1-month subscription costs $25.99, $35.99 for three months, and $45.99 for six months.

Platinum: 1-month subscription costs $33.99, $59.99 for three months, and $99.99 for six months.

10 SpyZZZ

Ultimate App To Catch A Cheater - Phone Tracker SpyZZZ

SpyZZZ has little popularity on the Internet, and spotting at least one review is quite a challenge. So let’s see what is hidden inside this phone tracker. It is important that the program offers to hide the icon during installation, as stated on the website, and can also be used as a free app to track phone without them knowing.

Key Features

  • tracking of call logs, phone numbers, and details of calls like time and duration
  • monitoring of incoming and outgoing SMSs, as well as the subscriber’s phone number, date and time
  • geolocation pinpointing

Best for Tracking

The product’s website claims that it is suitable for catching cheaters online. So if you suspect your spouse of cheating, this app will help you to be aware of your significant other’s plans


Is SpyZZZZ an iPhone tracking app without authorization? Yes, you’re really in luck! This app synchronizes perfectly with iOs devices.


Most favourable offer: 12 Months -> FULL PACK -> $ 12.49 /mo

11 FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY Unique Monitoring App For Mobiles without Permission

If watching someone on the sly isn’t exactly your style, but the situation calls for a solution, there are more sophisticated ways to do it. Take FlexiSPY, for example, a great phone tracking tool that intercepts most of the useful information on target devices.

Key Features

  • reading target’s Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Skype, Viber, Telegram, Tinder messengers
  • email monitoring
  • location tracking and geofencing
  • browsing activity and bookmarks to catch a cheating spouse
  • tracing photo and video content on the phone
  • call logs and recording (available for particular OS and subscription plans)
  • keylogger, network connections, file activity, screen lock, and log activity tracking for computers
  • remote software uninstaller

Best for Tracking

This one has your back covered when it comes to ensuring the well-being of children and improving the working climate of the team.


Before the user proceeds with mobile phone tracking, they can check the target device compatibility by entering the model on the website. The product currently works with Android versions 4 to 10 and iOS versions 6 to 13. As for computers, the tracker is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11.


Android and iPhone

$29.95 for the LITE version (one month only)

$79 for Premium per month, $119 for three months, and $179 for a year

$119 for Extreme per month, $239 for three months, and $419 for a year

iPads and computers

$79 is the price for a month, $119 – for three months, and $179 – for a year.

12 eyeZy

Eyezy Phone Monitoring App

Let life be in full swing, with everyone going about their own business at school or work. eyeZy is resolved to give parents what they need – the best tracking app services to keep children protected. So here you go.

Key Features

  • keylogger solution for iPhone and Android
  • screen recorder
  • pinpoint the location as you use the user board
  • text messages and timestamps tracking
  • WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook – find out with whom and what they chat about

Best for Tracking

Undoubtedly children, but also suitable for other legitimate monitoring purposes. In addition to the above features, eyeZy was designed to track browsing habits and see the history of frequently visited websites.


eyeZy is compatible with Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7 to 13+. For the app to work on iOS, iCloud synchronization or jailbreak is required. Whereas eyeZy for Android implies that the user downloads the app on the target device – the installation APK file can be found on their website.


A one-month subscription costs $47.99, a three-month subscription costs $27.99/month, and a one-year subscription costs $9.99/month.

How to Choose the Phone Tracker App Without Permission?

os analysis in the usa
Android and iOS device usage statistics in the U.S.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one looking at this rich offering of cheater catching apps, wondering if you can track someone by cell phone number without them knowing for free. In fact, it is better to immediately understand the criteria for the best tracking app to make the most informed choice.

Tracker Apps for Android Devices

Android devices have their peculiar properties compared to iOS devices. Of course, you can use some options for tracking knowing only the phone number and not interacting with the target device directly. However, then your knowledge will be replenished with nothing but the location and, at best, information about the device.

