Psychology of Cheating

Accused of Cheating

Cheating can shake the very roots of any relationship. According to the report of the General Social Survey, more than 60% of marriages break due to cheating or infidelity.

However, if a person is falsely accused of cheating in a relationship, it not only causes rifts in the relationship but also could lead to heartbreaking breakups.

What Does It Mean When Someone Accuses You of Cheating?

What to do when everyone accuses you of infidelity

When your partner accuses you of cheating even though you are innocent, it means they are insecure. In their mind, they are always harboring the thought that you are with someone else. Trust issues are one of the major causes of relationships being ruined. If a partner is accusing someone of cheating constantly and breaching trust even though they have done nothing, it means there are signs of the relationship getting ruined. If your partner thinks that you are having an affair with anyone even though it is false, you might need to have serious discussions with them.

Why You’re Being Accused of Cheating When You’re Innocent

You must have been tired of being accused of cheating. Before you try out anything else, it is extremely important to understand why you are being accused. It is important to retrospect your behavior. It may be that you have some close friends or you are being too clingy with some of your co-workers. However, if you fail to spot any such loophole in your behavior and yet keep on getting accused by your partner, it means that it is not you but your partner who needs some counseling.

How Does an Innocent Person React When Accused of Cheating?

It is quite normal for any person to lose their temper when someone constantly accuses you of cheating. The first response is usually in denial. The innocent person denies cheating the partner. The innocent partner will also have the guts to confront the other partner. This is because they have nothing to hide. Innocents do not start panicking immediately because they know that there is not one spot of a mistake on their part.

What to Do When You’ve Been Falsely Accused of Cheating

Being falsely accused of cheating is one of the worst experiences in any relationship. The innocent partner feels like the world is crumbling for them. Many times, they become so disheartened that they do not even wish to prove themselves and simply walk away. When your partner accuses you of cheating but you want to save your relationship, then give it one last try.

listen to your feelings

Listen to The Feelings

It is extremely important that before you take any decision, you try to understand the feeling of the other person. Listen to them – why are you always accused of cheating. At times, there may be some solid grounds for their belief

Understand why you are accused of cheating

Understand Why

After you have listened to your partner’s feelings, try to understand their perspectives. It is very easy to get angry, lose your temper and react adversely but it will be fruitful if you understand their perspective and try to save your relationship. Accusing your spouse of cheating will not solve the problem, instead, try to find a way out.

Ask your cheating partner questions

Ask Questions

When you have listened to your partner and you also have realized their perspective, it is time for you to ask questions to understand things better. Do you need to ask some questions like when have they been suspecting you? Is there any particular event that triggered their doubt? Is there any specific person who makes them believe that you are a cheater?

point out to your partner the real facts of the absence of cheating

Point Out the Reality

Now it is time for you to point out the reality to your partner and make them understand that their doubt is baseless. One pro tip in this regard would be: Don’t plead your partner’s case by proving an opinion. It will make them believe that you are guilty. Instead, stay calm and logically prove your point. Being accused of cheating when innocent is distressful.

Give your boyfriend or girlfriend time to think

Allow Time for Reflection

You cannot expect a change immediately. There are high chances that your partner won’t even react when you try to prove your point to them. So, you have to allow them time. Since the belief that you are cheating on them was not built in a day, it won’t evaporate in a day as well. So, allow them some time for reflection.

The Psychological Effects of False Accusations in A Relationship

It may seem like the problem is with the person who is accusing their partner of cheating. But in reality, being falsely accused of cheating brings extreme suffering. Constant false allegations cause immense stress in the person. Even after being honest, they get such a punishment. It can cause severe resentment among partners. In extreme cases, it could lead to psychological problems and mental disorders (BPD or PTSD).

Real Stories of Those Unjustly Accused of Cheating in a Relationship

Real stories of unsubstantiated accusations of treason

So many people across the globe are being wrongly accused of cheating every single day. It breaks them down mentally and causes intense psychological stress and dilemma in them. Let us have a look at the real stories of some people who have been falsely accused of cheating.