Tracking Apps for Android Devices

For the selected Android program to live up to your expectations and provide a full arsenal of features, you must also:

  • make sure that the spyware is compatible with the version and model of your target device
  • make a list of desired features and double-check their presence in the product
  • check for a user-friendly interface with a dashboard for updates
  • check if the app has a demo version
  • compare subscription costs and “value for money”
  • check the rating of the app – after all, you will install the client on the target device, so it’s advisable not to trust little-known producers
  • it is better to choose services where the support team is present for live communication and clarification

Tracker Apps for iPhone Devices

Essentially, all the above factors also fall under the umbrella of iOS monitoring too. But it is worth noting that, unlike Android, users do not have to choose apps requiring jailbreak. In this case, you can do with functionality that only uses iCloud credentials and helps sync data from the cloud to your board.

Tracking Apps for iOS Devices

An important nuance: carefully check if the product offers stealth mode for tracker cell phones so that the owner does not suspect someone is secretly following them.

How Does a Free/Paid Cell Mobile Tracker App Work?

In truth, the choice of a free phone tracker app without permission is rather scarce. Even if you stumble upon such offers, don’t be too intrigued by their free services – they either turn out to be very limited in time or not reliable enough to generate a decent customer base. Most likely, you will interact with their software at your own risk.

Free or Paid Cell Phone Tracker App Work

Paid services work based on subscriptions, which, for the convenience of users, can be calculated for a month, three, six months, or a year. Who knows, perhaps in such a short time, you will be able to see with your own eyes that your husband or wife is behaving exemplarily in your absence. While children or employees may need a watchful eye for a little bit longer, and one month will not be enough.

In any case, be careful about automatic debiting of funds – this is a common practice for the convenience of regular customers, which can be confusing for newbies. This function should be disabled in the account at the user’s request.

What Is the Need for a Phone Tracker App?

This is one of those questions that can be answered differently depending on the situation. First of all, a paid or free phone tracker is often used out there for parental monitoring of children without unnecessary worry. In addition, hidden tracking apps are a boon to business owners who want to assemble a team of honest and cohesive professionals without malicious or competitive intent.

The amazing abilities of phone tracking apps will allow you to perform many tasks

Some people want to know exactly why their significant other is acting aloof and need hard evidence on hand to catch a cheating partner. There can be so many reasons, and the main thing is not to cross the line and use phone tracking products for the benefit of everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions About Phone Tracking

digital around the world: Statistics on the use of mobile devices and social media in the world
Statistics on the use of mobile devices and social media in the world.
How to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing for free?

📱 You can use monitoring apps to track phone without them knowing. Look for those that offer a trial version before purchasing a subscription. Alternatively, you can use the built-in services to locate the device.

How to spy on an iPhone without them knowing for free?

👀 One can track a target iPhone for free using the Find My service. Please note that location services must be enabled on it, and the owner must give permission for the device to be traceable. If this is not an option, there are paid but more reliable and comprehensive options.

How to ping a cell phone without permission?

🌍 By allowing you to ping a person’s location with just their phone number, saves users the hassle. You can get their exact location without even revealing your identity.

How to track my husband’s Android phone for free?

🤖 There is a free application, Find My Device, developed by Google for Android devices. Please note that you will need the password and email that your husband uses for his Google Account to log in and start tracing. Besides, he will receive a tracking alert, which will make your monitoring visible.

How to see someone’s location without them knowing?

🗺️ To see someone’s location without them knowing, the user can install software on an Android device or sync iCloud with a spy tracker and receive real-time updates. For example, uMobix offers such an opportunity. There is also and which will pinpoint the location as soon as the user’s target device clicks on the inserted link in the message you sent.

Are phone tracker apps detectable?

🕵 It all depends. Some of them can be identified by the icon or by how quickly the device heats up and the battery drains. Therefore, the non-jailbreaking options will provide you with the best monitoring experience.

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