My Boyfriend Always Accuses Me of Cheating and Lying

Someone said that her boyfriend has an Android phone while she had an iPhone. The icon for health apps on iPhones is a Heart. Her boyfriend mistakenly presumed the same to be a dating app icon and allegedly accused her of lying and cheating. She said, “My boyfriend keeps accusing me of cheating”.

Wife Accused Me of Cheating

A husband once said that one fine day while driving, his wife’s panties fell out from the leg hole of his pants. Since he was in the car at that time, he just dumped that underwear into some corner. Later when he and his wife were cleaning the car together, his wife mistakenly assumed those to be some other woman’s. He said: “My wife accused me of cheating”.

Girlfriend Accuses Me of Cheating

A boy reported that his girlfriend on seeing the names of the female contacts on his phone went furious and doubted the guy of being guilty. In reality, those numbers were of the boy’s stepmom, cousins, and other relatives. But she was not ready to accept any truth.

My Husband Keeps Accusing Me of Cheating

A wife said that one of his husband’s friends had spotted her profile on a dating app and had instigated her husband. The husband accused her falsely of cheating on him. In reality, she has the profile before marriage and had taken it down after being married but somehow it remained live. But the husband was not ready to listen to any explanation. She said – he keeps accusing me of cheating.

How Do Cheating Spouses React to Accusations?

Reaction to an accusation of adultery in marriage

Till now we had been talking a lot about people who have been wrongly accused of cheating. But what about the people who cheat their partners in reality? Let us find out some of the characteristic traits of the people who cheat on their partners:

They Will Deny Everything

The first sign of cheaters is that they will desperately deny everything. And this denial will be vigorous. They will yell and forcibly try to accuse you instead of accepting their fault. At no cost will they admit their fault or guilt and instead force the other partner of succumbing to the situation.

They’ll Try to Reverse the Situation

They will reverse the situation. They will find out and bring up your faults (often false) to divert the situation or they will change the topic to stop discussion on the relevant matter.

They’ll Blame It on You

One of the major traits of a traitor is to accuse the innocent. To prove themselves guilty free they will blame it all on you. They will bring up irrelevant situations of the past to blame it all on you. They will tag you as the cheater and that you have been making their life impossible

They’ll Blame Alcohol and Depression

They can also blame it on alcohol for getting accused of cheating. If you have the proof of them cheating on you, they will easily blame it all on alcohol and depression. Often, they will say that you have depressed them so much in life that they had to resort to cheating to save their mental health

They’ll Lie to The End

They will create fake situations and lie like they know nothing about them. They will also make up stories and bring forth false alibis to prove themselves right.

They’ll Say They Were Seduced

The last resort is accusing someone else of having seduced them. This reason is especially put up by men. They will say that they are being falsely accused of cheating on their spouse. 

And So, How to Get Rid of The Charge of Treason in The Absence of Guilt

to get rid of the accusation of adultery

If you have been falsely accused of cheating, do not get disheartened at all. Believe in your honesty and never succumb to the accusations. Many soft-hearted people get into depression during such times and start doubting themselves. Avoid doing this. Talk to your partner and stay calm but never doubt your honesty.


What Does It Mean When Your Girlfriend Keeps Accusing You of Cheating?

It means that she is insecure. It could also mean that some of your cations are forcing her to doubt you. So many men have a similar complaint – my girlfriend keeps accusing me of cheating. 

Can Divorce Be Caused by False Accusations of Adultery?

No. Usually, when a person files a divorce case, the court verifies all the proof and hence false accusations do not stand tall.

How Would Innocent People React to Accusations of Cheating?

Innocent people would get depressed when they are constantly being accused of cheating and it will break their hearts when their loved ones accuse them of cheating

If a Narcissist Accused You of Cheating?

It is a very common activity on the part of a narcissist to falsely accuse their partners of cheating. If you already know they are a narcissist, it is best not to react.

Is It Normal to Feel Angry When Wrongfully Accused of Cheating?

Yes. When you have done nothing wrong, it is very usual to get angry when falsely accused of cheating. But you must try to keep your temper under control.